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The road least taken

  • 09-06-2022 3:03pm
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    I thought I would start a new log as my old one has served it purpose

    Current best recorded times, all 2022

    1km 3.39

    1ml 5.58

    5km 19.42

    Parkrun 19.18

    10km 43.01

    HM 1.31

    Marathon 3.18(race)

    I'm running with a bit of a sore hip at the moment so taking it easy (effectively maffetoine type running and less days but only till the niggle is gone), this is a recurring niggle that comes and goes even before I started running, sometimes it lasts for a couple of days and sometimes two/three weeks. Usually when I overdo it on the hills (2 weeks ago) or don't wear proper footwear(or drink too much before :-)

    My current rotation:

    Alphafly - Marathon (tempo)

    Vaporfly - 5/10km intervals or tempo parkrun

    Speed 2 - daily trainer

    Speedgoat 4 - hills/trail(just started this messing)

    Current fueling and other run related stuff:

    I try to run at least 5 days, 6 is fine with a tempo and intervals in there somewhere. If I am training to a plan I stick pretty rigorously but usually I make it up as I go along depending on feel.

    Short runs- no water or fuel.

    I take a 250ml soft bottle of water in a waist belt on runs from about 10 mile on.

    Don't listen to music or bring a phone if I can help it.

    I would take salts, more so in the summer on long runs before or during depending. I sweat buckets, simple.

    Fueling is a bit dynamic: during a training block when I have to fit my run in the morning I wouldn't bother with breakfast or gels up to about 13 miles. I reckon the previous evening meal is enough fuel but anything longer I would have a bagel an hour before and a coffee.

    I've been using the decathlon gels for a good while so I know they work on long stuff (+20mile) if I need them, especially if I am doing hills/ tempo sections. Only take them on training runs if I know I will have to work hard.

    Running in the evening: I usually have a breakfast of porridge/peanut butter/honey and a simple lunch of carbs (bagel with tomatoes maybe). I always try to get some good protein after long runs, chicken, tuna, steak and if I'm really lazy whey.

    Registered for:

    Dublin mountain 25km

    Dublin race series Fingal 10K

    Dublin race series half

    Dublin Marathon


    Wish list:

    I will apply for the Boston as I was under the 3.20 age group time but likely the 1.28 minute cushion wont be enough for next year.

    If not I will plow ahead after Donadea and give the Ultra Trail Snowdonia 100k a a bash next July(depending on the hip)

    My main goal for this year is to complete 2000 miles almost injury free as a foundation for next year when I turn 50 :-)



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    Nice easy 10 mile, hip ok but IT band a bit sore in the last mile.

    Averaging 8.50/mile and 132bpm

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    Decided to take a week off after the last run as a precaution. The hip was sore but the outside of the knee got quite sore around mile 8. Symptomatic of ITBS. Decided to drop the Dublin mountain race to make sure I can start a Dublin Marathon Block in good shape.

    So I spent the week working on the hips and knee at home, foam rolling, band work, stretches and strength exercises.

    Went out last night for a 5k to test the knee, 6.48/mile average (more tempo like). This felt Ok.

    No run today but some strength and conditioning tonight then maybe a 10K easy(8.00/mile average) tomorrow before I start training proper. Hopefully get some speed up before the fingal 10K

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    Saturday Morning

    10k - 7.30/mile average. I was planning on 8.00/mile but felt better at 7.30. Today this was the speed I could hold form and focus. My left leg was a bit tight in the calf and some very minor hip complaint but overall not bad.

    I have a lot of thoughts while running and certainly when I have an injury I spend too much time trying to find the root cause. My hip has been an on off issue for years but the pain on the outside of the knee last week was new. I think there were a few factors.

    1. Introduced hills too fast(downhill being the culprit)
    2. New trainers (Did a hard session in a new pair of speedgoats wereas I run mostly in speed 2)
    3. Running too slow, effectively changing cadence and footstrike to run at ultra low heartrate was not clever, Should have started gradually with the slow running. Running faster is not always bad especially as time conditioned natural stride is better for injury prevention
    4. Being old, oooof

    Oh, I seen a Red Kite frightening the magpies over my house, beautiful; and a BMW with indicators, didnt even know they came with them.

