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Air conditioning

  • 18-05-2022 7:30pm
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    I'm not sure if this is the best forum but I would like to install air-conditioning in my master bedroom. I like the idea of having a unit in the attic and then ducting the cold air through a vent in the bedroom ceiling. I think it will look nicer/neater and also help reduce noise. The purpose built ducted units are probably more designed for multiple rooms while i only need the one room so was hoping to modify a cheaper floor standing aircon unit for this application. Thoughts? Has anyone done this?


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    A heat pump is an AC unit also. Heat from a heat pump is actually AC reversed. I have AC in my sitting room & bedroom via a mini split heat pump. I couldn't live without it at this stage. AC in the sitting room we'd only use on the hottest days in summer. AC in the bedroom I'd use most nights all year round. Turn it on for 10 minutes before bedtime to bring the room down to 18C. They are super quiet too.

    I don't see modifying a flood standing one as a runner tbh. These are loud beasts. You would hear it running in the attic above your head. How would you control it from the bedroom? They need to be vented to the outside. These also need to be emptied of water regularly too ( every day if used a lot)

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    Yep I have heard this alright. Very handy. Unfortunately I'm not getting a heat pump. Recently installed a gas boiler and changed radiators etc. In my case was thinking operation of ac could be by smart plug in the attic I reckon. Stand it on those anti vibration mats that shower pumps use maybe? Vent to outside and water drain seem like very basic problems to solve. Any other comments?

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    I have had one of the stand alone AC units. All I remember was the noise. Didn't keep it long because of the noise. It's not a vibration noise like a water pump & they are much more noisy than a pump. The noise is the compressor of the fan. Ruber mat will make little difference

    Apart from the noise, it did what it said on the tin. It chilled the room and it did it fast.

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    Cheers for the feedback. Might have to knock it on the head in that case. Just rereading your first post there and i think i picked you up wrong. Are you saying this Heat pump/ac unit only services these two rooms and you have a separate system to heat the rest of the house? What is the setup? Ballpark cost?

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    Yes. I still have gas central heating. I got the heat pump for the AC. As it turns out I do use it for heat if I just want to the sitting room

    You can buy a two room unit for around €2k or single room for around €1.5k

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    Thanks for the info. It's probably a bridge too far budgetwise with the installation cost but good to know what the options are alright. Cheers!

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    I got a split ac for my bedroom because (despite insulation) my upstairs (dormer) gets crazy hot in the summer.

    Its a dream. Love it.

    Also great for giving the room a 10 min blast of heat in the shoulder seasons when you may not have the central heating on.

    Deadly yoke.

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    Hi OP! I think it's a really good idea to be honest because it provides both form and function since it would look cleaner and reduce noise as well. I suggest that you talk to a reputable HVAC company like Direct Air Conditioning about this and see what they think. Professionals would be able to help you plan a design for this and execute it for you to help you achieve your desired results. Hiring a professional would also ensure that it would have the right structural quality and meet safety requirements.

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