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Awesomeness never comes cheap…!



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    just thought I would share those pictures for those still thinking “why didn’t he go on?”.

    i had the little one taking a picture after every lap to monitor the progress and to see how much I would change during the race.

    me after lap 3.

    After lap 4

    And after lap 6

    lap 7 can’t be shared. Looks too aweful 😂😂😂.

    i think that says a lot about the energy levels and why I decided to call it a day. I expected to suffer after lap 8 but not that early on.

    now to the next stage of life!

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    Wanna see lap 7

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    Many twists and turns on the road to awesomeness!!

    Here fire up lap 7 you can’t tantalise us like this!

  • Registered Users Posts: 361 ✭✭ babacool

    Correct, awesomeness never comes cheap! 😁

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  • Registered Users Posts: 6,580 ✭✭✭ Swashbuckler

    Wanna see lap 7

  • Registered Users Posts: 361 ✭✭ babacool

    Ain’t gonna happen! This chapter is closed now as a new one opens!

    county masters in 2 weeks time!

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    Haha aw fair enough! Looking forward to hearing about you getting back up on the horse

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    Right. Starting a new chapter. Not much to report for this week. Took it easy on Monday. Only did about 10000 steps, walking the dog a few times.

    tuesday: little one had training in the evening so had an hour to kill and decided to go for a little jog. Cleared with the coach upfront if ok to do 8-10k knowing it will be 10-12k 😁. Every little helps, right? 😁 so ended up doing 12.16km in roughly 58min. Nice and easy.

    wednesday = fun day. First time back in office since end of November. And what a day to pick. Expected a gentle breeze and was hoping for strong wind. Cycled into the office with tail wind (45min as took it easy) and home with full on head wind. Man that was fun. Especially those moments when gusts pushed you to the side and you could only hope to not fall over. Took me 61min getting home. Normally I would do that in roughly 51min. (I’m not a fast cyclist, for some reason I can’t do those 100k spins at 35kmh+ paces. I’m happy to manage 20k at 24kmh).

    legs obviously done by the time I got home but man was that fun. Thoroughly enjoy that!

    thursday: decided to go out at lunch time. Aim was 10k nice and easy. All by feel. Ended up doing 14.4K @ 4:27. Slightly misjudged the distance 🙄.

    Thursday evening, the fun begins:

    for some reason juvenile training was cancelled. Something to do with severe weather warning or so. Strange how 20kmh gusts are severe now and especially when combined with no rain whatsoever. Ah well. Meant didn’t have to go to training with the little one, at least so I thought. Had a nice dinner (don’t remember what except the chocolate.. man have I eaten a lot of that since Saturday. I think at some point I estimated a consumption of roughly 6000kcal within 5 days purely coming from sweets 😁. And no I haven’t really gained weight) and went on a walk with the dog.

    came back home and the little one (from herein referred to as LO) asked if I could join her on a run as she was bored. For some reason she lately enjoys running with me so of course I couldn’t deny her that request. Her plan was 20min easy. Pfff she was in for a little treat 😁.

    so we started off running. Nice and easy. 6min pace (we go by kilometre). She was fine, chatting etc. 500m In I’m like “hmmm it’s Thursday. That means training day. Let’s do a little workout!”. She was NOT amused and thought I was joking. So I let her believe that and we went on. 1.2km in, I started to increase the pace. 200m on she coped on to it and the moaning started. For the next 3k the conversation went something like this:

    me: ah let’s do a tempo run. Nice and steady!

    LO: no dad. No. We are not!

    me: ah sure we do! (Increasing the pace to around 5:15).

    LO: no dad. Seriously I can’t do that!!!! Slow down!!! I can’t!!!!

    me: sure you can. Common let’s do this. We are only going 5:15. You ran faster on Saturday!

    LO: yea but there I knew I can stop and walk after 400m!!! Dad I can’t! My legs hurt! I can’t breath!!! Stop!!!

    me: ah, believe in yourself. You can talk, you can run! Cmon don’t give up!

    LO: no I can’t. My leg hurts. My calf hurts!!!!

    me: ah focus on your form. You will be grand!

