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2021 In Between Grand Slam Thread



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    Djokovic is really going next-level with his volleying lately, especially given the supposed lack of variety in his game in that respect.

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    Oh I agree but the year end number one ranking already in the bag and he has already broken the weeks at number one record. I would think at this point it’s the big titles that motivate him. Surely it will be near impossible to keep the number one ranking through 2022. He should hold it for a while but he has a lot of points to defend at grand slams etc.

    I just think it’s impressive to be show such focus in a dead rubber match, shows what a professional he is, takes every match seriously etc

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    Has it been confirmed if Djokovic has or has not been vaccinated? Regarding Djokovic's diet, oxygen chamber etc, all these were him looking for marginal gains, to either get to the top or stay there, they were done by choice to improve his overall game. The vaccine on the other hand in relation to AO isn't a choice, it's also something that's not going to give him any marginal gain and as he probably sees it a slight risk of an adverse reaction which could lead to his level dropping and at his age that could be difficult to recover from.

    He's already had Covid so probably happy to take the risk ( if he's not vaccinated). What's the situation if a player tests positive now, but, has recovered in time for the AO are they allowed to play or do they still need to get vaccinated?

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    I think that extending the weeks record for as long as possible and the kudos of remaining number 1 is still huge for him

    because of the fact that Djokovic now plays so few tournaments, whenever he loses the no.1 ranking that's it for him as far as the world number 1 ranking goes most likely

    400 weeks would be a nice round number!

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 7,456 Mod ✭✭✭✭yerwanthere123

    He's refusing to confirm whether he is or not, "it's a private matter" apparently, so I think one can reasonably conclude that he isn't. Just remains to be seen whether he'll relent, because the clock is ticking.

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    I think Djokovic is the type that won't back down here or be pushed into doing something he' doesn't want to do. I think if it came to it he'd be prepared to skip AO if it comes to it, on the other hand he could also very well surprise everyone and say he's been vaccinated for a while, but, wanted to keep it private, we'll all find out in time anyway.

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    I completely back vaccines and without them the current situation would be worse and more restrictive but I can see where in Djokovic's individual case where he's coming from (but don't agree with his vaccine stance even though he's not a militant anti-vaxxer idiot looking for publicity on the issue)

    He has already had Covid with apparently no ill effects either at the time of infection or long-term so has some natural immunity and is not likely to experience bad ill-effects if re-infected

    Now it just remains to be seen what decision that he's going to take on the vaccine

    If he really cares about his final number of slams it would be silly to miss the AO

    I wonder also where the overall apparent significant unvaccinated proportion of the ATP (35% quoted) lies and whether many possible entrants will miss out on going in the end - for lower-ranked players, even the first round of a slam or two can help fund a significant part of a year of tennis expenses

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    It'll be interesting to see what happens, the Australian Open won't short on drama that's for sure. Whatever way he wants to spin it, if he does refuse to get vaccinated in a global pandemic it won't play well. Would also be interesting to see if there would be any sponsorship implications, although that obviously wouldn't matter for someone of his wealth. As you say though, maybe he's already vaccinated but doesn't want to admit it.

    I can also foresee a lot of unforeseen 'injury' withdrawals from players who don't want the jab.

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    Djokovic is far from the only player, about 40% of the players have not taken it, quite a number in mens top 20 apparently. For all we know Djokovic is already vaccinated

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    Even goody two-shoes types like Thiem were vaccine holdouts until very recently so who knows who is in question and who is not

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    Medved disposes of Ruud easily as I expected in straight sets (1 break set one, 2 breaks set two)

    Ruud didn't even create one break-point in the match

    Didn't bother watching it

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    Compelling first set there that Zverev takes

    Key momentum shift in the breaker around a contested line call that would have been a point for Djokovic but reversed, 2nd serve that went DF

    Then a netcord on a drop shot gave Zverev an easy put away.

    An hour alone on that set

    Going to be a long way for Djokovic if at all

    Djokovic had 2 break points for the set but Zverev was able to serve his way out of trouble

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    Djokovic breaks Zverev - can he serve out the second set

    Only the second time Zverev has lost a service game this week

    Zverev looked for a while during the early part of that second set that he might push ahead

    But Djokovic just getting over the line on his service game there to push it to a third

    AC for Amazon is appreciating the level of tennis again - though not quite as good as the Bercy final

    It's still in the balance here

    Djokovic probably favourite now but not a done deal

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    Very loose game from Djokovic there and he's broken

    Way too many errors (4) from him for one game - bit of gift for Zverev

    Is that going to be it...?

    Two break points for Djokovic but he can't take them

    Between that and the errors in the other game - not Djokovic at his best at all in this third set

    One service game away from the final (if he can't break Djokovic)

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    Zverev takes him out

    Bad loose game and inability to convert break points in the third set did the damage

    First set tiebreaker had those two consecutive momentum moments also

    7-4 in the H2H now, still in Djokovic's favour

    Djokovic losing a lot of the longer points in the match to Zverev, rushing thing at times and Zverev didn't have the usual wobble and served well

    Instead Djokovic wobbled in that service game and so Zverev deserved to win

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    Well done to Zverev, he played really well throughout. Brilliant season for Djokovic regardless.

    hopefully a good final tomorrow

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,980 ✭✭✭Slashermcguirk

    Great win for Zverev, well deserved title. I think Turin looks a great venue. I went to the atp finals at the 02 in London and wasnt mad about it, much prefer the look of this Turin venue. The court is quicker and the crowd feel closer to the action. I think it's great that its moved to Italy. Would love to head over some time, better than rip off London any day.

