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Thinking of buying in Kentstown

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     Hey there, just looking for some feedback. Were looking to buy a house in Kentstown and just wondering what its like? We've 2 kids 14 and 10. Work in Dublin, schools in Dublin. Saw really old threads on here which were mixed but wondering what its like in the village now and what the housing estates there are like Thanks


  • Have you ever gone out to Kentstown?

    It's would be quite the culture shock to you and family. One pub, takeaway & Londis. There is very little for kids, teenagers to do without driving them to Navan or Ashbourne.

    No direct bus service to Dublin city centre, last stop is Blanchardstown.

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  • Yea we've been out to see 2 houses recently. Looks nice and relaxed, quiet. That end wouldn't bother me nor the driving. It's antisocial behavior. Things like the Kids not been able to walk to the shop on their own, that kind of thing would be more i'd be worried about. Old threads on here from 2007/2014 saying that's its very rough. Thanks for your feedback. Do you live there yourself?