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How often are HAP limits increased?

  • 09-02-2022 8:52pm
    Registered Users Posts: 11,569 ✭✭✭✭ DrPhilG

    Donegal has just been announced as having the highest rental increases in the country. Partly due to lack of social housing driving up demand, and partly because half the county is looking for rental property because Mica is tearing their own houses down.

    Yet despite the bump in rental costs and lack of social housing, HAP levels have remained the same.

    I know a family renting privately in a house that's costing €600 a month. HAP covers €470 and they pay €130.

    If the landlord decides to bump the rent by 20% (which he/she could since its not a rent control zone yet) then their personal contribution to the rent would double.

    Shouldn't HAP allowances be reviewed to reflect the cost of private rents?


  • Posts: 0 Otto Vast Geese

    In fairness, €130 a month is less than what some people are paying weekly for a single box room in some parts of the country.

    I can't see there being much support for an increase in HAP payments.

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    What I think they’re saying are the limits. Like a single person in cork for example can only rent a place that’s €550 or less a month (assuming living alone not a house share) but I dare say apartments for rent are far more than €550 a month in Cork. Or Dublin City €660..

  • Posts: 0 Otto Vast Geese

    I thought that rule only applied to the old rent supplement where people were topping up the rent into the landlord's hand under the table?

    I was under the impression that HAP stopped that from happening, because you could rent somewhere more expensive but pay the rest yourself. Maybe I'm mistaken.

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    I think the council are more open to it but technically it’s their discretion.

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  • Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 32,273 Mod ✭✭✭✭ The_Conductor

    The lack of rental accommodation- is not to do with Mica- rental accommodation in Ireland is at a 30 year low. It doesn't matter what county you're in- rental accommodation is exceptionally scarce. Its not to do with HAP either- supply is unavailable- period. Until such time as government policy moves in a different direction- the supplyside issues are not going to ease.

    Don't bother pointing at Dublin- how would you feel about trying to accommodate a family of 4 with young children in an apartment of 750 square feet?

    The analogy of a Ugandan village referred to earlier in this post is apt- and the supply side constraints are nothing whatsoever to do with HAP- increasing HAP limits in Donegal (in particular) would simply establish a new elevated floor for minimum rents in the county- nothing more, nothing less- with wouldn't do jot for making it easier for you to find somewhere to rent.