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Recommentation on Daylight projector

  • 23-07-2022 3:12pm
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    I am looking for a projector for daylight use. It will be used as an additional screen/display to my laptop for meetings contents.

    The room where the projector will be is bright. Image will be projected against a plain white wall. For now, i am not considering a white screen.

    My budget is below 1000eur.

    What specs should I look for and or which models?

    Thank you.


  • Registered Users Posts: 150 ✭✭ monkeyactive

    Hi i am currently trying to suss this out myself and have similar budget.

    I've figured that for using a projector in a room during the day you need at least 2500 ANSI Lumen. More if the sun shines in directly on the screen you project on.

    Many projector manufacturers are sneaky and list a different type of lumen but ANSI Lumen is the important figure for brightness.

    I found this video really helpful

    The next thing you need to consider before going any further is the Throw of the projector i.e where in the room will the projector have to be placed to get the size projection you want. Regular projectors need to be way back to get a big screen , like 3.5meters for example to get a 100 inch diagonal screen

    Short throw can be much closer like 1 meter to get 100 inch diagonal screen.

    Ultra short throw can be right up at the wall/screen but maybe you wont find one for €1000 , they are more expensive.

    So once you know your ANSI LUMEN and where you will have the projector positioned in the room then Id go looking for something to fit the bill.

    You'll easily get a nice BEN Q , EPSON or OPTOMA at the budget. I'd avoid Chinese cheaps on Amazon.

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    Hi @monkeyactive ,

    Thanks for the post. Just looking at them again. Did you f8nd something for yourself?

    Regarding your points, i do have 3m from projection to wall.

    Regarding ANSI i dont know which i need... is this like, the more, the better?

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    Hi I got sorted out with a Benq Projector , more than happy with it. Watched Blade runner 2049 the other night and blew my mind , proper cinema experience. Stuck an amazon forestick in it too so now its basically a smart TV.

    I got a short throw projector it throws a 100 inch screen from 1.5 meters. So we have it on a low coffee table between us on our couch and the wall we project onto.

    ANSI Lumens determine brightness. ANSI is the lumen figure to be concerned with , ignore the other tyoe of Lumens that the cheaper projector manufacturers boast about. That's smoke and mirrors. A very high ANSI figure and you could project outdoors during the day . Very Low and you would need to project indoors in a pitch black room.

    My BenQ has 3000 ANSI lumens , meaning its watchable in a room during the day provided the sun isnt directly shining on your screen/projection wall but still its much nicer in a dark room with curtains drawn.

    I was considering a 600 ANSI projector which would only have ben watchable in a darkened room.

    I found this video very helpful in general but particularly regarding ANSI Lumens.

    Any other Questions hit me up , I found projector research and shopping a bit of a headache but I'm out the other side now and have a good handle on things like throw distances , ANSI etc etc.

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    You can check OMMC projector but the price is a little higher than your budget....

  • Registered Users Posts: 83 ✭✭ larbakium

    Thank you.

    you input has been very valuable. As you can probably seen, I am not the most active user and definitely haven't spend enough time doing enough research.

    I did see the video links you shared and I understand the logic behind it. Yet, because I can not test it I would look to get some users prespective.

    My setup is that it will be a bright room. No direct sun exposure. Projection will be against a plain bright white wall (i can consider a screen but would like to avoid for aesthetics). The projector will be fixed in the ceiling roughly 2.5m from the wall where it will be projecting on.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 150 ✭✭ monkeyactive

    If I were you Id' contact BENQ customer support , they'll suss out your needs and budget and make a good recommend.

    BenQ are the best Brand and have great customer care from my research into getting one.

    I have the BEnQ Th671ST. Its the only projector I have had so all i can vouch for. It is great in a room during the day with indirect sunlight. If you are using it for data /presentation then display will be less of a priority than it is for me and my movie watching and I still find daytime display not washed out .

    You should familiarise yourself with this tool at projector central which helps you calculate throw distance to screen size ratios for most projectors on the market. A great research tool.

    For example you can see in the link that my TH671ST if set at 2.5 meters from the wall will give a screen size 332 x 187cm

    Their is a zoom function on that model so....

    if you zoom in as far as you can from that distance screen shrinks to 301 x 169cm

    If you zoom out as far as you can from that distance screen grows to 362 x204cm

    Setting it on a ceiling mount or on the floor/table makes no odds as projectors can be configured to account for that and have vertical keystone correction meaning that if they are at an angle the image can be adjusted as if the projector was head on.