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Should the new "Pantera" continue under that name?

  • 12-12-2022 4:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 46 ketchupmessi63

    I know Zakk was a close friend of Dimebag and Vinnie, but Vince said multiple times that he wont' do a Pantera "reunion" even with him since it won't make sense... So, now that they're touring, I think it was kind of the wrong thing to do... Why not name themselves "Cowboys" or "Trendkilll" or something similar? Any metal fan would immediately recognize that. Alas, how can there be a Pantera without any of the Abbots? No disrespect to Rex and Phil, but they're not the main reasons why most fans love Pantera - and that's a simple fact.

    The vids look cool though, they sound authentic and Zakk actually pulls it off, but they shouldn't use that name IMO.

    Anyone willing to pitch in?


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    I was lucky enough to see Pantera many times, mostly they were great but on a few occasions they were just woeful due to Phil being utterly smashed.

    Should they tour as Pantera? Why not, i think everyone who knows them will be going to see them with eyes fully wide open on who they're about to see live, lets the music live on

    As for recording, now that wouldn't sit right with me for some reason

  • Saw them in the Virgin megastore and SFX a few times back in the day but was only chatting to my brother over the weekend of my surprise that Rex was touring again given he looks a very old 58 and hasn't toured with Down in a long time and now it turns out he's been subbed by Dereck Engermann and Bobby Landgraf due to illness over the weekend. Hopefully he's ok.

    The videos I've seen from Mexico with Zakk remind me of Roy Walker doing catchprhase.... it's good, it's good but it's not right. He's a hell of a player but there are better renditions of the likes of Cowboys from Hell on youtube by amateurs imo.

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    Rex announced he had a mild dose of the kung flu so nothing serious.

  • Registered Users Posts: 46 ketchupmessi63

    I respect Zakk for what he's accomplished but will not go in-depth regarding his ability to copy Dimebag. I don't think he's shooting for the 100% correct way to play those solos - that is quite pointless - so it's mostly about catching that Pantera 'vibe.' I think they're all doing well on that front and it's perhaps the best way to keep the legend alive.

    Still, the fact that mere three years ago Vince was against such a tour still grinds my gears. Granted, I'd still go see them the first chance I get :) I've been to several Down concerts before (like, 8-10 years ago) but I expect this to be better

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    I'm fine with it, the Abbot family are on board with it and that is all that matters. If Dime had not been murdered by that nutter, the hatchet would have been buried long ago. Charlie sounds amazing, like he's really nailed Vinnies style and sound, Phil sounds absolutely killer, Rex is as solid as usual and Zakk is...Zakk. It is what it is. Would love to see Ola Englund get on stage for a song or two in Sweden, he interviewed Zakk recently and has been in communication with Charlie so hopefully that happens

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