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    Any of you guys end up lashing one of these into a cab? If so, how'd it go? Much setup involved?

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    Nope, mine lives as an Amiga, have played some of the arcade cores alright and seem decent.

    One guy did ping a while ago he was using one of my old jammacon boards with the Mister for video & audio amplification and a ipac type USB controller interface, said it worked great. But there are bound to be Mister specific Jamma adapters on the market by now.

    I know some people have complained that the screen is inverted on some cores with no to flip it.. I guess it depends on whether your CRT is rotated to the left or right.

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    The Jamma board is available on it own as well but still way overpriced.

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    I picked up an Irken Labs Jamma Expander a few months back. For arcade cores, it's very nearly a setup, then plug and play solution. For console/computer cores, he has an allowance to configure and save controls which requires little effort.

    Fantastic bit of kit and I believe he will have more for order shortly. There are some shortcomings but it's brand new and hasn't even gotten it's first firmware update yet.

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    Good stuff, thanks guys!

    So basically I just need to set up MiSTer on a DE10-Nano and connect it to one of these Jamma IO boards?

    Looks to be an interesting project.

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    At least for the Irken Labs one, you setup the DE10 per their guide, after that you can leave it alone. Most games map controls correctly, start and coin work as normal. Mister menu can be directly operated from the arcade controls through shortcuts (UP+START). Few more options via on board buttons and a small OLED.

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    Theres this as well : (expect brexit tax)

    And the Mistercade , expect shipping from murica

    I assume you can just use a Jpac?

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    I've been following the development of the multisystem on RMC and it looks very interesting, quite a polished piece of kit

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    There is also

    Which initially seemed like it would never happen but is about to release.

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    Just when I decide to build one of these the DE10 nano looks to be out of stock worldwide :(

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    8 week lead time with Digikey although I’d not be surprised if this is extended

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    Yea, I thought I might get one in the states as my sister lives there but nothing over there either

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    So, money-wise, what is it going to cost me to get one of these installed in my cab?

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    You'll need

    The Terasic DE10-nano which is €155 on (Not in stock).

    128mb ram needed for cps2 and some other cores, you wouldn't do without in an arcade €40-50

    The Jamma Board/extender is about €150-175 depending on which one you go for, there seems to be 2 or 3 available or at least in development at the moment

    So you are probably talking €375ish all in

    I get that they can't have a flashy FE as there is no GPU but someone got to create a nicer basic linux UI menu system

    I really like the look of the Jammix board


    *no idea if you can still embed youtube videos

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    I reckon this is the best MiSTer to JAMMA solution, but they're $200. I managed to snag one a few days ago but it's gonna take WEEKS to get here. I'm hedging my bets and considering getting an IrkenLabs Jamma Expander too.

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    As an alternative, could you use the analogue out on the Mister and pair it with a JPAC? How do the likes of the Mistercade differ from using a *PAC device, is it less signal processing or something?

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    Yeah, that's my current setup and it works pretty well.

    You also need to do something about amplifying audio and putting that into the JPAC so I got a few amp boards, but them into mono mode and wired it all up.

    There's a few issues though, namely getting 5V into the MiSter from the arcade PSU when I'm not sure how stable said 5V is and the audio amps I've tried so far are all a bit crap.

    The advantages of MiSTerCade are low latency USB polling, lots of custom config for arcade games, the fact that it uses the 12V PSU rail for everything and makes sure nothing will kill your DE-10 Nano, better audio amplification etc.

    Also, for analogue video out into the JPAC you need either the analogue board, or direct video with a HDMI to VGA adapter. It's all just less elegant than one expansion board.

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    The Mistercade is most likely the 'better' IO option due to it's functionality but the Irken board prioritizes simplicity with an emphasis on arcade codes only. It's as close to a plug and play solution you're going to get and outside of a few examples, you never need to configure controls. Unfortunately, you still get stung with customs as it's got to come from Norway.

