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House condemned

  • 04-03-2022 11:09am
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    We have been living in a house 13 years,owner died and we were told house was been sold.As there was a lot land and 2 houses on land we were given caretaker agreement for 12 months(Oct to Oct2022)and told new owners will have have to agree,in which they did..they got keys and go ahead 2 weeks ago and then we get a phone call yesterday to say they will be calling Monday and the house will be condemned, yes I do agree house in major need or repair but my question is ,if house is condemned on Monday are me and family they have to give us notice does anyone know


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    Ring Threshold

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    You have a caretaker agreement which means you have been looking after the house and most probably were paying little or no rent. I don’t think you come under residential tenancies act if you paid no rent as you are providing a service in return to stay in the house. Threshold will not help you with this.

    If you paid rent the last 12 years your landlord or executor would have give you notice of sale due to owner dying. They would have informed the solicitor you were living in the property and should have given notice of sale. As a tenant you would have a statutory notice of sale.

    Here’s the thing. Moving to a caretaker agreement you are no longer a tenant. Caretaker agreement are temporary agreements.

    Just out of interest why would they condemn the house? Why are you staying in a house if it is not safe to live in? You have to wait and see what happens. Check your terms in the caretaker agreement in regards to notice.

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    A caretaker agreement can be construed as a lease, no matter what it says. I know people who were in a house which was sold 3 years ago and they have kept a case going in the RTB since and are still in the house.

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    Nail on the head tommorow afternoon the big derby CAN'T be for United and city!!! Tenants like that want to sit on both sides of fence.

    OP......definitely see a solicitor...... there's a lot of variables/ questions a LOT of questions.......if a property is "going to be condemned on monday" should you even be in there for weekend???? House insurance is now a very " grey" area. Trying to argue that a caretaker agreement is still a lease is yet another legal minefield....... I assume you have a clear-cut contract from Oct.2021??

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