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The cost of immigration and toll on the citizens of Ireland

  • 08-12-2022 1:13pm
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    I hope in this post you can understand my points without branding me with a label to dismiss my claims. Apologies for having to start like this but this is the world we live in.

    With that said, I would like to address this sub to understand what the general public’s opinion on the immigration policy is that our government is implementing.

    It brings me sadness to have to incite this conversation, but I can’t help but think we are building up an insurmountable problem in the way we are allowing such an influx of people to take refuge in our country. For me I have no problem with people who are seeking refuge in Ireland but the problem lays in the sheer numbers been admitted to this country.

    Look at this moment the economy is going well but with all the inflation and banks raising interest rates we are heading for an economic downturn, honestly it is somewhat needed to relax the cost-of-living crisis we are facing today.

    With this economic downturn I can’t help but think we are placing costs on the state in relation to migrants that is unsustainable in the long term. Today we can afford it but tomorrow is never the same. What if we can no longer support the massive bills the state is paying to house these people?

    The expected cost of all this is to come to 1bn, I am a young person who has their entire working life ahead of them and already Tax is depleting my standard of living.

    I make 40,000 a year. On this I am taxed 20% rate up to 38,000 and 40% on anything above. I have a car that I then pay tax each year and I need to fuel the car which I also pay tax. Then for every purchase I make I get a VAT tax. Basically, tax on my salary is only the first step we are depleted by tax on everything we do. So at the very least this gives me the right to question how this gets distributed.

    But this is not new, I understand to build a better society we must give some of our hard-earned money to be spent with the good of the flock in mind (even tho it’s a lot). However, with this immigration stance we are taking of “we will pay for everything” leads me to rethink what is the value I am getting from such taxes. What value is my community, my roads, my infrastructure from such mandates. None from my view.

    I don’t begrudge anyone coming to this country for a better life, we have done it in the past and country’s welcomed us, But we were handed nothing all we had was the potential to make something of ourselves and look around the world you can be sure the Irish built a great deal of it. I can’t say the same for this new form of immigration where people are given such sums of cash, a car and a free house, why would they every work after that and generate tax to pay back the society as we the people of Ireland do.

    I am not going to go into how the government has an obligation to work in the interest of the Irish people before all else as it is clear to me, they are working in the interest of the EU. I am not going to outline how the government are breaching many acts in the constitution over the last couple of years even related to the vaccine that forced people to take it (in a smart way of course) and never actually provided the benefits that were described (before you go off on a rant I have taken the jab but I can’t say it done any more good than harm)

    Ireland has long been known for its hospitality and I understand the desire to help is big in us we can empathize with others situations . When we were in need nobody was there to help very few in Europe even blinked an eye at us. Russia did however donate food to the state. See they’re not all bad.

    Thus far I outlined from an economic standpoint. Now I move to our social implications. While I am happy to see the world accepting each and everyone’s views, we must also understand that getting people to assimilate takes time and generations. This is a fundamental thing in our nature as the environments that were unknown were a source of danger and threat. Luckily, we are far past those times of nature being our biggest threat. Unfortunately, we are now fighting among ourselves and its always us against them. Its women vs men, black people vs white people, rich vs poor and on and on. But if I could convey one thing to anyone it is things are getting better but it takes time. Different cultures bring new ideas and a chance to explore but also, they bring change, and this takes time for people to cope and adapt to. The older we get the more we fear change as we try to build up security over the years. Understand each and everyone’s current situation and stance its not universal.

    With all this said I would like to hear your thoughts, honest people in this country that are standing up for themselves are being deemed racist and this and that, but they are not all like this some are just wanting what is best for our nation that took us so long to make our own. Its not the people they resent but the thought of losing what our forefathers lost in blood.

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    another thread? really?

  • Registered Users Posts: 10 Half_Loaf

    Some like to dismiss reality but I stand in belief that the problems of today must be discussed and handled today. Problems accumulate. I apologize that I am taking up valued server space to do "another" post but to me its better than living in a fantasy.

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    One of the big justifications for this immigration influx is that we need all these "young workers" to work and pay the taxes needed to pay the pensions of the ageing population.

    However that was also the case 20years ago, therefore the migration that came then are now reaching pension age now, so migration is also a cost to the pension system. The migration that is coming now will be drawing pensions in the future . Also due to the peculiarities in our pension system if you started prsi contributions late in your 40s or 50s you are entitled to a full state pension after just 10years total prsi work record. Therefore the Irish pension system actually favours migrants because they are more likely to start their prsi record later in life.

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    Aren’t we all supposed to be moving to the city’s to cycle and avail of brilliant public transport while we build upwards in the near future?? What has population density for to do with it.

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