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    On the ATP there is currently a consistent Top 3 now who are going to be contending for the hard-court tournaments anyways (Djokovic won't turn up for some Masters from now on probably as this year) which makes up most of the top tournaments between the slams, ATP Finals and Masters 1000. Djokovic not favourite on best of 3 hard courts anymore - losing the long rallies against Zverev and Medved. AO not sure if Djokovic would be a clear favourite. You'd expect him to take Wimbledon barring injury or rapid decline, hopefully for Fed's sake not meeting him in the draw.

    Tsits has to get back into shape to contend. He has gone backwards in the second half of this year. Him and Ruud should be good on clay.

    Berrettini has a limited backhand so will be going the way of a Roddick with a lesser serve (who had a dire backhand which he was either too lazy to develop or couldn't and that was an obvious target) unless that improves but will still do ok at Wimbledon along with Shapo (if he can get his **** together). He's also too slow movement-wise and that can't really be changed.

    Hurk not up to too much really - don't see him in the Top 10 by the end of next year. Can count himself a little fortunate to take Miami without facing Medved or Zverev.

    Sinner can he develop more this year? He's a great technical striker of the ball and can return a big serve but needs to work on a bit more variety imo.

    Can Alacaraz push for Top 10 by the end of 2022? - let's see. Serve placement and power will be worked on over the break for sure.

    Rublev - too inconsistent?

    FAA - need to close out a final somewhere - even a 250.

    Remains to be seen how Thiem and Nadal return.

    Mussetti a possible improver but was feeble this year since quitting against Djokovic in Paris.

    Brooksby was a bolter over the Summer and the US Open but needs to show more in 2022 to be a real prospect.

    Murray? Probably setting his sights too high for reality imo. There will be more shouting that's all I know.

    Norrie - ugly game, sometimes effective. Meh, not top-tier.

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    Tsitsipas needs elbow surgery, will likely be out for a few months. Can be a complicated injury to heal so hope all goes well.

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    He might take the time to contemplate looking for the services of a top class coach. I don’t think his Dad can bring him much further. He seems to be stagnating to me.

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,205 ✭✭✭✭Furze99

    Ask why though? Obvious answer is adapting his game to avoid the long attritional baseline rallies and wants to shorten the points..... why... wear & tear.

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    Djokovic is getting older shocker 🤣

    The lad has won 3 of 4 slams this year and just won the Paris Masters, was very narrowly beaten here at the ATP Finals (if you had actually seen the match yesterday it could have very easily been Djokovic in 2 sets) by the eventual winner who easily beat Medved today and you argued that he (Djokovic) should quit and sell his racquets on ebay.

    You really don't have much credibility in the bank after coming out with that.

    Medved and Zverev are now quality developed players with hugely effective serves - but Djokovic still currently leads them as world No. 1

    The fact that Djokovic has been able to actually adapt his game to such a high-quality level of volleying is what is the stand-out point.

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    Delighted for Zverev, just needs to get over the line at slam level. Might be the longer format in slams, but, still a bit flaky at the slams, but, has improved greatly and become more consistent and reliable over the last year or so. Really has no excuse now not to win a slam, only thing holding him back is between the two ears. 2022 should be interesting

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    Good couple of wins in a row for Zverev. Djokovic didn't do a whole lot wrong in that semi  - a few loose points in a row in one service game did for him. I didn't see the final but seems like Zverez was fairly comfortable form the score

    Djokovic still the favourite for the next few slams but his margin for error against the guys directly below him is very slim and getting slimmer. 

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    .... 2024 - Oh I was right :)

    Djokovic will be around in Tennis until the next Olympics unless he suffers some career-ending injury.

    Then he will be a coach at some point as he has already said and he will be in huge demand there no doubt.

    He is not going to be winning everything and nor should he expected to be - that's just completely unrealistic when there are other very capable players around and more on the way up (e.g. Alcaraz, Sinner)

    His main aim is the male slams number record now and secondarily the outright number for male or female

    once he loses the world number 1 position he won't get it back due to the very low number of tournaments that he will be playing (is already only playing - he only played 9 "real" big point-ranking tournaments this year besides local Belgrade appearances, the ATP Cup and a doubles grass warm-up so finishing YE No.1 in that context is actually crazy. Medved had nearer double the amount of big tournaments)

    I expect him to be very competitive at Wimbledon at the very least for the next 3 years and come close or win in another 2 slam events (AO or US Open, maybe even RG) - say 3 slams minimum

    So I would say that he will get to 23 at least

    Who knows how Nadal will return and there are competitors there on clay now (Thiem if he comes back well, Tsits (but injury), Djokovic himself) and progressing also (e.g. Ruud)

    Of course age has an effect and Djokovic - nobody can deny that but unless he gets a big injury he's not going anywhere for the next few years

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    Well this should put an end to the rubbish both in terms of long breaks and excessive focus on them, on the ATP ->

    Players on the ATP Tour will be limited to bathroom breaks of no more than three minutes from the start of next season.

    The clock will start when a player reaches the bathroom, with time violations enforced if individuals take too long.

    Players will be allowed one bathroom break per match, which can only be taken at the end of a set.

    An additional two minute break will be allowed to change clothing.

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    Interesting to see the betting for next year's slams from those perennial mugs - the bookies.

    An absolute fortune to be made according to some - especially at Wimbledon 🤣 🤣 🤣



    ND 6/4 

    Med 11/4

    Zverev 6/1


    Nadal 7/4

    ND 12/5

    Tsits 5/1

    Thiem 8/1


    ND 11/10

    Ber 10/1

    Tsits 10/1

    Med 10/1

    Zverev 16/1 


    ND 6/4 

    Med 3/1

    Zver 9/1

    (Source Oddschecker)