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inherited 2 separate meters

  • 07-06-2022 2:46pm
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    Hi all,

    Kinda befuddled on where to go with this.

    Bought old council house, previous owners had night storage heating with a separate meter.

    I ripped the heaters our in the refurb.

    Meter is still in place, but nothing running off it .

    I did enquire on having it removed, was quoted 450, from memory, so I put it on the long term list

    Recently got 3.9 kwh panels put in, old analogue meter is going backwards, the wheel and the number dial ,I thought this was brilliant........I went to submit a meter reading, is lower than previous, guess the DB had a fit and divided by zero, forgot to carry the one, apparently I have used 99k kwhs in the past month.

    Series of emails back and forth, not totally resolved.

    Had to send in a pic of the meter with the days newspaper in view.... que A-team music

    Smart meters have been mentioned, but I'm on"mcc03" as opposed to "mcc01" (?) so they can only replace the old meters with digital meters.

    So, has anyone else dealt with this lower reading than previous phenomenon?



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    There's definitely been a few cases of the old meters running backwards here. Usually people got away with it and their bill was 0

    Did you get a completed NC6 form when they installed the solar? If you did then ESB networks know you're exporting power and are on an old meter

    Strictly speaking you should be on a smart meter for export, but since the rates for smart meters are terrible then I'd try to avoid it as long as possible

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    Hi, thanks for the reply

    Yep supplier did the form, I got confirmation letter stating such. on the meters, yeah they and ESB networks know now....

    The threads here on smart meters... I'm gonna wait I think

    Im totally happy paying zero and sending ransom like photos of my meter when required :-D

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    I'm sending my meter readings and adding 1-2 units to keep it over the last reading. When you submit a minus reading it just confuses everything and you end up with a nightmare as some have found out. What happens when we eventually have to accept a new meter is something I can't find anything about. From what I have seen in some posts is the new meter is set at 0 so unsure about the units that have wound back, I imagine they just get lost. Since the Feed in Tarif is to be paid to those with old meters based on estimate on inverter size we at least get some small bit back.

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