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Apartment fire alarm

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    Hi, Was trying to replace damaged ceiling fire alarm unit in apartment, the one that is linked to all apartments in the block. The consumer unit showed it to be on the same mcd as the ceiling lights. However after switching off the mcd prior to removing the damaged unit my voltage detector registered mains still present at the unit.

    I am wondering are these apartment alarms mains powered from an external point?


  • Sorry OP, are you referring to a Fire Alarm system that is in the entire complex as in linked together to all apartments and common areas etc ?

  • I would strongly recommend that you do not replace it, Fire Alarm systems like these have nothing but rules and regulations associated with them. Your best bet is to inform the management company as soon as possible and get them to get whatever Fire Alarm company is involved here to sort that issue out.

    If anything was to happen here you could be possibly face criminal charges.

  • The standard set up for an apartment block is that the building fire alarm, has sensors in all public areas, inside the door to each apartment, and has sounders in each apartment, especially bedrooms and obviously in all public areas.

    As such these Landlord device are wired from the public area and are only suitable for the Fire Alarm maintenance company to repair or replace. Each device is logged and addressed on the main panel. Within each apartment there should be a standalone domestic fire alarm.

  • It's my daughters apt and we did come to the conclusion that it would be best to contact the Man.Co. altho the full implications that you point out had not occurred to me.

    Thanks for your advice, I will advise her accordingly.

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