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Water connection

  • 19-01-2023 4:26pm
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    If planning was granted by DCC before irish water existed in 2017 and levys/contributions were paid as part of that planning permission does this include a water connection?

    So planning was granted for a one off home and the contributions were paid in 2015 which I presumed included water connections. The connection was never made and planning was extended for a further 5 years so still is live. However now DCC dont oversee water connections and irish water want €2.5k for a connection. I have asked a planner in DCC and they dont seem to know if i have paid for it already

    On my planning grant it said the contributions/levey was for section 48 of planning act 2000.

    Which is:

    (1) A planning authority may, when granting a permission under  section 34  , include conditions for requiring the payment of a contribution in respect of public infrastructure and facilities benefiting development in the area of the planning authority and that is provided, or that it is intended will be provided, by or on behalf of a local authority (regardless of other sources of funding for the infrastructure and facilities).

    So have I paid for a water connection already as part of the PP contributions?


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    You paid the development contribution which is basically for the privilege of a water supply being in proximity to the site. However you then must make a separate application and pay the cost to get a connection. I'm surprised the planner didn't know this.

    In saying all that I would still argue the point with IW and get a TD involved.

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    Ok but prior to irish water existing in 2017 did DCC not made the connection as part of the levy/contributions? Or prior to 2017 did applicants have to pay DCC for a connection on top of the levy/contributions as part of the planning?

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    Im assuming DCC is Dublin City Council and not Donegal County Council which is my local authority. It was always the practice here that you applied separately for the water connection. A separate form was required and I filled out quite a few of them for clients over the years. The Council folk made the water connection but before that a check was always done to see that the development contributions had been paid otherwise no water connection. I would imagine the same method was employed throughout the country.

    In a nutshell water connection fees were always in addition to the development contributions.

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    So to answer my own question. Any planning granted by Dublin City Council (DCC) prior to 1st January 2014 included levies for a water connection. This means I have paid for for a water connection as part contributions section 48 as it included levies for a connection at the time of the grant in 2013.

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    Hello all,

    Hoping someone can give me a wee bit of info.

    Looking at getting a water connection to a 'new build' house.

    Trying to get an idea on what cost might be, a ball park figure so to speak.

    What i am wondering is, can you do the ground work yourself, trenches, pipes, any other work needed, or do can you only get contractors approved by IW? I know theres requirements where the road might need opening up but wondering if the other work could be done. I understand there would probably be an inspection. And with this in mind, is the costs quoted by IW just for the connection? And if you have supplied and fitted all the required pipes etc, do they still calculate costs based on distance from mains or is it just a standard fee?

    • Its a one off rural development with separate septic tank and waster water soakage system
    • Planning was approved and house built (though not completed) way before IW took over, but just did not get round to getting utilities in place
    • Mains connection on road, which is a 'local road', approximately 50 metres.

    Theres a new thing out now wherein you can get a refund on connection costs, but numerous calls to IW have been useless in trying to get information on it. One reps response (she was polite) was, "well the government came up with this idea and never told us so I couldnt tell you but youre probably not eligible"...grand so says I...

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers. PO

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