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    Yeah none of these options are without shipping or customs issues.

    Unless something like this ?



    This adapter brings jamma adapter to fit inside an arcade cabinet. Includes 60W audio amplifier (TDA7377). It’s compatible with MiSTer, PC and πCRT. Just connecting VGA and one cable to a USB port. In case of PC (or official MiSTer) you need to connect also a jack cable for audio and a gender changer to use a VGA cable.

    It’s based on Atmega32u4 board. It allows 2 player from a single USB connection with low lag (0.74ms). The firmware can be upgraded from this repository.

    This adapter has stereo amplifier with volume control to drive directly the speakers of your cabinet. It also has CPS2 kick harness

    If you want better video (RGB888) and sound (PCM5122) experience I recommend use with my MiSTers.


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    My MisterCade is now installed in my cabinet. Best part about it is that there's a GitHub repo full of configuration for inputs and stuff.

    And just before I did, I got the display calibration (mostly) sorted. Need to pull the cabinet out to access controls on the flyback to do any better.

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    I picked up a multisystem from rmc I ordered the full kit

    Customs was €112

    The kit had the 3d printed case multi system board de10 200gb sd card psu HDMI & scart cable

    So far Ive only put it together ill have to wait until Christmas day to try it out

    Build quality is excellent and it looks great

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    Same - been really loving it

    I'd say to plug it in and run the update script then get the update_all script so you have the majority of downloading done.

    Also - RMC has a discord server if you have any questions or problems with it

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    I was looking online there and found a spanish site selling mister for 375 ex vat. Then you need a jamma interface. Looking like close to 600 for this with vat and delivery.

    I'd love to compare my set up to a mister to see what all the fuss is about if it was around the 300 euro mark but 600 is too much - any links for deals?

    All my cabs are running a combination of groovymame with jpac/jvspac or darksoft multi kits. Cost for a powerful groovymame setup is around 300 all in for high spec PC (i7/Ryzen, 16GB AM, SSD, and R9 ATI card) that runs everything.

    Groovymame is not at all trivial to setup whereas mister appears to be a piece of cake with the automated scripts (a bit dodgy they way the script fetches the game files though...). I'm thinking mister is gaining traction in the arcade scene because of the ease of set up but groovymame is the better option if you know how to set it up?

    It would be interesting to compare them but search on youtube for "Mister groovemame" has no results? That amazes me. Do people just not know about Groovymame?

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    This dude switched to a Mister from GroovyMame.

    You could reuse the JPac and stuff with Mister. You’d need the SDRAM expansion and some sort of analogue out as well as the DE-10 Nano. Does that cost €350 now?!?

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    Finding somewhere with stock of the DE-10 is more the problem. 450e seems to be the going rate with a 128mb ram expansion, usb hub and a analogue/IO expansion card.

    80s Synth Pop - what was that Spanish site you found?

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    This was the site I found yesterday when trying to buy one:

    Ultimate MiSTer PRO BlisSTer Edition

    – Official MiSTer I/O Board XL 6.1 – Official Memory Module XS-D 128MB SDRAM (NeoGeo, System 16 and CPS compatible) – Low Latency BlisSter rev.2 Hub Board with flash firmware (che…

    thanks for that link colonel panic. His photo is an ancient pc and graphics card alright and mister looks like a good upgrade. I personally wouldn't be fussed about it being neater as it's in a cab.

    Id agree with the comments in that thread about groovymame being far more advanced/difficult to set up and that probably means far less people have tried it.

    Would love to see someone do a comparison with mister, groovymame and real pcbs for lag and emulation quality. like the my life in gaming guys or digital foundry.

    Hopefully they come down in price and ill pick one up to see for myself. Would put it in one of the vertical jamma cabs to replace the scrappy vertipi setup as it seems to fit that market space for jamma cabs.

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    A heads up to those interested in the Jamma Expander - They'll be on sale again soon for around €170 + shipping + import duty.