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Sh1t that makes you feel YOUNG!

  • 09-09-2021 11:45pm
    Registered Users Posts: 412 ✭✭ ghoulfinger

    There's a thread that goes the opposite. Currently I don't feel in the least uplifted or young or vigorous due to circumstances over past months totally unrelated to my years. However, I know the lion is within, just submerged under water beneath the surface and rearing to roar. Years have built potential resilience. The past year or two has been sh1t for so many of all ages, but I've seen folk pre-middle-age crumple both physically and psychologically over the cruel pandemic, which maybe accelerated a decline already in place or made it manifest. In any case it did not help, causing younger formerly vital people to work alone from home in isolation. It has been hugely difficult for absolutely everyone, but I would argue the young folk are building resilience, the older folk are trying to lean on resilience built up, but those in the centre here may be really struggling at times.

    Sometime other people's sh1t just makes you feel younger than your years. interested to hear takes on this.

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  • Old people calling me young lady.

    Recent deaths of people way before their time (late 30s and 50s) reminding me that growing old is denied to some.

    Edit: I actually wasn't talking about Sarah Harding and Michael Kenneth Williams, but they're two more people who died much too early. And a woman I used to work with died this week in her early 70s. Even that feels too early these days.

  • The fact that I feel I have NOTHING sorted in my life is terrifying but also makes me feel like possibilities await me, maybe in some ways feeling that nothing is set in stone for me at this point makes me feel younger than if everything was set?

    Having a rare "glass is half full" moment here.

  • I always said that when I’m 60 I will dare do a parachute drop. That was hilarious thinking back a couple of decades, considering people in their 80s and 90s to do it now. Thing is, the pandemic has been at least a great excuse not to do anything at all, but moreover likes of a parachute jump, even though I would have had to muster up a huge amount of courage. I have a real fear of heights, though I flew aircraft!

  • One thing. You need less sleep when you’re older. Guess it’s because you’ve processed so much in your brain already!

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  • Being a stallion in bed. 💪🐎🐎😆

  • Being as ready for bed, so to speak, as you ever were, can be lifelong, so I hear and very good for the 🫀 prostate and other bits. In fact I hear it is much better as it is no longer a pro-creative but a totally recreative activity 😁

  • Meeting pot bellied baldy lads that I sent to school with.

    First they came for the socialists...

  • I am sure old age will catch up with me at some point.

    But at the moment the idea of "feeling" old or young does not make a lot of sense to me personally. Over the last 15 years - the older I get - the more capable I have become. Physically. Mentally. Health. Emotionally. So as I get older the capabilities and energies and other things we associate with youth have gone up for me too.

    And that has all been down to putting work in - self betterment - discovering a diet that actually works for me rather than relying on fads and supplements - and just getting after it in training and working on the things I need to do.

    But at some point the body will burn out and I am sure the feeling of what it is to age and be old will hit me. Probably quite hard.

    But right now I can not say anything is making me "feel young" or "feel old". Rather I think we just have a tendency to associate things with those words that may not deserve that association most of the time. Is age therefore just one of the many excuses we give ourselves to self justify failures we are too lazy or incompetent to address? I dunno. Maybe for some. But speaking only of myself - I know when I get up out of bed at 5 every morning and hit a 15k run - at age 42 it is not youth making me to do it or age preventing me from it.

    "When it starts to take you all night / to do what you used to do all night / You're the oldest swinger in town" - Diarmuid O'Leary and the Bards. I miss that band :)

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  • Doing anything where you can keep gradually improving over many years can make you feel young in at least some aspects of your life. E.g. martial arts and weight training. I am in my mid forties and look better than I did in my mid twenties , I'd also destroy my younger self in a fight. I think I have peaked now though and it'll be a decline from now on, by the time i'm 55 I may still be decent but worse than when I was 45.

    AFAIK, Phil Mickelson swings his driver faster at age 50 than he did at age 30.

    Apart from the physical stuff, if you are, say, 50 and don't have children or other family responsibilities and your parents are alive and well, you may feel like an improved version of your 18 year old self and more connected to your younger self than someone who has more responsibilities. The problem here is that it doesn't last, parents get old/sick and die and then you change too.

    If you can develop a liking for older women when you are young I think that, somewhat pardoxically, makes you feel younger as you age and they age. Personally it always pleases me to turn on the TV and see the likes of Anne Cassin looking as good or better (to my eyes) as she did 25 years ago. Absolute cracker.

  • Metallica

  • Kopi luwak

  • When you realise you weren’t as smart as you thought you were when you were young, yet that you are now in so many ways smarter.

  • Learning totally new stuff and finding you are as really well up to it, even better than before…. well that can make you feel young. Often when you learn stuff as you get older, you are doing it because you want to, not because you have to. That helps.

  • An Eastern European ex-model missus

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  • I’m in stitches here, coming from

    where I am, you are in your youth.

  • People my own age.

    Getting the vaccine was really interesting, since I got to see a slice of people from my decade (40s), and Christ, most of them looked bad. Overweight, terrible skin, balding. Made me feel a lot better about myself, and realise that my body isn't aging the same as other people (yeah, on the inside, it's probably a mess). Still. It made me feel much younger, and happier with my life choices compared to others.

    Also, people with their kids. I'm unmarried, and never had kids... and I love watching parents with their kids. Weird, I know, but it generally makes me feel younger to see them stressing themselves out chasing their kids, watching over them, fighting with each other, etc. Hilarious.

    There wouldn't be much else that makes me feel young... TBH I rarely, if ever, think of my age at all. It's just a number, and a meaning that others have decided to push on others. I learned ages ago that people die at all ages, and there's no way of telling who will last longer.. I've known heavy smokers who lasted into their 90s and health freaks who keeled over at 50. Age isn't terribly important a measurement unless you care to compare yourself with others, and there's no reliability to that.

  • Playin fitba.

  • Swimming, running for the bus, athletic sex (yes, it still happens from time to time 😜😜), LEGO building, my art and other hobbies. Doing things I enjoy.

    I try to learn something new every day, which in my career field is par for the course. I hope to learn something new right up to my final day.

    I still have a passion for life.

  • Ah yeah, but not young young like. Not young according to young me.

  • I'm 42 now and I'm still very capable in the bedroom department for my age 😏 Frequent use is really good for the nads and the prostate and reduces the risk of cancer and other problems in that area.

    I'm a bit chunky in the body department but I still have a lot of energy, especially at work and when it comes to doing stuff around the house. People half my age at work nearly always use the lift to get to my department but I almost always use the stairs to get a little cardio into my day. I'm also quite fresh faced for my age, there's lads a few years younger than me from my old estate in Limerick who actually look a lot older than me now.

    I'm also still big into certain videos games and I love animated shows also, especially anime, Netflix Original animations and Family Guy.

  • I still have rock hard pecs.

  • Yes the prostate ideally needs an output couple of times a day. It’s not age but body condition and practice that counts. A woman potentially never loses the mojo.

  • Hanging around with loads of old people....

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  • threads being resurrected weeks after I posted on them makes me feel young.

    I am at an age where the thread title reads like "having a "sh1t makes me feel young". I am getting close to that age :)

    Oh and firing guns :) Just as a shout out to the coward. :)