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Adding an ensuite in apartment

  • 13-05-2022 3:26pm
    Registered Users Posts: 19 tastestory

    Hello, I'm looking at an apartment to buy. One of the bedrooms is very spacious, so I wonder if it's possible to add an en-suite in the future. This bedroom is not adjacent to the bathroom or the kitchen, so I'm afraid plumbing and waste water pipe would be a problem but the agent told me it's possible. I wonder if anyone here had the experience or have heard other people's experience of doing so. Thanks~


  • Registered Users Posts: 267 ✭✭ DFB-D

    Well technically it is possible, you can use something like saniflo, but because of concrete flooring, the pipes need to run somewhere, imagine an ugly waste pipe running across the bedroom!

    Is there an outside wall? The management Co may allow the waste pipe outside but then you have to find the sewer somewhere.... I doubt they would allow it.

    I think the practicalities of changing apartments is not going to work.... I was viewing an apartment and the agent was suggesting moving a wall by a few inches, it can be done, but you will probably ruin the apartment, cost a fortune to do well and all for little gain....

    Sales agents trying to make sales will say anything...

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    First rule is not to believe the words out of a sales agents mouth. Unless the ensuite backs on to where the existing plumbing in the bathroom, assume not. At least not at a low cost and/or pleasing aesthetics.

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    As others have send, depending on the configuration it might be possible to add a toilet/handbasin/shower. The saniflow units are now quite good and can discharge via a 32mm pipe. If this did need to run via another room it could be boxed in behind skirting board etc.

    I'm currently adding an ensuite (toilet/basic) to a 1960s house, will use a sniflow/grundfos unit and send the waste via the attic into the top of the soil stack.

  • Registered Users Posts: 19 tastestory

    Great advice, thank you! The place where I would like to add an ensuite is not adjacent any existing plumbing or waste pipes, so I'd imagine it's not very practical, not to mention the potential restriction from the management company.

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    I'd suggest asking the estate agent who the managing agent for the block is and giving them a call as you'll likely need their permission if such an installation has any implications for communal plumbing or wastewater system.

    They'll probably be happy to give you an honest answer as they won't want to argue with you about it at a later date if you do buy.

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