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Bloody sunday


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    "The Cork Examiner of all places"

    Blast from the past there. It hasn't been called that since 1996 and has had two name changes since. Also, in comparison to the INM stable of papers it's got great politics coverage without any obvious political leanings (as far as I can make out anyway).

    That aside, yes that was an excellent article.

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    Completly off topic,but their GAA coverage on a monday is brilliant and anthony daly exudes enthusiam on his podcast aswell

    Would today,be the first day there was representation from government here at a bloody sunday rally??

    Unbelievable if it took 50 years

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    Excellent article in the Examiner. Hard to believe that this happened 50 years ago - ie in our time, and there is still no justice for those families.

    The excuses and apologists still continue to this day.

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    There's no political currency for some parties in speaking up for the victims of the British. Good to read MM say he doesn't agree with the amnesty anyway.

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    I see photos of Michael Martin and Coveney laying wreaths but there's no sign of Michael D. It looks like he couldn't be bothered to turn up for that, so much for being a president for all the people of Ireland. is the webpage archive. Search for saved snapshots.

  • That's interesting that Michael D wasn't there. It was one of the most significant events of the 20th Century history of Ireland. Arguably the catalyst for 20+ years of violence that followed. We should never forget that day.

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    I don't know why he wasn't physically there but he addressed the people in a speech about it

    Quotes from it:

    "The 30th of January 1972 will live on in our collective memory, as will your efforts of vindication of the truth.

    "We honour the morality of that memory today. We honour the men who died. And we continue to honour them into the future by our continued commitment to the rights that were won at such great cost.

    "We do so best by protecting these rights won, and sustaining the principled and inclusive peace that we have built together.

    "Let us all celebrate that, in transcending all the darkness and the wrongs, the exclusions, today Derry stands as a beacon of hope and justice, of battling and succeeding against the odds, a peace and a people with an inclusive achievement of dignified and respectful ethical remembering."

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    U2 cashing in on this,now thats its politically expident to do so

    For years and years,rte wouldnt even cover the annual bloody sunday protest and U2 denied,the song was even related to it....such a bunch of irredemable chancers,looking what way wind is blowing,before showing their hand

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    To be fair to EL Pres, he had a Holocaust memorial to attend, so he was caught between a rock and a hard place.

    He would have been slagged off for whichever he had missed.