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    So day one of the 2022 DCM training in the bag.

    Monday 27th - 6 miles at 8.12/mile

    Last week I put in an easy 35 miles ranging from 7.30 to 8.33 with a couple of 5k runs with my 13 year old diva daughter.

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    The first week of Marathon training in the bag, this was an easy week by all accounts. Next week I start putting the hay in the barn (the dreaded hill repeats)

    Tuesday - Rest day

    Wednesday - 7.8 miles aerobic 7.45/mile

    Thursday - 3.11 miles with my daughter 9.10/mile

    Friday - 6.1 miles easy 8.12/mile

    Saturday - parkrun with the daughter at 8.16/ mile then an easy 4 miles home at 8.20/miles

    Sunday - 13 miles easy at 8.10/mile

    Sunday was my first longish run since I started to have hip and knee issues. I was a bit apprehensive this morning as the last 10+ mile run resulted in outside knee and hip pain and a week forced break. I hate not running. As luck would have it my knee and hip were fine but my hamstring is feeling tight and felt tight for most of the run. 2/10 niggle but didn't increase. I've been stretching and working on strengthening the hip and knee lately so probably annoyed the hamstring :-(. Its not easy this running lark.

    Went past 1000 miles for the year this week so pretty chuffed with that, average pace for the 1003 miles logged on my coros was 8.12/mile which happens to be the prescribed easy pace for the sub 3.10 training block I just started.

    In addition to that a few nights out on the Guinness/whiskey I've not been to focused on my diet the last few months . My plan for this block was always to give myself the best chance to complete the training and get to the start line in the best shape possible so next week I will reduce the crap (evening biscuits, chips, takeaways, packets of jellies, chocolate etc) until the end of October and back on it in time for santys birthday

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  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022


    My current rotation has a new addition, I picked up another pair of Reebok Floatride energy for 53 euro to run my easy days in the hope of stretching the Saucony speed 2 across the training block. With the recession/power cuts coming this winter I'm thinking about the pennies.

    My current rotation:

    Alphafly - Marathon (tempo)

    Vaporfly - 5/10km intervals or tempo parkrun

    Speed 2 - session

    New easy day trainer - Reebok floatride energy 4 super(cheap)shoe

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    Monday - the whole block is monday chill. I like Monday

    Tuesday - 2 mile easy 8.14/mile: 6 x 250m at 6.15/mile hill repeats with 30s rest then 250m downhill with 90s rest x 6 reps: 2 mile easy 8.00/mile

    Was very apprehensive about the Tuesday session with the niggles lately but it went ok, I wore the vaporfys to make it easy on myself.

    Wednesday 6 mile easy at 8.12/mile

    Next weekend the 17th I have an entry a hometown race - the series 10k in Swords. The Marathon training plan has a 13-15 miles, consisting of:4 mile Warm Up4 x 2 miles at MP with 2-3 minutes rest1-2 mile Warm Down with 7-10 mile easy Sunday. I am leaning towards sacrificing the session for the race and making Sunday a 12 mile easy. Its early in the block so I dont see the any real problems except injury off course. Ive only ever ran one 10k prior at the 2019 series in clondalkin. 49.25. So the lowest of low hanging fruit. I have 43 minute 10k times in 10 mile and half tempo runs from earlier in the year so I reckon 41.xx is in my locker. Kind of excited. These big events are always fizzling with energy and excitment. Another reason for putting myself through an 18 week marathon block, just for the fantastic pre race loitering with all the runners and family.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    111 days to DCM.

    Thursday - rest or cross scheduled so I decided to try some strength and conditioning. Stretch bands, small weights, sit ups, jumping jacks. I was left sore for 3 days after a 30 minute session. This is one area I am extremely weak in and will return to next week.

    Friday - session: 8 miles, consisting of:2 mile Warm Up(8.14/mile), 2 x 2 miles at HMP(6.48/miles) with 3 minutes easy jog in between,2 mile Warm Down(8.00). I enjoyed this.

