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Further education

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    I'm 43 and have been working in financial management for around 20 years internationally in the oil and gas industry. I passed CIMA around 15 years ago and 3 years ago did level 1 CFA (which was great but i found level 2 was getting too specialised in areas that would never really benefit me in my career).

    I'm looking at some further education and am thinking about an online MBA. Does anyone have recommendations on a good MBA to pursue - I guess I would like to take the next step in my career and become a CFO so whatever would help in that regard would be great. When is the take in time and could i have missed the boat if it is September? Cost isn't too much of issue. Like others my age time is a bigger constraint between work and family




  • If CFO is your ambition, Have a look at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School - Master of Science (MSC) Business Leadership and Management Practice

  • You are not going to learn much if anything new on a online MBA and given the cost, time effort and lack of prestige of the qualification, what would the point be?

    You have got all the technical skills you need to be a CFO, the question is to you have the political and social skills necessary to make it happen? Can you beef up your skills and profile in this area?

    And what about you industry knowledge? As a CFO you'd be expected to have a good understand of the industry you operate in.