    LO: no I won’t be! Dad! Seriously! I can’t! Slow down!! My ankle hurts! I feel the road through the shoe!!!

    me: ah you are fine. We turn around over there! (1.5k into the tempo run)

    LO: aaaargggghhhhh that’s far. I turn around here and walk

    me: nah you won’t!

    LO: yes I will

    me: ok do it

    LO: dad seriously I will!

    me: look we are here now. From now on it will be easier (we had headwind until now)

    LO: no it won’t be!!!

    me: yes it will!

    LO: arrrghhh I can’t! Everything hurts! I cant

    me: yep

    LO: seriously I want to walk

    me: ok

    LO: it hurts!

    me: yep

    LO: you are not listening!

    me: yep

    LO: it hurts!!!

    me: see we are done now. (The above basically went on like that for the whole 1.5k 😂😂😂😂). Nice and easy warm down now

    LO: I can’t do that. I’m weird. If I go slow it hurts, if I go fast I can’t because it hurts.

    me: you will be fine

    LO: I won’t be. I’m not running home! I will stop at the estate and walk (500m from home)

    me: ok, I won’t.

    Lo: seriously I will walk

    me: ok

    LO: you aren’t listening!

    we reach the estate and I keep going. Little one doesn’t stop but increases her pace 😁. I’m staying with her at no effort. “Why does it look so easy for you?” - because we are talking about a 5:45 pace 😂😂😂😂

    and she continues going faster for a further 300m until we are almost home. We stopped (finally) and she stood there: my legs are jelly! I can’t walk.

    “you know we don’t train that hard at the club. My legs are fine!” Blah blah blah all good, no moaning nothing. She basically enjoyed that! She uploaded her run to strava “oh dad this says fastest 5k” - “yep and you didn’t even go hard!!!”.

    friday: “how are your legs?” LO: fine. Don’t feel anything from yesterday.

    me: ok, want me to continue doing sessions with you every now and then? Like tomorrow?

    LO: yes. Everyone said how I had improved so much last summer when you trained me!!! (Kinda makes one proud!)

    with regard to tomorrow:

    oooooh she will be in for a treat. Have a nice hill rep session planned for her. 😂😂😂all about having fun. Including running up and down stairs. There will be plenty of moaning again.

    oh: my plan for this weekend? - parkrun tomorrow. A little tempo to hard effort. Will see. Followed by 18-20k on Sunday.

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    Haha I enjoyed that especially "If I go slow it hurts, if I go fast I can’t because it hurts."

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    Right. Saturday. 19.02.2022 also known as 9 days til payday or day 50 of the year. Or just simply “wooohoooo only 2 more sleeps til Monday!!!”.

    meant to do a parkrun. Unfortunately it got cancelled as the park was closed. Something about a storm or so. Not sure. Texted someone else who I knew he would do a tempo this morning. Luckily he didn’t go out yet so I joined him. My plan: 5-6k tempo (3:35-3:40 pace). His plan: 6miles at 5:40 per mile. Normally I’m good in quickly figuring out what that means but not today. I knew it was 9.6km but no idea what pace.

    4.5km warm up. Legs felt heavy and not ready for a fast run. How could they after a week of eating and slow runs. Stopped after the warm up (something I never do) as he wanted to stretch the legs. Perhaps I should start that too? 🤔 - hit the subscribe button, give it a like and comment in the section below! Should I start stretching after the warm up?!

    man I’m watching way too many of those YouTube videos (well not me but the youngest. All those vloggers or what them wannabes are called. Them get me out of here z celebs).

    anyways we started off. Looked at watch after 300m seeing 3:20 pace. Man I said to myself **** that I’m going home. Luckily he slowed down and we averaged out at 3:30 per k. Plenty of puddles, slippery road. That was fun! Rain and wind! Oh how I loved that. Too bad that the loop itself (2.4km per loop) was almost flat. Would have prefered a bit more inclines.

    after lap 1 I decided to not gonna do the full 6miles with him as it was too fast too early. Let him go after 5k and opted for a further 4k at steady pace (3:45) which felt much better. So total of 9k workout followed by a future 4.5k warm down. Nice session and perfect conditions and great company.

