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Semi acoustic guitars

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    I am debating whether to get a semi acoustic guitar and would appreciate a little help.

    Which well known artists might it be good to listen to to understand what can be achieved with this instrument?

    Would Paul Brady be a good example ?(Does he mostly use a semi acoustic? Is this Arthur Mcbride performance semi acoustic or pure acoustic with a microphone?)

    What about John Martyn? Would be pure electric?

    Who else might there be to give me an idea of the sound to expect (Knopfler?,James Taylor?)


  • serious can of worms!

    for a start, there will be folk who will start a fight with you over whether semi-acoustic is a hollow body electric or an acoustic with a pickup.......

    Electroacoustic will stop the haters!

    honestly, no-one after about 1990 uses a mic on a guitar in a live setting. Studio, yes, but its just too vague and directional to be anywhere realistic.

    Pickups all the way.

    I've used under saddle piezos for the last 30 years. stable, minimal feedback risk and it sounds like a guitar through the amp, its easy to fit, and virtually invisible.

    there are a load of other options..... soundhole pickups, under bridge transducers..... and blends of all the above.

    as to who plays what? dunno!

  • unless you want to do some signal chain stuff with between the guitar and the amp or performing? then just buy a regular acoustic

  • I have had an acoustic for the past 40 years that I am starting to realize is quite good (treat it like s**t but it is intact)

    But I also have a semi acoustic that I never play and am tempted to fit a mini personal amplifier to so as to learn a little about it.

    I also would like to have 2 guitars so that I can switch between open and standard tunings without too much fuss.

    I am a little sceptical about that personal mini amplifier but I have the preamp on my unused semi acoustic and may well buy one.

    But I am wondering if there is something such as a "semi acoustic sound" as distinct from an acoustic with a microphone.

    Or as compared to a straight electric (which I have never played)

    I was going to buy a new guitar as my present one was not that expensive but it wasn't cheap either but I am hesitating as I can well imagine myself getting one around 1000 and then realizing that the old one was not much different (maybe even a good luthier could improve it)