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Dublin city - extending planning permission time

  • 18-01-2022 10:59pm
    Registered Users Posts: 9 xelion

    Hi folks,

    I'm in the process of acquiring a site in Dublin city that has planning permission approved until November 2023 (was initially granted in October 2018). I was wondering how difficult and what potential obstacles there are for having to apply to extend the permission and typically what period of time would the council extend it for? Is a change in site ownership taken into account when reviewing this?



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    Standard application process and small fee.

    you can cite financial restrictions and you must give a timeframe for when you wish to commence.

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    i recently applied for an extension of time citing Covid and financial strains and to my suprise was refused. Reply from council below.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am directed by the Assistant City Manager to inform you that your application for an extension of the

    duration of the above permission is hereby refused for the following reason(s):

    1. Following the deletion of Section 42(1)(a)(ii) of the Planning and Development Acts 2000 (as amended) under the Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016 (Section 28(1)) (Commencement) Order 2021,dated 9th September 2021,as development has not commenced and substantial works have not been carried out,the proposed development does not meet the criteria under which an extension in the duration of the permission can be granted.

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    The planning extension was brought out during the financial crisis, they may deem that over now. So use it or loose it I suppose.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 43 doug82

    Yes, the changes to legislation that came into effect in September 21 will make extensions of time more difficult. Where previously there was a mechanism to argue for a time extension due to commercial, economic or technical reasons, under current law it can only be granted where “substantial works” have been carried out on foot of the permission. There is no definition of substantial works. Some authorities require the walls to be constructed, but it all depends on the scale of the permitted development.

    To answer your other queries the application takes 8 weeks to decide and further information can be sought at that time. The application is simple - provided of course that substantial works can be demonstrated. Change of ownership has no bearing on the matter whatsoever