    back home, shopping and then the fun part: training the little one. Havent still told her yet what the session would be. So she got a bit scared and wanted to go but same time didn’t want to go 😂.

    session: 1.8km warm up - 4*100m hill sprints - 2*30m running up steps - 2*100m hill reps - 1.5k warm down

    so off we went. After 300m I told her what the plan was. She wasn’t happy! “No dad! I won’t be doing that! You said no hill reps! (I didn’t. I said don’t worry we won’t do hill reps at your friends place 😁). I won’t do that. What if someone sees me? That’s embarrassing! No I won’t do that!!!”. She kept running. Had plenty of chances to go home- just in case someone thinks I force her to do that! I always say “it’s your call. We can go home. No problem!”

    came to the hill. The rule was: it is her call how hard she goes up there. The faster she goes up the more recovery she has. Only one rule - never run behind me. I was slowly running up and down the hill. So total time per lap was the time it took me to get up and down!

    fair to say there was plenty of “I can’t! I won’t! I need to rest! I can’t breath! My legs hurt! I need water!” 😁

    after the hills we jogged a few hundred meters to a set of stairs. 30m in length (no idea how many steps.) the idea was to improve her coordination and make her lift the knees. As usual “I can’t do that. We tried at training. I’m really bad at it.” - well she flew up the stairs. Faster than me!

    after that back to the hill. She didn’t know that until we were done. “What? No! I can’t! My throat is dry! I need water!”

    and off we went. 2 more reps combined with plenty of moaning.

    run home, well… was fun. I’ll keep it short! Most conversation we had was “dad, just shhh. Just stop talking!”

    all good though. The moment we got home: “I’m feeling good now. Legs are fine!” Smiling and happy.

    oh failed to mention, after the second or third rep (don’t remember) a weird lady stopped her on the way down: “how old are you? 14? When you feel tired you need to rest!”

    a gentleman that I am, all I said “no she doesn’t. Mind your business. It’s called training!” And we continued. I get looking out for others and making sure people are fine but when you know nothing about a person and see a kid training with her dad (I mean little one wouldn’t be calling me dad all the time if I wasn’t her dad) and there is no beating or shouting or punishing involved all I can say is “mind your own effin business”!

    right… long run tomorrow (muuuuuhhahahahbahahahahahhaa long run. 18-21km 😂😂😂😂😂😂).

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    Short one today. 14k easy - 5k moderate.

    enjoyed that wind and rain. Aim was to stay relaxed and get some decent elevation in.

    now bring on race week!

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    Weekend summary. Short and sharp, just like sessions that I dislike!

    plan was: Saturday 16k @ 4:30 and Sunday 26k @ 4:40. Short on time Sunday so Switched that around and did:

    Saturday: 28.5km @ 4:25 - why 28.5k you (not) ask? Simple, that’s how long the loop is that I took 😁. Practice run for DCM as this will be my default long run/ longer workouts loop. Can easily extend if needed to any length that’s needed. Just not be able to shorten it. Why 4:25? Ran by feel. And although I knew it was faster than supposed to I didn’t want to slow down. Just one of those days.

    Sunday: 15k @ 4:30 or so whilst little one competed at the Kildare club league thingy. Never ran around clane. Very interesting. quiet, hilly backroads. Big massive estates. Plenty of options for any distance, weather etc. not say I will be back but not disregarding it either. 🙂

    all in all, surprised how the legs were all weekend. Tired when walking but fine when running. Fitness is definitely improving again.

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    Just reading your County RR report. Fair play for taking the race on yourself for so long. Winner from our club is quite the athlete. He'll be one and done at Intermediate level anyway. Quite a competitive triathlete and is dipping his toe a bit more into road racing. Ran a fairly comfortable 2:32 in Berlin. I'd say he's 10 minutes to chop off that if he wanted to concentrate on the roads. Anyway, great racing 👍

  • Registered Users Posts: 361 ✭✭ babacool

    Yea. Not sure if I came across him before but a good race. They made it look easy and thankfully he won’t be in my masters age group ever. Got enough competition there already. 😂

    all those young guns. I sometimes wonder what if… what if I had taken up running a lot earlier instead of first hitting the gym to put on weight (during college) and then hitting the kitchen to put on more weight (when the first baby arrived) 😁. Always had a strong endurance base from cycling as a teenager but never focused on running. Definitely something I see at good triathletes. A good endurance base can be gained by the right amount and intensity of cycling.

