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Aldi Robot vac €120 any good?

  • 10-10-2021 2:24pm
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    i have different type but i would advise getting at least one set of spare bits while aldi have them- filters, rollers etc if its anything like what i have.

    “Roll it back”

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    Seems good value for the price.

    It is a case of you get what you pay for so I assume its a "dumb" robot compared to the expensive ones.

    Some comments on Aldi UK suggest filters and replacement parts are a problem. Although sometimes these are fairly standard across all brands!

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    What model is your own one with the mapping? Ive looked at Roombas before but they are pretty expensive. I think Xiaomi do one as well, must check out the reviews.

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    I've the Roborock S5 (might be the 55 can never remember). It's very handy to be able to kick it off whenever you want and the fact that you can setup don't go areas/invisibile walls etc, for example this morning I've a clothes horse left in 1 of the rooms so I just setup an invisible wall around it in the app and I know it won't be tangled up in it, around Christmas time this is a god send.

    1 word of warning about these robot vacuums is that they won't do as good as job as you'd do yourself, for example it won't get exactly into a corner but it will get very close, you'll still have to have a normal vacuum to go around with once a week or so. It is a great way to get the children to clean up after themselves/pick toys off the ground, 1 destroyed toy will make them realise fairly quickly that they need to pick their stuff up off the ground.

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    Thanks @Clareman thats very helpful. And yeah a friend said they dont do as good a job as manual cleaners, Id guess it is to do with a lack of suction power on such a small device. From reviews I see a lot of them do a decent enough job on hard floors but Ive got them downstairs but carpets upstairs and thats where I believe some models can struggle.

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    I've a combination of tile and wood downstairs, does a grand job, especially with 2 small children in the house, it's a great relief to just set it off when you leave the house and know that the place will be somewhat clean when you come back. I've carpet upstairs and am a lazy **** so I don't bring it up there too often, saying that I did use it with Vanish Carpet cleaner before and it did a great job.

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    Is it the 4,000 suction ye be aiming for?

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    I bought a 200e robot hoover from amazon, wasn't great at all. Went for the Roomb 971, think it was 350 on sale or something, it has mapping and a camera looking up so it knows where it is. I'd recommend going for one of those style ones.

    It's absolutely class. I send it out on mon, wed and fri and once a month i hoover the bits it misses. Like it does about 80% of the job, but it's doing it 3 times a week so it's great. Zero effort. Just say to alexa "Alexa, start bumpie munchie", you get to name them too.

    They're amazing, you keep stuff off the floor so they can go around so you actually get two things, clean floors and no junk on the floor to let the robot hoover do his job.

    It is 3 times the price of the one you were looking at, but honestly, its a rare occasion that something is actually worth 3 times the price. That's my 2 cents on my purchase of the year!

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    We started out with a cheap one like this and quickly upgraded to a Dyson Heurist (got it half price, unwanted gift - was v.lucky as the RRP is mad). Sucky McSuckface is AMAZING - handle all surfaces no bother, has mapped the house and cleans everywhere 3 days a week and targeted rooms on the other 4 days. I've got cream tiles (not my choice!) in half the house, live on a bog and have 7 dogs.....Sucky is the only thing that keeps the house looking vaguely presentable.

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    No, I have a steam cleaner I run around the tiles 1-2 times a week

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    7 dogs wow! Id say the robot has some amount of work keeping up with them 😂

    How much was half price for the Dyson? Like yourself Im looking for one of the premium models as those in the 100-200 price range dont seem to cut it. But Im not willing to pay 400-500 either so hoping to pick up a refurb or a return from the Amazon Warehouse. Might hang to Black Friday as well to see what discounts come up

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    I know - and they're spaniels...SO much hair. I empty the bin on the dyson daily if not twice 😲 Heurist was €450. Worth it for me, it gets in and under furniture I never manage/bother with and the house looks so much neater with a daily cleaning. The one with best reviews from Which and others from what I've seen is the Roomba S9+ but they're even more eyewatering (1.5k!!!)

  • Registered Users Posts: 462 ✭✭asharkman

    Sucky McSuckface is a class name.

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    ... So I'm sure ye were all waiting ... In the end I spotted the Xiaomi Roborock S6 Pure on Honorbuy and went for it, Mainly because of:

    €320 including shipping

    positive reviews


    Good enough battery

    Lidar thing

    Has Mop

    Worried about:

    Small capacity of vacuum container & mop ontainer

    Reviews say it's not great at getting right up close to walls .... but at the same time the ones they recommend instead are a good deal more expensive.

  • Registered Users Posts: 564 ✭✭✭jethrothe2nd

    We got an S5 Max - I think the mop container is bigger but otherwise they are much the same. Once you are running it regularly the capacity of the vacuum container is fine for the whole of our downstairs (about 33m2 according to the app) though if you leave it longer between vacuums I guess it might fill up quick enough. Like you said it is not brilliant at getting close up to walls, but it is not bad either, and in general I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Brilliant yoke altogether.

  • Registered Users Posts: 722 ✭✭✭holly8

    I got one from Lidl about 2 years ago (€100) and it is still going strong ... basic but take it out of the box and go!

    no mapping, functions etc ... maybe I will upgrade in time but this one does the job for the minute (2 big dogs and 1 cat .... who hate it)

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    I have a Roborock S5 for about 2 years now. We only use it downstairs with the hard floors and it seems to do a great job. I have it set to avoid the door mats because it won't be as good as a proper vacuum on them. Also it has a habit of damaging the corners over time.

    It runs once or twice a day and keeps the house spotless. Cream gloss floors show up every single dot of dust !

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    So just to finish off.

    I got the Roborock s6 Pure from honorbuy for €300

    I mainly for that one for the mapping function (specify a zone) Vs the price.

    I'm happy enough. It's a mix of tiles and laminate downstairs so it does the job pretty well.

    The odd few spills and you could set the zone on your phone and away it goes.

    I've it linked to Alexa too so handy.

    I haven't really bothered with the mop function so maybe that's something I wouldn't bother getting again.

    Suction is pretty good.

    There's a bit of tidying up to be done, which I don't mind as it causes me to clear the clutter a bit.

    I tried it once upstairs which is mostly carpet and it did a decent enough job judging by the amount of dust it picked up.

    Really though I could do without the mapping function and just set it off and let it go but it gives piece of mind when you see the area it's covered.

    Have to say it'll map each room in a couple of seconds which is fairly impressive.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,211 ✭✭✭loopymum

    I have an roborock s25 & it's great. It maps but you cant set zone's which i didn't care about anyway