    Saturday - 6.2 miles easy (8.12) a horrible run. This was a late afternoon run but the I fooked up earlier in the day, we went to Howth for a cliff walk followed by a lunch stop at the Summit (mussels and chips with a side order of fried camembert, two cokes) and as I had some evening stuff I decided to run 90 minutes after food. Terrible from mile one, every couple of months I forget how uncomfortable a run can be if I eat rich food within 4 hours of running. Lesson re learned

    Sunday - session: 13 miles, consisting of:7-8 miles easy(8.17/mile), 10 x (1 minute at 5k-10k Pace(6.20/mile) , then 1 minute at MP(7.10/mile))2 miles easy(8.00).

    This week I will follow the plan till Friday then a small adjustment. I've decided to race the Fingal 10k Sunday at the expense of the weekend sessions shoor why not.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    107 days to DCM

    TUESDAY 9 miles, 2 mile Warm Up 5 x 1k at 5-10k pace(6.30/mile) with 2 minutes rest between. 5 x 200 at 5k Pace(6.00/mile =too fast) with 30 seconds rest 2 mile Warm Down

    WEDNESDAY 5.2 mile Easy Run at 8.12/mile (hilly route)

    THURSDAY 7.7 mile Aerobic Run at 7.45/mile

    Just starting training and having a down week! I decided last week to race the Fingal 10k so I will take it easy tomorrow and give it socks Sunday morning. At current fitness anything between 40 and 42 minutes will be a challenge. That's the target. Looking forward to taking the Alphaflys out for a spin.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 10,021 ✭✭✭✭ Murph_D

    Eight minutes! Got to be happy with that alright. Well done, and hope that hamstring eases up.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    Thanks Murph, it was the last of the low hanging fruit. Only ran one 10k prior, in 2019 during the leadup to my first Marathon.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,247 ✭✭✭ Laineyfrecks

    Well done on the PB, always a great feeling!

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,021 ✭✭✭✭ Murph_D

    Just to be devil's advocate here, why do you think strength and conditioning is important? I know lots of runners (one of them very well indeed) who don't do much or any of this. Not saying it's not important, but some seem to get away without doing it, and some runners I know do it to a debilitating extent (it can lead to injury too, perhaps more easily than running itself can, for some people). Just to have the debate. 😉

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    At the core of this decision is the idea that it certainly cant do any harm. Before the commentry below I just want to point out that although Ive discovered a love for running I only really run for fitness, and before picking up running in my 40s I had not been proper fit since my teens.

    Ive been getting injured a lot lately which I mostly put down to increasing volume, intensity and type of running. On top of running roads I have been dabbling with hills, also trying to improve performance over various distances using methods like hill sprints, intervals and fartleks.

    Without any scientific justification it just seems like common sense that if I activate core, skeletal and muscle groups with some strenght and conditionig it should help with my overall well being and potentially improve running performance.

    There are many great sources of information whether its a trained physio, health professionals or online material from validated sources which are invaluable when trying to understand the vagaries of ones own health and how this might effect running but in the end you know yorself better than anyone, there is no hiding from the id, if you meditate on the hurdle(injurys) with all the information at hand(current training, diet, psycological and physical wellbeing) its certainly possible to see where improvement might come. For me right now I think a little strenght and conditioning might allow me to improve and continue to enjoy the challenge of running.

    I would hesitate to offer health advise to anyone but from a personal prospective loosing weight, not drinking, meditating and goal setting have all been a precurser to improvements, they have provided the firm base to running. Im hoping strenght and conditioning will be another foundational activity for when I focus on targets.

