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2021 In Between Grand Slam Thread



  • Interesting to see the betting for next year's slams from those perennial mugs - the bookies.

    An absolute fortune to be made according to some - especially at Wimbledon 🤣 🤣 🤣



    ND 6/4 

    Med 11/4

    Zverev 6/1


    Nadal 7/4

    ND 12/5

    Tsits 5/1

    Thiem 8/1


    ND 11/10

    Ber 10/1

    Tsits 10/1

    Med 10/1

    Zverev 16/1 


    ND 6/4 

    Med 3/1

    Zver 9/1

    (Source Oddschecker)

  • Australian Open - that's the one that Novak Djokovic has won 9 times in recent history isn't it?

    favourite slam but doesn't like ND

    makes about as much sense as the other posts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Would love to see that happen too but just can't see it in Melbourne. Medvedev should be the player with the best chance of beating him though.

    Would be interesting to see a rematch though, especially considering Medvedev didn't show up at all last year.

  • Predictions for next year's grand slam Champions:

    AO: Djokovic

    RG: Nadal

    W: Djokovic

    USO: Medvedev

    Some real shocks there I know! Should be interesting to see just how disastrously wrong I'll be.

    Is obviously very difficult to predict anything for the WTA, but I'll take a punt on Osaka winning a slam next year. I'll also take a shot on Clara Tauson breaking through and winning her first grand slam title.

  • Brave call on Medvedev for the US Open. That would make him the first to successfully defend his title since Federer in 2008.

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  • Damn, really? Can't believe Djokovic never defended. But then again he's 'only' won three.

    Like I just feel Medvedev will push on and bag another slam next year but can't see it being in Melbourne, so guess it's got to be the US Open. Although RG or Wimbledon would be the ultimate plot twist. Who knows what next year will bring.

  • All I would be fairly confident of is that Djokovic should win Wimbledon assuming not injured

    Can't really call any of the other slams with much degree of certainty

    Zverev might have a say in Melbourne even - he gave Djokovic his toughest match there last year in terms of the big players (aside from the Fritz 5 setter) - 4 sets with 2 close tie-breaks and he has improved a decent amount since then

    If Djokovic is even going to be there in Melbourne that is - he'd want to be getting jabbed this week if he hasn't already

    The speedy enough Melbourne courts favour the big-servers such as Zverev and Medvedev, excepting that night matches slow them down a bit

  • Djockovic is a member of the Serbian Orthodox Church and though it isn't something that the average Irish person can understand or sympathise with many Orthodox bishops and monks are telling the laity not to take the vaccines.

    There are religious reasons for not taking it which I won't go into here because it would seem arcane.

    I'm hoping Djockovic boycotts the Australian Open. If he goes against his principles - though to what extent he would be doing that isn't clear - it could harm him spiritually which in turn could harm his game.

  • there's no desire to turn this into another coronavirus cesspit forum


  • Tsitsipas to be back on the court in a couple of weeks

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  • Next year is probably the most open it's been for a while regarding the slams, Djokovic at Wimbledon ( barring injury)is probably the only certainty. Even Nadal at RG is vulnerable now, not the raging hot favourite he once was, Djokovic, Tsitsipas and Thiem (if he finds his form) can all challenge him there. AO Djokovic if he's there will start as favourite, but, both Medvedev and Zverev should challenge strongly. USO most open and unpredictable of the 4, all the main contenders will fancy their chances a lot can happen between now and the USO, so hard to pick a winner at this stage. I think Zverev will make the breakthrough next year, either at the AO or USO. Should be an interesting year.

  • Srdjan Djokovic says Novak probably won't play Australia.

  • I would take Djokovic's fathers comments with a pinch of salt. He is always making comments and I would say Novak himself wishes he would keep his mouth closed. I think Novak pulling out of Oz Open would be a big blow to the tournament. The fact that he is going for a 10th title there and looking to break the all time record of 20 slams on his own, its a big story. Also if he doesnt play and one of the next gen wins, there will always be that question mark as to what would have happened if Djokovic was playing.

    It reminds me a bit of the US open win for Thiem, none of the big 3 were there except Novak who got the disqualification. For the record I still think Thiem would have won that tournament and he was hugely deserving of it but even Murray said it took away from Thiems title that Novak was disqualified.

    I think Oz could well be the breakthrough slam win for Zverev and Djokovic not playing would certainly help his cause. Novak has been a thorn in Zverevs side at grand slam events. They have played at the Australian, French and US open and Novak won all those meetings

  • It reminds me a bit of the US open win for Thiem, none of the big 3 were there except Novak who got the disqualification. For the record I still think Thiem would have won that tournament and he was hugely deserving of it but even Murray said it took away from Thiems title that Novak was disqualified.

    In fairness that was the worst 5-set ATP final that I've ever seen - it was terrible quality and was a case of "who could lose more" so the other guy would win - full of errors and inability to get over the line - it was horrible stuff. I don't think that it's a stretch to say that Djokovic would have cruised home to the title there.

  • It's fair to say Djokovic would have almost certainly won that US if he hadn't been disqualified, but, if he chooses to skip the AO, no one can really complain about who wins it in his absence. We still don't know if he's vaccinated or not and I'm not sure what's the vaccination status of both Medvedev or Zverev, we'll find out in time, but, if all 3 were absent it would really open things up.

