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Can James Deane win Russian Drift Series?

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    He won his first-round yesterday round 5 and 2 rounds left, be cool to see him take it after a slow relatively speaking for James start in RDS.


  • He is currently 2nd in the championship standings. And he seems to be doing it without the massive team of people he had in FD USA.

  • I'm going to answer your question with a question 😁

    Has he ever entered a series where he didn't eventually win? 😊

  • I am sure he has a long time ago, he did seem to "struggle" this year with the grip levels they had in RDS, seemed his tires weren't as specialist made for drifting as some of the others.

    He did better on longer tracks that the super soft tires didn't last great on, did he get new sticky tires also mid season?

    Who'd have thought Jack would be the winner in the end, might have been good advantage he went to a team who knew RDS well already.

    Hopefully James will go back to RDS, the tracks look great and a new championships is cool too. I'd love to see the shananhans go to FD.