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Dublin Airport - internal information signs.

  • 11-04-2022 1:40pm
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    I was doing some work in Dublin Airport recently, this was my first time in the Airport where I wasn't coming or going anywhere so had a bit of time to notice how it is laid out, information placards, signage etc.

    So, just looking around, if you are a first time visitor you will have absolutely no idea where to go for busses, taxis, car rental or anything.

    Where is the bus to Dublin, Galway, Long term or short term car park, it's all guess work and figuring it out yourself.

    People were wondering around looking for where the Antigen and PCR test centre was. It's about a 15 minute outside walk! Can you imagine just arriving on a long haul and then you have to drag all your bags outside, negotiating uneven footpaths, roads, traffic and everything else to a badly positioned test centre.

    It is so badly set up, nothing is intuitative.


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    On the plus side, there's an enormous sign as gaeilge explaining how taxis work. I wonder what fraction of a percentage of arriving passengers can actually read it...

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    As you walk out of the arrivals in T2 there is a huge screen which lists of which buses go from which stops and the real time on next service.

    Its clearly signed to continue straight ahead and then there is signage directing you

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    PCR testing is about 100m from T2 arrivals.

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    This sign is a valuable addition.

    my issue with the information on display around the Terminal is that the map style isn’t very clear. Too busy with multiple colours showing irrelevant building.

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    The signage around the terminals is not great, and it's the same in the red zone car park, it's all too easy to end up going out of the only zone they have open, and only then discovering that there's no route back to that zone, other than leaving the car park.

    Then, and this is a complete disgrace, the "facilities" or more accurate Non facilities for the bus park area is only appalling, given that some routes only operate once an hour, there is nowhere at all for intending passengers to wait for their bus that's at least warm and dry and has a real time display of the next service on each route, the existing shelters might be appropriate for a tropical climate, but during the winter months, when the weather is throwing rain (or worse) horizontally, the existing shelters out the back of T1 car park are no way suitable for purpose.

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    There are helpful signs in Chinese, you know.....Good to see the DAA helping the massive Chinese travel trade. The rest of the world just has to guess what to is easily one of the worst airports for getting a person from car park or bus stop to the aircraft and vice versa. If you disembark at T1, you can expect to climb, descend, change direction, pass thru several doors before you enter the baggage hall and you really should be issued with boy scout compasses to get to the taxi rank or bus stops. Anyone who has to enter via T2 and then transit to T1 via the tunnel needs to be alert and act like Indiana Jones running down a mine shaft. I really feel for anyone using Ryanair aircraft. By the time you get thru security, it's easily most of a mile to the farthest gate of Pier D. It's a farce that the preservation of the North terminal is more important than helping people get to their gate. It's no wonder that we refer to it as a shopping centre with an airport attached.

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    there is one point in that car park, that, to successfully stay in, you have to make a crafty turn against the signposted direction, otherwise you will be funnelled out of the car park. What a joke of a place.

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    In fairness the Chinese language signs went up around the time Cathay started the direct service to Hong Kong. There are only a few of them, and they're concentrated around the 3xx gates where that flight boarded.

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    It would be infinitely more helpful if there were more European languages on the signage. I am routinely stopped by Europeans asking for directions.

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    And what fraction of a fraction of a percentage of those people rely solely signs in Irish. I’d safely say close to zero.