    I'd be surprised if any player who thinks they have a decent chance of winning the AO will skip it as there are a limited amount of slams that players have a chance of winning. I don't think Djokovic will skip it as he has a limited amount of slams where he has a serious chance of winning( probably 18 months to 2 years after that he'll be an outsider), he's also at the age where any significant injury would be difficult to come back from.

  • obviously if Djokovic is not going to make Melbourne 2021 and it comes into the final reckoning in the total titles (total male or even total outright) number it will go down as a chance blown even though he's not a clear favourite by any means

    he has already missed out on 2 slam certainties / near certainties in 2020 so shouldn't be passing up another chance even if the likelihood of winning is less.

  • Djokovic is a well-travelled multi-millionaire, so I'd expect him to know better than whatever nonsense some monks in Serbia are peddling. As for harming him spiritually? Give me a break! If he really does boycott this tournament then he's an even bigger moron than I've always thought him to be.

    Interesting comment from someone seemingly determined to turn this thread into a YouTube comments/Men's Tennis Forum cesspit.

  • Good to see Tsitsipas seemingly won't be out for that long, I had read it would likely be a much longer absence from the tour.

    Meanwhile, big Davis Cup news incoming:

    You'd have thought given recent events simply following the money mighn't be the wisest thing to do... but apparently not.

  • Haha -go take a quick glance at the Coronavirus forums if you think this is bad.

    When the standard on the WTA comes up to something remotely approaching what it hasn't had since not far off 15 years ago now (Henin retired 2008) and becomes less random than a slot machine it might actually be worthy of more appreciation

    Any general tennis forum anywhere has far more comment on the men's game because it's far ahead in standard of play, consistency of quality and competition

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  • Djokovic has really fallen out of favour with the Karens since he took out one of their number in New York.

  • Holding a grudge against a lineswoman because she... got hit in the throat with a ball. Do you ever read back your posts and get embarrassed? You're in your thirties 😭

  • no I don't hold a grudge against her at all - she just made a meal of it - so melodramatic - even a small child could spot that (the faux outrage at the time was more pathetic than anything to do with her effort) - the actual bad thing about it in the end is that that slam was won without winning it properly - spoiled it.

    The Karen reference here was more of a comparative reference to the WTA Boards Karen rather than to the Flushing meadows one

  • Djokovic does have quite the history with the Karens really

    At the French Open in 2020 he accidentally hit a line judge off an attempted serve return, who actually wasn't a Karen it turned out, but .... he was playing a Karen

    It can get a little confusing.

    Djokovic did praise the non-Karen lineperson for dealing with the incident in an impressive way though even though he took a blind hit off a game-speed serve return to the head (almost on the eye really).

    During his fourth-round win over Karen Khachanov on Monday, Djokovic was attempting to return a serve and accidentally hit a line judge on the return

    “I hope he’s fine,” Djokovic said. “He dealt with it in a strong and brave way. But it was a hit because I was very close.”

  • Anyone have any thoughts on Davis cup winner? You would have to think Russia are big favourites. I thought Italy could push them hard but they were unexpected beaten in the QF. The German doubles team looks quite formidable but with Zverev not playing, they dont have a real heavyweight singles player, although Struff is an under rated player who can be a tough match for anyone on his day.

    Serbia are too reliant on Djokovic, he tends to win his matches but he needs others to do their part. When Serbia won the Davis cup they had a great team with Djokovic, Tipsarevic, Troicki and Zimonjic

    I think Russia will win this one

  • Oh, Jo Konta has retired. Wasn't expecting that. Good career though, maxed out her weapons and made the most of her limited game.

  • I never took completely to the Davis Cup in recent times as it always seemed to me to be a case of for quite a few countries with the top players - "Oh Switzerland are going out to win it this year so Federer and Wawrinka will be playing but will won't be playing again unless they fancy trying to win it again"

    So Djokovic will only play some years for Serbia or Murray for Great Britain or Nadal for Spain.

    So it's rarely if ever all the best possible teams playing the best on the other side which really takes away from it

    Russia are indeed the favourites it seems.

  • So the WTA has suspended tournaments in China over the Peng Shuai affair. The Chinese swing was much more important to the WTA than it was to the ATP, so this is a very big move. Of course it uncertain anyway as to when Chinese events would resume, because of COVID-19. Even so, it sends a very clear signal. But will anyone else follow?

    Oh, and Serbia and Kazakhstan are into the deciding set of their deciding doubles match. Squeaky bum time indeed ...

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  • Was just about to post the same thing. Wow, quite a move from the WTA. I still can't fully forgive Steve Simon after his response to the 2018 US Open Final, but he has certainly stepped up to the plate here. Yes it's very easy to announce a tournament suspension when none were actually played this year, and with 2022 always being questionable anyway, however they're still choosing to do the right thing.

    The Chinese response will be interesting, they're obviously not going to back down. As things stand the WTA will probably stand to lose a lot of revenue, but perhaps a lesson for the future that following the money isn't always the right thing to do. I wonder how, or if, the ATP will respond.