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    thursday: nice and easy 8k on the plan. Went for 10k to catch up on the distance lost on Monday. Coach gave me a kudos so seems like I got away with that 😁.

    friday: surprised how good I feel mentally today. No stress at work. Finally a Friday that went smoothly enough. No time for lunch though which meant early end of the day. No point in stretching it out for too long. If your work is done, it is done. Switch off!

    plan said 16k @ 4:30. Saw a good podcast on Spotify. Some motivational stuff. A compilation of a few people. Not really into that sort of thing but why not giving it ago. So put it on to the watch, earphones on and off we go.

    run itself went smooth enough. Decided against a hilly route and opted for the parkrun loop. Nice gravel and slow surface. A few puddles just to add some fun 🥳🤩.

    podcast. Man that’s some motivational ****. I can see why people listen to that daily and get hyped up.

    the things that I remembered from listening:

    “Life isn’t about success. It is defined by failure and how you get up!”

    “don’t have a fall back option! Fall forward! At least that way you see where you fall on to!”

    “there 3 kinds of people in this world: those who wish for something to happen! Those who watch something happen and those who make it happen!”

    ”most professional athletes don’t enjoy training, the pain and suffering but picture the result. The feeling when you succeed!”

    ”the most selfish thing one can do is to help others! It is selfish as the gratitude is for you. The feeling of having helped someone cannot be replaced by anything!”

    ”it doesn’t matter how rich you are when you die. You cannot bring it with you. The Egyptians have tried and got robbed!”

    ”it is not about how much you have but what you do with what you have!”

    have to say I got so focused on it I even went longer on the run. 17k @ 4:25 in the end and could have gone on if it wasn’t for the podcast to be over. Definitely gonna listen to it again and definitely gonna try it out prior to the next race! 😁

    hill repeats tomorrow! I love those sessions. Looking forward to it!

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,193 ✭✭✭ squinn2912

    I hope the hill repeats went well! How’s your training going since? What events are in your head?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 4,193 ✭✭✭ squinn2912

    I was enjoying your log but you’re right if it’s not adding it’s taking away!

    What is your strava?

    super results by the way!!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 361 ✭✭ babacool

    Right. Let’s get back to it, just to keep track of what’s going on.

    Little recap:

    summer started of great. First finisher at the EOI Howth Marathon in 2:53 on a hot day. Followed by a solid 2nd place at the clonee 10k (beaten by Peter somba isn’t something to be ashamed of 😁. Been a please to “chase” him for the first 200m).

    first finisher at the great grocer 5k (a lovely event and the goodie bag is just amazing 😂).

    from there on it all went downhill. One niggle came up and by trying to get rid of it, made something else worse (something I never had before and therefore didn’t see the warning signs). Did did the mullingar 10m (PB but not really a great performance, that issue gave me more trouble than expected). One more week of running and then boom!! In such pain that I could barely walk without pain.

    of to physio and been told “stress reaction or possible fracture”. Meant no running all august. Bike only. I loved it! Got a well needed rest, physically and mentally. Long story short - thankfully “just” a reaction and muscle issue. Meant I was able to start running again after 4 weeks. Slow but steady build up was the plan but threw that overboard after 4 days. With Dublin so close and not certain if it will be fine or not I decided to take a calculated risk and train hard as if there was never an injury always knowing that if it gets worse again, I stop and take 2 months off.

    plan was now: 8 weeks to DCM. 6 weeks of hard training plus 2 weeks of taper. 1st week I struggled doing a 10k progression run, 2nd week I managed a 2hrs workout followed by a long run just to then race the half in 76min. Not bad considering the lack of running and leg strength not really being there.

    this week then the first of a 4 week block. And what a week!