    My intent is to do 20 odd minutes strenght and contiiong three to four times a week so not going mad

    Sorry for the waffle and I reserve the right to change my mind on this opinion later 😃

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,935 ✭✭✭ Kellygirl

    It’s a funny one as you can obviously still get injured even if you are very good at doing S&C but it’s impossible to tell if you would get injured more often or worse injuries if you weren’t doing it. In my case, no matter how many times I was told to do it I couldn’t get into the habit. Last year I got injured from building up pace too fast and couldn’t run for a while so finally started doing strength work to amuse myself and it became a habit which I kept up when I got back running. I now go to the gym 4 days a week doing 2 upper body and 2 lower body sessions. Where it became interesting was when I did races and was getting unexpected PBs and felt stronger than ever before and my endurance at pace seems to have increased no end. I have gotten injured still since but each time it’s been from over doing it running wise. I’ve tried to add in some specific prehab work now in the last couple of weeks to prevent my most common injuries reappearing … IT Band and calf stuff.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    Deadly, I hope to get into the S&C habit even if it doesnt improve my running/reduce injury as you say its an option for the times I have niggles and cant run which seem to be a part of life now. Any performance bounce would be a nice bonus.

    Eventually I want to get into swimming but time constarints with college and work are unlikely to allow such extravogance in the next year or two.

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    Taking it easy this week

    The hamstring is obviously on my mind every run, where I ran through small niggles during sessions before I am over cautious now. Normal enough.

    The DCM is an outside bet at this stage.

    Monday - nothing

    Tue - 8.2 mile at 8.08/m - good

    Wed - 5.3 mile at 8.30/m - good

    Thu - 8.2 mile at 8.08/m - had a bit of pain after this one

    Fri - took it cheesy

    Sat - Parkrun - 3 mile at 8.03

    Today - no running but a lap of the Spink to brighten the soul.

    24.5 miles easy last week

    Manages to fit three 15 minute strength and conditioning sessions after running so that's a start

    This week I plan on doing 30 miles spread over 5 days. No sessions just easy and maybe hills. Increasing the S&C to 20 minutes and maybe 4 sessions. If All goes to plan I will look to a tempo 5 k some time next. If not so be it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    Pretty much a continuation of last weeks toe dipping after the hamstring. Nothing to compalin about really.This week Im continuing with easy miles apart from one tempo(6.45-7.00 over 5k) maybe Thursday.

    Monday 6 miles at 8.10/mile

    Tuesday 6 miles at 8.10/mile

    Wednesday - took a day

    Thursday 8 miles at 8.10/mile

    Friday 10 miles at 8.10/mile

    Saturday early doors - 3 miles at 7.30/mile

    Sunday - watched the sufferfest in Youghal, bolloxed just looking at the Ironman. Animals

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  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    Another easy but satisfying week,

    Monday 6.5 miles at 7.40/mile (1 x tempo in here)

    Tuesday 8 miles at 8.10/mile

    Wednesday - Off day

    Thursday - 9.2 miles 2 x 8.05/mile, 3 x 7.10/mile and 4 x 8.10/mile. 3 mile tempo to test the hamstring, not bad

    Fri - 6.5 miles at 8.10/mile

    Sunday - long runs start again - 13.8 at 8.10/mile which felt fine

    This week I took it easy with a planned 10% tempo and the rest easy running. Was feeling great about this till this morning when I felt a sharp twinge in my left calf half way down the stairs for my porridge. The joys. As today was a planned rest(maybe 20 minutes S&C) day I am not worrying myself till I run tomorrow.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    57 miles last week. Continuing the base building and time on feet(7 hours 45 minutes). The highlight of the week was getting a 20 mile training run in.

    Monday - rest day

    Tuesday - 10 miles at 7.40 per mile

    Wednesday 10 miles at 8.10 per mile

    Thursday - rest day

    Friday - 12 miles at 8.15 per mile

    Saturday - 4 miles at 8.15 per mile

    Sunday - 20 miles at 8.15 per mile

  • Registered Users Posts: 934 ✭✭✭ MooShop

    Congrats!! Unreal getting an entry to a major.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    I'm stoked, only inside the required time for my age by 1 minute 22 seconds. Now the hard bit, winter training and injury avoidance between now and 🍀April.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,935 ✭✭✭ Kellygirl

    Ooh exciting. Congrats.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭ marathon2022

    I'm sure my smile will fade when I start training the quads but for now , happy out