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Weanling coccidiosis

  • 01-11-2022 11:33am
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    I have a weanling with a bad watery scour ,thinking it might be coccidiosis he is starting to pine but picking a bit .I am going with a sulpha powder .I don't want to go in too hard as it might finish him off .would a shot of penstrip on hand be any use .It will be evening before I will get to vets


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    Straw bed, don't think the pen strep would aid much, a bit of Kaolin powder might help the gut. Take a sample to vets or maybe ring them before you get in see what they say

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    Say you are right. I was plagued with it one year, vet said cold wet weather if cattle out cause and spreads it; present in most herds at low level. Bovicox him and all other young cattle. Also fecal sample him was €27 a go last time I had it done. Penstrip not used for it if I remember correctly. But defintiely treat others preventivally with bovicox or similar as the thrive really leaves them once get it I found.

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    Antibiotic, white powder, Bovicox. Get vet. If it is coccidiosis you will need to look after it well

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    Any chance its rumen fluke?....

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,534 ✭✭✭Lime Tree Farm

    There is usually a show of blood and mucous with coccidiosis in young calves, I don't know if the same is true for weanlings.

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    I had a young first calver here this year get a very bad scour. She was getting very thin but still healthy. I dosed with Allbex first and no improvement. Waited about 3 weeks and used Dectomax. Only slight improvement. Then one day it dawned on me that it might be Stomach Fluke. Dosed with Zanil and within days she had dried up. She was with all the other cows and none of them were scouring.

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    Ya, I only say it as it was never an issue here but I had one last year, outwintered him with a comrade reckon he might picked up an overload in wet fields (all guesswork really)

    Couldn't figure out what was wrong with him as it would usually be a bit of pneumonia here if you had one with an was rumen fluke and he got a fair doing but he's recovering well now.....eventually...

    Id say its in them all but doesn't affect thrive with most, just some seem to be more susceptible....might be something to consider too if the animal is very watery....I'd be checking anyway, especially if the animal has access to wet/damp fields.

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    You should see blood in the scour if it's coccoidosis, and it's usually a very dark colour.

    Sulfur powder and vecoxan we use here.

    If one has it usually a few more will show symptoms within a few days, dose with vecoxan or similar for any other young animals that come into contact.

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    Nothing wrong with dosing individual animals if you think they aren’t thriving.

    I had a ewe this year that lambed down in great condition, maybe even a bit too fat. She reared her lambs but was thin at weaning. I had her consigned to the cull group but dosed her for worms and both flukes and she thrived on and made the cut for breeding.

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    Well he has dried up a small bit I gave him the sulpha powder and got diatrim from the vet but I think he has a small bit of a cough when I drenched him so will give him a shot of tysolin in a couple of days when he finished the powders

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  • Registered Users Posts: 9,100 ✭✭✭tanko

    A Sulpha powder over two days, a dose of Vecoxan and a shot of Nuflor cured any blood scour here. The earlier it’s treated the better, it can kill if left too long.

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    Plagued with scour all year here

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    Had an issue with rumen fluke in two animals two years ago. Vet dosed with zanil. Nearly lost them. We should have gone with a half zanil dose. The zanil wiped out all the adult fluke but then the immature ones came out and overloaded the animals. The adult and immature would exist in balance.

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    Interesting, didn't know that, I always go easy with lungworm not to kill off too aggressively, so it makes sense from that perspective.