    Monday - easy running and cycling. 90min in total

    tuesday: 8*3min @ 3:25 (60). Felt tough. Still plenty of lactate in the legs from the weekend. But managed all fine.

    Wednesday: cycling to and from work plus a detour to get the missing pieces to set up the Hometrainer.

    Thursday: 15k easy over 2 runs. Felt very easy.

    friday: no time for a lunch run so decided on 30min on the Hometrainer. Big mistake. Setup a 30min virtual ride thinking it will be easy… I picked a mountain route. Legs felt like jelly afterwards. Evening then 14k @ 4:30. Breathing fine but legs… man… that was tough on a flat route!

    saturday: my favourite session is back (one of them in a tougher way). 10-5-10-5-10-5-10-5min of alternating paces. 3:50/3:40 was the plan (if done on a flat course). Oh and 25min warm up and warm down. 😁 struggled from start to finish. Used the supersonic for this one. What a lovey shoe. Went on a lumpy loop. Plenty of up and down. Never really any rest. Had to go by effort rather than pace on this one as otherwise would have blown up. Wanted to quit 5k in but got it down and did 28k in total.

    sunday: plan was 32-34k @4:30 (if done on flat). Managed 30.5k @ 4:40 and done on anything but flat 😁. Really struggled on this one. One of those days where you would have needed company to somewhat enjoy it. So happy when it was over. Sure I could have done the last 1-2k but that would have been more of a struggle and not really adding any benefit.

    Total workout out time this week: 12hrs (running and cycling). Not logged: 5-10min leg workouts per day & 20-25min pool time per day.

    3 weeks left before taper (still taking it day by day, run by run and not certain if I do Dublin or not).

    plan for next week: 13-14hrs running + cycling

    Monday: 12k easy lunch / 30min cycling evening

    Tuesday: 15min up @ 20*1min @ 3:20 (60) @ 3:50 15min down (subject to change)/ 30min cycling evening

    Wednesday: cycle to/from work

    Thursday: 14k easy

    Friday: 17k @ 4:30

    Saturday: 25min up - 3*(5-4-3-2-1min @ 3:30) (90/240) @ 4:15-4:30 25min down

    Sunday: 34-36k @ 4:40 (at least 2:45hrs time on feet)

  • Registered Users Posts: 361 ✭✭ babacool

    Little eye opener this week. Started out decent on Monday. A bit stiff from the weekend but ok ish. First run was fine but then in the evening put too much pressure on myself as in "i have to get out and do more mileage. I need that to build up endurance and leg strength as i feel weak right now." so i went out again for 5k in stead of the planned cycle. Big mistake. Legs tired and heavy and aching. Body not rested enough at all.

    Coming tuesday then it turned a bit into a **** show. Knew from the moment I woke up "this isn't a running day". didn't feel it all morning so was more dreading it than looking forward to the session. Debated with myself "should i just skip it or do an easy run or just i don't know..go for it". So in the end decided to go for it. Watch set up and off we go. Warm up felt tough already. Legs just didnt want to move. Countdown started after 15min and the moment it went "beep" i sprinted of as hard as i could. Looked at the watch 3:45 pace (target was 3:15). Tried to push harder and i felt like i am flying (effort wise)...looked at the watch 3:42 pace... fook... this is going to be a struggle!!! first rep over and recovery went ok. Was able to hold the planned 4:10 pace without any issue. Beep it went and off we go again. Worked as hard as I could, looked at watch 3:35 pace... erm... whats going on? Rep over, holding pace for the recovery section felt a bit of a struggle.. beep again... worked as hard as I could... 3:35 when looking at the watch... fook this I said to myself. I am not going to do 17 more reps like that... so decided to switch to a tempo run instead and a bit of strides at the end. Overall i was more than happy when this session was over. (for those interested session in the end: 15min @ 4:45, 6min alternating (3:38/ 4:05/ 3:40/ 4:09/ 3:32/ 4:19), 8k @ 3:46, 3*45sec (3:17/ 3:29/ 3:05) with 45sec rest (4:24/ 4:19), 16min warm down (4:50 pace).

