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toyota rav4 questions

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    hi good folks i just biught a 161 toyota rav4 2L diesel,looks pretty good got a 12 month warranty etc,90000 miles on clock,want to keep this for a few years,so im looking for tips on how to keep the engine running good,or course ill have it serviced when due etc,i read about those additives to add to diesel to help clean engine,do they work,?also heard about the dpf filter getting clogged up with soot,how do i prevent that?any other help and advice welcome,thanks all


  • Diesel itself is a solvent, I'm not of the belief that these additives do any good, and manufacturers don't recommend using them or engine oil additives.

    To keep the DPF from getting clogged make sure you're not doing too many short city journeys when driving. A diesel car driving regularly on the motorway at motorway speeds will prevent any soot from building up as the exhaust will be getting up to temperature to burn it off and the DPF will regenerate passively.

    Also that mileage on a 5yr old car averages out about 18000miles per year, or 29000kms. That mileage would indicate that the car spent a lot of time on long journeys and you shouldn't have DPF issues.

    That's as much as I have to offer as I'm not familiar with that cars strengths and weaknesses. Hope it serves you well

  • If you really like to keep the engine, change oil earlier than service interval. 5000km interval is completely ok. No need to take the maximum out. Most of the people do not understand how important is the oil job. It not only lubricate the engine, oil cool and clean the engine too. Learn DIY and you can save load of money.

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  • thanks alot,i already know a bit about servicing and oil changing on petrol engines,im new to diesel cars,