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Racecourses and Public Transport

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    I'm wondering what racecourses (in Ireland) are accessible by public transport? I don't drive and I'd guess a taxi in some of the racecourse towns are either difficult to find from the bus stop or would cost a bomb if you're heading out on your own on a rainy Tuesday. Hotel stays (even hostel stays, if there's a hostel nearby) are too expensive.

    I'm based in Cork and I've been to Mallow (Cork) Racecourse a couple of times. In Pre-Covid times you could get a train from the city centre station to Mallow and the racecourse put on a private bus to transport people between the train station and the racecourse and back. I never had to get the bus back as I'd met people there but I know it was something people used. I just don't know if they do it with limited capacity (I doubt it.)

    I know Tipperary Racecourse is right by Limerick Junction for the trains (or at least that's what it looks like.) So there's plenty of trains running through there to get to the course.

    I'm wondering about other courses. Ireland's a pain for public transport, that's accepted, with everything more-or-less running through Dublin and even then you could end up waiting an age for a bus or a connection, after traipsing across a town or city. There must be places (at least during non-lockdown) that figured out someone rocking up on a bus or train is an easy day out and an easy admission ticket.