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Quick question on buying an EV

  • 12-03-2022 7:36am
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    Hey Folks,

    I am looking to purchase and EV for my next vehichle and I am trying to set a budget.

    The issue I am having is the price listing the dealers give. Do thes include the SEAI grant and VRT discounts? I see a wide range of prices on new EV's which I can only assume some dealers are displaying the retail price with the grant applied?

    Is it a case of ringing them to ask them what the story with their listed price is?

    It would be handy if any of them would answer the phone, they must be super busy selling tons of cars :P


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    I emailed around. Was easiest. What cars are you looking at? Some list price with grant and some without.

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    It will be a family car with a decent range. So looking at the MG, Skoda Enyaq and at the top end the volvo xc60.

    I like the look of the volvo it should replace my xtrail in terms of size and functionality and safety, but its pricey!

    I could scrape it if certain discounts were applied and I got a decent trade in on the diesel xtrail...

    Looks like Ill just have to keep calling/emailing each dealer.

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    How soon are you looking to get an EV?

    The first 2 in your list probably won't be available until 2023 if you put in order now.

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    Next year or so. I could hold out till 23 though, nothing wrong with the xtrail. had it since new!

    I may look at the Aryia if I have to wait that long though.