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Why do you Irish love the chipper.



  • Any good chippers around Dublin 2 or 4?

  • Wrong. There's Beshoff's which used to be great but last time didn't taste great. Then you've got Roma 2 on Wexford Street, and Aprile's on Richmond Street (my personal favourite in the area, as you can take the food to eat beside the canal as long as the seagulls don't get a sniff of it!

  • I live quite Rural and our local chipper run by the Grumpiest Italian I've ever met. Honestly the food is pretty dreadful, I only use occasionally if desperate. The only thing cooked fresh are the chips. He's so clueless he doesn't even hide the fact he microwaves breasts of chicken before Deeping in fryers.

    I doubt very much many if any Chippers truely cook from fresh, apart from chips, most things pre prepared, alot of this primarily down to speed of service, I suspect most customers wouldn't be impressed having to wait for a raw piece of fish to be freshly battered, and cooked from scratch, the same for chicken products. This said, there's no excuse for microwaving food before frying. Quality takeaway food can correctly be partly pre prepared for service on the day, I just think alot of chippers here, down right lazy with most products being sold Frozen.

    I even seen some chippers using pre prepared chipped potatoes, you can tell from the taste, the chemical used to preserve them leaves an after taste.

    I'm a chef by qualification and I've often wanted to jump over the counter and show my local chipper how it's done 😁 but have not due to concerns for my wellbeing 😉

    Thankfully new owners taking over soon, hopefully food will improve accordingly 😉

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

  • I love Apriles. Manys a night after a skinful I would wander in.

  • Those chipper places are competing on price with the local Chinese and the chains. All desperate to keep a meal under a tenner. So the quality has dropped significantly. It’s the same over in Engerland - the places serving fried chicken, pizza, kebabs, fish etc are in a race to the bottom, while the ‘proper’ fish and chip places are charging prices that reflect the true cost of getting fish delivered daily, slicing your own chips, making your own tartare sauce etc.

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  • Don't know about Dublin 2 except for Burdocks in Christchurch.....but it's not great. It used to be amazing but that was decades ago. Now it average at best.

    Fusciardi's on Capel St. (Dublin 1) is decent enough. Parnell St and Dorset St have rakes of food joints so if you're not averse to going through Checkpoint Charlie and vernturing to the Northside you'll be spoiled for choice.

  • Any Irish chipper I've been in has usually shown the food being cooked on the spot. Never had much of a complaint on the quality of the food being cooked in then.

  • I went for Fish & Chips in NZ and it ruined the Irish chipper for me. A selection of 6 or 7 types of fish, fresh caught (never frozen) and fresh cooked. Takes 20 minutes for an order to come out.

    That said The Salty Buoy is doing amazing Fish & Chips, check it out!

  • Yeah, without the vinegar they're just spuds overcooked in a different way.

  • This is the problem. If a pub serves fish and chips on a plate with a knife and fork for €15 for example people won't want to spend the same on a take away even if the quality is through the roof. Most people have no appreciation for quality.

    There's a fish monger in our town that started doing proper fish and chip take-aways People are flocking to it as it's seen as a cut above. I guarantee if it was just a chip shop selling the same gear no one would be in it.

    First they came for the socialists...

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  • Original poster aving an identity crisis? Best chippers are outside of Ireland and UK.Chips cooked same w\y in both countries.Fish in UK requires a spoon to each the flour mixture i.e not cooked,too much used

  • Never seen this.But maybe it happens in non Irish,non Italian run establishments.Of which there are quite a few around the country.Best irish chips I had lately were in Limerick-near the railway station.

  • It’s all the same **** at the end of the day, often hear people praising places because they have brilliant chips and then you get it and you’ve had chips like that 100 times before. Suppose it’s all down to the staff and how much attention they pay to not burning or undercooking ****.

  • "Next time you are in your local chipshop ask when the food was battered, ask what temperature the food in the little window is and why it isnt even turned on."

    Next time you are in a chipshop, pi$$ off the people preparing your food? Yeah thats a great idea, I'm definitely going to do that!

  • Agree, I spent a good 2 months trying out the chippers when I moved to Cork. When i went to Lennoxs I got frozen chips - I reckon they just cater for pist people now.

    Dino's is hands down the best. No 2 is the Golden Fry up in Ballintemple - amazing fish dinners, amazing portions. Corkys love their mushy peas and potato pies, but cant get a decent garlic sauce anywhere. No decent kebab shops that does their own bread either. The real capital ...

  • chippers are cheap, they are a small local business, not owned by corporations and they are open after 11pm.theres nothing like a good plate of fish and chips .i think the best ones are run by italians who came here in the 70s. they make the best chips

  • Dunno where the OP's from, but I can't help reading "you Irish" in a sneery English accent.

    Disclaimer. I did a lot of my growing up in the UK and would have what many consider an English accent myself, just not a sneery one.

    Think the OP needs to find a better chipper.

  • Best fish and chips I ever had were from a food truck type van in Howth Harbour one summer many, many years ago. Sat on a wall and ate them out of a little plastic tray with a plastic fork.

    God, I can still taste it.

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  • I live in NZ and the fish is great but the chips are crap! plus they dont have vinegar in the chippers

  • Hate vinegar, like dousing your food with piss.

  • Is Fortes on Dorest St still on the go? When I lived in Drumcondra as a student I use to get a bag of chips and garlic mayo from it on the way home from the pub.. wow.. I would almost go to Dublin for a weekend or something just to have a bag of 'em again.. divine.. and in my college days I got my fix for something like €1.10 I think.. divine.. proper chips (Italian Style)

  • Eating a single of chips drowned in salt and vinegar directly from the bag is one of life's simple pleasures

  • Pouring chips from the bag onto a plate ought to result in a custodial sentence. Criminal carry on.