    Felt that all day. legs really gone, mind starting to wonder "what are you doing". Only then i remembered "at this stage of the training circle, legs arent made for such sessions. stop being an idiot and try to force pace into them. Benefit - marginal. Risk of a bigger injury - high". So i decided to alter the plan... wednesday still not really recovered (more mentally than physically) so didnt cycle for 2hrs but did a nice 6k recovery jog instead. Which was a smart choice as thursday felt a lot better already and manged 2 runs: Lunch 12.6k @ 4:38 and evening 7k @ 4:35. Kept doing strength work again. Makes the legs tired but strong.

    Also chatted to a wise man (i think most of us know who I am referring to) and he gave me good advice: better to do DCM at 70% and have it as a strong base than trying to force it to reach 90-95% but may get injured in the process. It just aint worth it. (not the exact words but thats what I remembered :D). And it makes sense. I pushed the body a lot over the past 2-3 weeks to get back into shape. And although it was good and it has helped I now need to be careful to not throw away everything. Means I no longer try to still go for sub 2:30 in DCM but be happy with a decent sub2:39. Also means the training will now focus purely on that goal and sessions will be a lot less aggressive and volume will not go crazy!

    With that said... Weekend will now be a nice 4*(5-1k) on Saturday (3:50 pace for 5k and 4:30 for 1k) and sunday not a 34k long run but 20k (maybe a double) recovery run. Lets see how that goes :)

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    Road to Dublin 2022 so far:

    Week 1:

    Monday: 6k easy

    Tuesday: 8*3min @ 3:45 (120)

    Wednesday: Rest

    Thursday: 14k easy

    Friday: 7.5k easy

    Saturday: 3*8min - 4*5min - 5*2min (120) (4:05/ 3:55/ 3:45)

    Sunday: 30k @ 4:25

    Total Mileage Running: 100km

    Weekly time on Bike: 3hrs


    Week 2:

    Monday: 8.5k easy

    Tuesday: 7*4min @ 3:35-3:40 (90)

    Wednesday: Rest

    Thursday: 6k easy

    Friday: 6k easy

    Saturday: Half Marathon (1:16:34)

    Sunday: 24k @ 4:35

    Total Mileage Running: 88km

    Weekly time on Bike: 2hrs


    Week 3:

    Monday: 10.5k easy

    Tuesday: 8*3min @ 3:25-3:30 (60)

    Wednesday: Rest

    Thursday: Double Day 6k / 9k easy

    Friday: 14k easy

    Saturday: 25min up 4*(10-5min (3:50/3:40)) 25min down

    Sunday: Double day 30k @ 4:40 / 7k very easy

    Total Mileage Running: 120km

    Weekly time on Bike: 3.5hrs


    Week 4:

    Monday: Double Day: 10k / 5.5k easy

    Tuesday: 15min up 3 * 1min on/off – 8k @ 3:45 – 3*45sec on/off – 15min down

    Wednesday: 6k easy

    Thursday: Double Day: 12.5k / 7k easy

    Friday: 10k easy

    Saturday: 3k up – 4*(5-1k) @ 3:50/4:30 – 3k down

    Sunday: 20k steady (4:11 pace, done by feel not by pace)

    Total Mileage Running: 120km

    Weekly time on Bike: 0.5hrs

    Weekend went well. Very well. Perhaps even too well, so well that I wondered "did i got the pace right? Should I have pushed harder on Saturday?" I mean legs were tired at the end but overall session went very well and much better than expected. Thought I would struggle holding a 3:50 pace and would be happy with 3:55, especially since I decided to pick a hilly route (total elevation 233m over 30km distance).

    Really surprised when the splits came out as: 3:47/ 3:46 / 3:47 / 3:47. Also I really had to force myself to go slow during the 1ks. Definitely been the right choice to change the plan. And the shoes...not sure what else is there to say about the shoes. Such amazing runners and I would even go as far as saying "there aren't many carbon plate supershoes out there that can compete with this non carbon plate shoe over a 5k - 10k race distance". Granted the shoe didn't help running fast downhill but on the flat and especially inclines, the push you get from the responsive foam is brilliant. Felt very easy. Now what I did notice, the slower I went (warm down) the less I liked it. So definitely not a day to day runner. I go as far as "if i would run in small circles i would bring a second pair of runners for the warm down". Other than that... love the shoe and hope hoka continues that line up in that way (i doubt it though).

