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Unsure of the correct protocol with move in current role

  • 30-11-2022 5:31pm
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    I am currently in a civil service role and have been undertaking a position for the past year and a half which had previously been undertaken by a grade above mine. Because the role descriptions are so vague I never thought much into it and was delighted with the opportunity.

    Now I have been informed that a new person will be taking over my role as they will be joining at the grade above mine to which my role had previously related to.

    I am disappointed as I've been doing this job for 18 months and have really immersed myself in all the different requirements. Also, I am feeling a little devalued that I have been doing this job at a lower rate and I am now wondering should I be questioning why I was not paid the rate of pay that my employer feels related to this position or because the role descriptions are so vague do I just have to accept the position that I find myself in.


  • very late now to be asking about acting up recognition im afraid

    can you ask what recognition you might be able to depend on at this stage in terms of acknowledging the work you have done to date above your role?

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    Thanks for the feedback. When I took on this role I was told that both positions were much the same when I started but because there is now a panel in place there has been a decision to recruit and this in turn is pushing me out (or down) so to speak. Because of that I hadn't really thought much of the whole situation. I don't want to cause a scene or make any fuss if I'm being unreasonable but I also don't want to feel as though my work has been taken for granted.

  • it does sound tbf that they spelled out the situation reasonably clearly- if you have a good relationship with your manager it's worth having a chat with them setting out that you're not feeling great about this, but any good manager would know that handling someone stepping down from an acting up position often has mixed feelings about it

    could you have a think about what you would ask for arising from such a discussion?

    acknowledgement/recognition might be as much as you can get, but if the experience was for interviews/forms then you might check how you make sure you best sell it

    if you wanted elements of the other role to stay yours for your own interest/development then you could always ask for that also

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    If they won't promote/reward you into the grade that you are already doing the work for. Then there's no point doing that work. Certainly no point trying to extra work for a role thats already filled. Think tactically and move laterally (sideways) around the roadblock. You are being bypassed. Make your own bypass.

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    Why didn't apply for promotion into the role?

    Anyway too late to do that now, but use your experience for the next competition - draw all your competencies from the work and in the supplementary information part of the form make it clear you were unofficially acting up for 18 months in the grade which gives you the exact relevant experience needed for the grade.

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    This is what I would say - use the experience for the next competition. I had a situation where there was nobody in the grade above me for over a year, but they kept "trying to find someone" to fill it rather than giving me the acting up, while I was essentially doing the role. They eventually put someone in the role, and I was completely sidelined (went from 12 hour days to having nothing to do). I was gone on promotion 3 months later, having used every last bit of my experience in the application forms and interviews.

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    He did not apply for the position, so where to you think the road block is?

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    The road block is "now the person who was given the role that the op was filling in for. You can't give two people the same role.

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    It's not possible to apply to be promoted into a specific role in the civil service just because you're doing it. Promotions are done on a competiton basis so everyone has a chance. I've been caught out like this before, covering for a vacancy. Its very common in the civil service that at times you'll find yourself doing work at a higher grade level than you're paid for because the work has to be done, and there is no one else to do it. Sounds like you were covering a vacancy, and now someone has been assigned to fill the vacancy probably on mobility or from the panel, so you will go back to doing different work at your own grade. You should apply for any open competitions that come up.

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    I was thinking of it like the PS not the CS.

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