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F1 2021 Round 12: Belgian Grand Prix



  • Must be nice to be able to write off a couple of grand with a shrug.

  • Why is anyone bothering to argue? Sure he believes Hamilton hasn't had a working set of tyres in half a decade.

  • If you think the race goes ahead give this post a like. I’m very on the fence, feeling like it won’t - eager to hear what others think

  • I think it's looking like Masi made a mistake by officially starting the race earlier and they went through the rule book to find a way out of it. Anyway, 'Force Majeur' it is and hopefully we'll see some racing later on.

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  • How much for a ticket to see the race? But again peeved at who. Just race damn safety so your money is not raced.

  • Why don't they have those track clearing trucks like snow ploughs? It's a track well known for adverse weather. Send 4-5 of the trucks around for 15 minutes and I'd imagine alot of the rain would be pushed off

  • I agree with this post and with @Buttonftw that it’s a mess and there seems to be an overly complicated rule book written in a legalistic way which works fine when things go well, but at least the rules around this issue isn’t worth the paper it’s written on because it’s a farce.

  • According to whoever on Sky the green light was the formation lap and not official start and when they can around it was a flashing amber light

  • Aye, problem as well is that they make rules that can't be changed (except when they can) to apply to every circuit in every country at every time of day in every weather condition with 1-20 cars actually running. That along with a couple of very close shaves in Australia, Malaysia and Brazil (off the top of my head) with dying light at the end of a race because they made the decision to run races later in the day for TV audiences. Actually, had the race been scheduled an hour earlier (as was tradition for decades) we may have got the race in, it was a bit drier at that point and with the cars spread out when the heavier rain came it could've kept the circuit drivable.

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  • If you step on a Lego do you feel any emotion whatsoever? If so, why? What's the point? It's already happened.

    Also the context was for a trip over to see the race. 2 people for 3 days with travel and all and it's not going to be the 150ish for a ticket that you're spending.

  • I was looking forward to this starting at 2 then jumping over to the football at half 4

  • I think if it wasn’t for Eau Rouge the race would be completed by now, but it’s a very dangerous part of track especially in wet weather so believe it’s the correct decision on safety grounds.

    I really hope they either race later today (doubt it) or tomorrow because if they reschedule or cancel Russell will be the worst-off as I doubt they would run the race with the Qualy classification.

  • Ok, we'll just disregard the fact that the tyres can clear about 20 litres of water per second at those speeds, with 20 cars running over it and just watch miserable fans dancing, while Michael Masi searches for a hole in the weather that doesn't exist.

  • If its raining as it seems I don't think a few clearing trucks would clear up the track. If there was a race on somewhere where snow was coming down hard I doubt they be able to clear it either. Also what tyre do they start with. It may be a bit too dry for wets but not dry enough for the next. These cars are so overly engineered now it is not fair to compare then to the cars that were maybe more capable of running in very we weather

  • I hate how sky f1 are using the mans son as a tribute act to shove segments to fill time. The dudes in f1 maybe ask him a bit about himself i feel like i know nothing about the guy other then hes a Schumacher.

  • It’s because it’s the anniversary of his dad's first race in F1. And seeing as Michael Schumacher can’t be involved it makes sense to have his son mark the moment.

  • Ah come on comparing it to Lego what are you at. With the Lego it was put there by someone. I be a bit angry it was not cleared. It is no where near a comparison of a drenched track with no traction where cars are sliding all over the place and the drivers (those who are out in it who be driving) are saying it is bad

    So not a few grand as you said. Again who are they to be peeved at?

  • He was over the moon to see that car in the flesh as it were, and then to drive it - I'm presuming Sky organised it.

    He won't get away from the fact that he is a Schumacher - the segment was about his dad though.

    Anyways, i'm not going to complain when we see footage of any Jordan car.

  • Seems to be some action at Aston Martin which seemed to be interesting enough to show.

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  • Is there a start time? Won’t be home for 45 minutes. Thought I’d missed race

  • Looking at the weather radar I would think top of the hour there will be a possibility for 1 hour before the next blob of rain.

  • Someone tell the safety car to turn off its wipers.

  • I'd say if there was a yacht near by Kimi would be gone home by now

  • What's the point in being annoyed by something that's already happened?

    If a road is closed after an accident you're allowed to be annoyed that you're going to be late getting home even if it's unavoidable. Some people have the subtlety of thought and emotion to feel more than one feeling at once.

    "Who are they to be peeved at?", Christ, it's like a 12 year old who saw a YouTube video on logic. If a family member dies I'm going to be sad, maybe there'll be anger at some point. But what's the point, who is it aimed at? Why feel like that? What does it achieve? Nonsense.

    €200 for a ticket, €200 for travel, €400 for accommodation, €200 for 3 days of food, drink and little bit of merch. There's a grand per person straight away without being particularly lavish. But I'm sure you'll come back and say that you know someone who did it for 200 quid all in and had the best weekend ever.

  • I was at the Irish launch of the Jordan 191 as my Da worked for the 7up importer, always nice to see it running again.

  • Just saw Russle sitting up on a railing with a significant drop behind him.

    In this day and age of health and safety I'm surprised that's okay.

  • this is surely a wind up that proposed circuit would put macau to shame.....

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  • Anyone have an update on cut off times etc for running a race today or what will happen points wise if they can’t race today?