    Sunday was what really surprised me and made me question if I pushed hard enough or not. Expected to have a lot more fatigue in the legs and would struggle going for a run. Expected to see something like 4:30-4:40 but not 4:11. That also included holding back at some part of the run as the watch read 3:50 (would have been too fast for the whole distance and potential risk of injury) without feeling it. Definitely a good sign.

    Let's see what Week 5 brings and how I will feel by the end of it. The coming two weeks will more or less determine the target pace for Dublin. Plan for now is:

    Week 5:

    Monday: 13k easy

    Tuesday: 20min up – 4*(4-3-2-1min @ 3:30-3:35) (75/180) – 20min down

    Wednesday: 14k easy

    Thursday: 14k easy

    Friday: 12k easy

    Saturday: 3k up – 2*1mile @ 3:30 (180) – 10*1mile alternating pace (3:40/4:30) – 2*1mile @ 3:30 (180) – 3k down

    Sunday: 20k easy to steady

    Total Mileage Running: 120-130km???

    Weekly time on Bike: TBC

    Oh and I got a new pair of shoes for DCM. Can't wait to test them at Week 7s "long run" :)

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    Midweek entry. Bit of an up and down so far. Glute and leg slightly back on to me since late last week. Means a bit more focus again on strength work which also means legs are a bit more tired for workouts. Easy run Monday and Tuesday. No issue relay. Easy slogs but no real mood to go beyond 12k. Even considered keeping them as short as 2k (didn’t though). Found it almost a chore to get them done.

    Wednesdays session (3*2miles @ 3:30 (300)) I was looking forward to especially since Saturday went so well. Looked at 2019 and noticed that I didn’t struggle at all at that session. On the contrary I went faster than planned. So here I was - high hopes to nail it, enjoy it and get a really good idea on where I am with regards to DCM. How wrong I’d been. Got up in the morning and legs weren’t there. Walking up and down the stairs felt like a struggle already as legs were just tired and heavy.

    thankfully I took a day off work so a bit less pressure on getting out at a certain time. Meant I could wait a bit longer and see if somehow the legs wake up. They didn’t really so I decided to not even attempt hitting the pace but rather go by form and effort. Programmed the workout on the app, synced to the watch, got ready and out.

    warm up went as expected. A bit of a struggle but ok. Workout started and off we go. Few seconds in, looked at watch, pace was ok (3:40 or so) on a slight uphill section with wonky gps. Can’t really remember any run where I went below 3:35 pace on that section regardless of how much I pushed. So happy out. A bit further on looked at watch again just to get a feel on what’s left for the first rep and it said “600m”. Confused me and got me out of the rhythm as I knew I hadn’t don’t 2.6km yet. So whilst continuing to run i cancelled the workout (stupidly thinking it would continue with the lap, it didn’t). Lap got reset so I lost complete sense of what I had done now and what’s left. Spent a few seconds to calculate “I’m on that time now, did x minutes for warm up, think I had been on y pace so far so overall if I run for a further z minutes at x pace I should be done with 2miles”. Surprisingly almost got it right. 1.13km+2.06km=3.19km. Not bad 😁. From there on, no more watch telling me too fast/too slow. Meant I could focus a bit more on effort and not get distracted. Same time spent a lot of time looking at the watch. Not sure what’s worth. Also for some reason I thought 2miles = 3.32km. I knew it’s 3.22 but during the 2nd rep I was convinced the rep was over at 3.32km. So what I was short the first rep I added on the second (and a bit). Last rep 3.22km. I’m not that stupid that I do the same mistake twice 😁. So I completed the reps in: 11:33min/ 12:02min/ 11:40. Sure not even close to target pace but as said, went by effort and couldn’t have gone any faster even if I had tried. Breathing wasn’t there. Very humid.

    legs fine during warm down and rest of the day. Felt like I didn’t do a session at all, yet doubts about Saturday started to creep up.

