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Renting/commuting to Clondalkin Co. Dublin - Best options?

  • 24-06-2022 9:37am
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    Hi all, so I have been offered a job in Wheatfield Prison and I am looking for advice.

    There appears to be a desperate shortage of shared accommodation in Clondalkin (I get this is throughout the country though). So I am considering renting in Meath as there seems (to be more available) and commuting the rest of the way to Clondalkin. I've been looking at house shares as I hope between renting and commuting, the overall cost wouldn't be too high. Have anyone else here got any opinions/advice? For me, this is a huge move and I normally don't take such risks at all. Therefore, I am somewhat apprehensive that I am doing the right thing.


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    where in meath? u would have to consider the extra money on petrol and tolls as most likely you would be using the m50....traffic as well extra time sitting in the car but if you are doing shift work you would prob be outside of rush hour...

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    Hi CB so I was considering Ratoath, Navan and Trim. Hours of the role are 8 am-5 pm four days per week and 10 am-7 pm one of the days. I didn't consider the waiting in traffic, which could be congested at 8 am. Or tolls for that matter,. So maybe this isn't the best idea.

    I was considering

    I wonder would Kildare be better? What are your thoughts? This is a nightmare as far as I am concerned.

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    Ratoath is fine, not that far at all. you wont find anything in kildare though.

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    Would there be any spare rooms at Wheatfield 😀

    Try Dunshaughlin. Nice village with plenty in it.

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    Ratoath would be a good choice of the three...also consider ashbourne 10 minutes from ratoath and prob more rooms to rent....from there it would prob be 30 min drive to the prison using the M2 and then onto the M50(without heavy traffic) and N4 citybound....the toll is a pain in the ass i do it myself but if you have the etag its 2.10 i think each time...

    if the job is better position and more pay then why not it just depends on your current situation and if you are happy

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    I have never been to Meath and this is all new for me, so if the general consensus is for Rathoat. I think I will go for that! I just need a GYM. As it's something I've been wanting to join for ages. Thank you!

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    This was gas! 😂 That did cross my mind, to be honest! No commute or hassle! 🤣

    I'll consider Dunshaughlin as well! Thank you!

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    Perfect! I consider Ashburn as well! That commute doesn't sound like the worst.

    The Job is a clerical officer role. It is just over 27k. A step up from the min wage catering role I left yesterday! I am very much looking forward to it!

    I am from Sligo. So eventually I plan to get transferred back to Castlerea. For now I am open to moving to Meath and am looking forward to a new experience! Thank you for the advice!

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    Look at Newcastle and Lucan a lot of new developments so more rooms to rent to help pay the mortgage.

    Congratulations on the job, living in Dublin or surrounds might be a challenge on that salary a room could be anything from €700 and then bills on top of that plus commuting costs.

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    Anywhere on the Kildare train line. Stops at Parkwest Station, get a fold up bike for the rest of the journey, or do the 10/15 minutes walk, Wheatfield is one km from the station.. I think as far as Newbridge is on the 90 minute fare.

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    I have extended my search into Kildare. Specifically, I am considering Naas, Leixlip, Sallins, Maynooth and Celbridge.

    Are all these on that line? I must actually look up that timetable as that is pretty handy. Thanks for your advice. :)

    EDIT: Meant to ask, is Clondalkin a safe area to walk around? I never really ventured into south Dublin if I am honest.

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    I'll look into Newcastle and Lucan also cheers. :)

    Thank you! I appreciate that! This is a huge leap for me, as I never really take chances. So I am trying to embrace the experience.

    Very expensive indeed! However, I have 10k in savings as well. So that will help soften the blow as well. I am also on the higher CO salary. It's 27k, I know it's not a lot of money. But with budgeting hopefully. I'll manage. Thank you for the advice!

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    Google Irish rail and put in Parkwest Cherry Orchard to Newbridge. You will see all the stations on that commuter line. Adamstown, Naas, Hazelhatch (Celbridge), Newbridge are the nearest stops. Leixlip and Maynooth are on a different line and don't stop near Wheatfield.

    Clondalkin village is absolutely fine, plenty to do, shopping, cafes, pubs. I don't think there is a bus that takes you to the village from Wheatfield though.

    You can also walk ten minutes towards Palmerstown and pick up a bus to go to Liffey Valley shopping centre.

    Best of luck and I hope it works out for you. You might be able to get a taxsaver ticket from work too. Ask about it and see if it works out more economical to get one.

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    Thanks for that info! I appreciate that! Just looking at the line now.

    That's very handy all together!

    Thank you very much for the well wishes! Handy to know about the tax saver ticket also! I'll keep that in mind!