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Is Jens Stoltenberg the most boss contemporary politician?

  • 03-06-2022 9:32pm
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    NATO secretary general hailing from Norway.

    At least as I see it at the moment, so many politicians are so slick they'd make oil jealous.

    Many of their actions are so backhanded, they'd put a jackal to shame.

    Perhaps it's the time we're in and the reassurance as to the emergence of competence where so much uncertainty surrounds us, but to see a politician who is forthright and unashamedly cognizant, is not just a breath of fresh air but a pleasure to see at work.

    Bearing in mind he was implored by the US secretary of defense to uphold his position as NATO secretary general for at least one more term in light of the Ukraine conflict, clearly emphasizing the value placed on that level of leadership by the most powerful military nation on earth, certainly seems to reflect the sentiments of this thread.


    To the unacquainted, my favorite presentation is his delivery of a Q&A to the political scientists of tomorrow at this Youth Summit.


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    No thoughts? seems to have ambivalent ideas of leadership and second guess its importance.

    The responses throughout this thread got wonderfully side tracked, exemplifying this.

    It seems to get overlooked that the policy under which the mechanics of every nation operates is determined and dictated by political leadership.

    The Irish housing crises, development restriction, legal/illegality of controversial activities.

    What seems to be overlooked which is again exemplified in that link, is how a leader conducts affairs, is an extension of who they are as a person.

    I used the example of Ide Amin governing by bullying policy, as he himself was a bully by disposition/character (Putin same, but with a scam-artist mixed in).

    Stoltenberg leads NATO, a defensive military alliance, formerly chaired the climate action initiative contemporarily consolidated in the "Paris accord";

    So I mean who knows how his political position and conduct would translate into governing a country.

    I'm just saying, in contrast, juxtaposition if you will, to conventional leaders like Trump, Putin, dipshit from North Korea, etc., who all drip of disingenuous sleaze and make decisions based on impulse, ego and irrationality, re policy determination and adept decision making, I really think there's something to be said for the cognitive solidarity the likes of Stoltenberg seems to work with.


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    What the ****?

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    Same thread in Politics


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