    “I struggled running 3:35-3:40 for a mile, how on earth will I manage 24km at 3:45? Ain’t gonna happen.”

    But that’s a story for another day….

    For now, I doubt I will break in the racing shoes on Saturday. Probably gonna use my standard workout shoes just so I have an(other) excuse for not performing. 😁

    i just don’t care at this stage. I enjoy being able to train but I can’t see myself really performing in 2.5 weeks time. No clue where I am at, what to aim for etc.

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    Midweek thoughts. Taper mode? Not really. At least still don’t feel it. Motivation is currently low. For some reason I am not really looking forward to it.

    do I think I can run a sub3? Hell ya… don’t need taper for that.

    Do I think I can run a sub2:50? Sure… if I’m not sick or get an injury… should be a no brainer and not really a challenge.

    do I think I can run a sub2:40? I would hope so. After all, if I’m not even in PB shape, what’s the point in even starting?

    do I think I can a sub2:35 or even faster? No! I have the leg stength in general, I have a good endurance base but I do think I’m lacking something. Just don’t know what it is. At this I believe the race will come 2-3 weeks too early. Im in shape to run a great half. Doing the Dublin half now or next week and anything slower than 73min would be a massive disappointment. Yet I don’t think I (currently) have the motivation to run a hard, all out, flat marathon. I seriously wish the weather is going to be sooo aweful that it won’t be about time. Writing this right now makes me wonder if that’s it! This “pressure” or “expectation” to smash it and run fast. Run a PB that’s currently holding me back?! (Well that and still going day by day running not being 100% fit. The leg still giving me trouble that one just can’t really enjoy it). Did I put that on to myself? Is it my own fault? Certainly… I put out the goal of sub2:27 for this year and I know I would have been there if it wasn’t for august. I am a competitive person who will always reach for the stars… no point not doing it. And yes the next big goal is already set and communicated but for now, times don’t really matter to me.

    think I mentioned that to the coach earlier this year. I might just continue running marathons that aren’t about time (for a while). Marathons that will definitely not give you a PB. Fight for a win, race it hard but not really focusing on time. Think that plays a big part right now.

    anyways, Monday and Tuesday easy runs. 10k each. And each felt like never ending. Always wanted to stop after 2-3k and just call it a day. Wednesday took a half day. Last big session ahead of me and didn’t fancy doing it after work, as that would have meant impact on the family. Not fair on them, especially since I knew I won’t even enjoy it.

    session: 2.5k warm up 8k @3:45 10min @ 4:30 8k @ 3:45 - warm down.

    remembered (thanks strava) how much I struggled doing that in 2019. So knew it won’t be fun and I just needed to get it done. Surprisingly hitting the pace itself each rep felt easy enough. Both finished at 3:46 avg despite the bit of wind and rain. Overall I should be pleased (effort around 5-6 out of 10) with that but I’m not. Mentioned that on strava… hated every second of it. Head cold coming (feeling it even more today) and sort of fell asleep during warm down. Really struggled keeping them open. got home, shower (laughing at the dog that sat on the bed worrying about thunder, lightning, wind, rain, leaves etc… she is such a scared dog… ), on the couch and really cold. 21degrees in the house and I was freezing. Reminded me of February, the run up to donadea. Just this time around it wasn’t down to underfueling.

    9k today… dressed as if it was 0 degrees out there. So sweating a lot, which I may need to get rid of this head cold asap. Let’s see how the next few days go and if / when the taper blues will kick in. For now Im low in motivation and sort of looking forward to not running for a while. (Saying that now but probably won’t last 10 days without it after Dublin).

    pacing and race strategy for Dublin, I wonder if I should go and try the pace pro feature from Garmin and just go by those splits

    I mean it does sound reasonable enough to me yet I am not certain. I wonder if the watch would constantly beep when not on pace? What happens if I manually autolap just to also have splits every 5k? Would that distract me? Can’t really test it either as that is based on the 2019 run and hence the watch would probably want me to run that route in order to test it or else just throw out “you are off course”. Ah well..: still a few days left to decide.