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Indycar 2020



  • I think it's the lack of inevitability that makes IndyCar so exciting. It's rare I feel feelings these days but a couple of times I felt properly excited during that race.

  • He's young, and fast. Maybe not this year, but he'll be a champion. And fair to Ericsson.

    I think Ericsson hit me.

  • Felt so sorry for Rossi. Having an awful year and anytime he looks competitive something happens like what O'Ward did last night.

  • That track is a trainwreck really horrible race to watch with endless caution periods. The location and attendance shows the race has huge potential but it won't survive if there's another mess like that next year so major reconfiguration of the track is needed

    Alex Palou has his first real bad weekend this season and still quietly goes about his business to secure a very important 7th place to edge him closer to the title

  • Officially 33/80 were under caution. That counter only includes laps which were entirely under yellow though.

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  • Back to Indy this weekend, bunking in with NASCAR for another combination weekend like there was last year. Also, we will see 28 cars this weekend with every car from last week, plus the return of Top Gun Racing with RC Enerson. One other key change in the lineup is a little known Danish driver making his debut 🤔


    Friday 13th

    • Practice — 8pm (Sky F1)
    • Qualifying — Midnight (Sky F1) [abridged format omitting the Fast Six]

    Saturday 14th

    • Warmup — 2pm
    • Race — 5:30pm (Sky F1)
    • Green flag — unsure if it's 5:45pm or 6pm, conflicting reports and the finalised schedule isn't out yet.

  • Lundgaard seems to be impressing so far in qualifying. Not bad times in practice posting 7th fastest lap.

  • O'Ward aces qualifying, Power 2nd, Grosjean 3rd, then Lundgaard in 4th. Good session although I would have preferred it being the full Fast 6 version.

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  • I like Grosjean's chances today. I don't know much about Lundgaard but he looked real good in qualifying and he's in a car which is always better on race day.

  • Palou's engine blowing up has just kept the championship alive for the rest

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  • Great win for Power after a difficult season and Grosjean impressive again with 2nd. Jimmie Johnson also having by far his most competitive drive of the season

  • Good race today. It didn't pan out for Lundgaard but he definitely made an impression this weekend. Not a fan of Power but he certainly showed he is a king around Indy IMS.

    Great to see Grosjean show that tracks like this suit him. He'll have a win soon. Maybe if he is tempted by an oval towards the end of the year?!

  • Final oval of the year this weekend, and we head to World Wide Technnology Raceway (formerly Gateway Motorsports Park) for a Saturday night showdown. Of note: Grosjean will be competing!

    260 laps, 523.027km (or 325 miles if you're that inclined)


    Saturday 21st

    • Practice — 6:15pm (Sky F1)
    • Qualifying — 10pm (Sky F1)
    • Race — 1am (Sky F1)
    • Green flag at about 1:40am

  • Once again Grosjean is great entertainment. Kept it clean and quiet in 15th for the first 80 laps and now suddenly passing cars left and right breaking into the top 10!

  • Grojsean having a great race so far

  • It's definitely interesting with Herta in front and Palou maintaining the position so he is still a head of O'Ward.

    A yellow will spice this up.

  • Grosjean coming alive in the latter part of this race.

  • G'wan Grosjean! Love if he won it!

  • Herta hit a rabbit earlier 😔 rest in...

  • Great racing from Grosjean. Really enjoyed it. Definitely driver of the day.

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  • Oh right, I've forgotten to update here for the rest of the west coast swing. Oops. Anyhow...


    The championship comes down to the iconic Long Beach Grand Prix this Sunday, as three drivers (well, really two barring some absolute mares) battle it out to take the IndyCar title. Álex Palou holds a hefty 35 point lead over Pato O'Ward, with Josef Newgarden a further 15 points back (still in contention, but needs a god-roll to win).


    Friday 24th

    • Practice 1 — 11pm

    Saturday 25th

    • Practice 2 — 5pm (Sky F1)
    • Qualifying — 8pm (Sky F1)

    Sunday 26th

    • Warmup — 5pm
    • Race — 8pm (Sky F1)
    • Green flag — 8:45pm

    2022 SCHEDULE

    Oh yea this thing also came out over the weekend.

  • Grosjean will be a serious championship contender if heives to Andretti.

    I don't know what's going on with Rossi, bad luck and some mistakes have destroyed his season.

    Andretti could have some team next year with Herta, Grosjean and Rossi if he gets back in track. I presume they'll be moving up Kyle Kirkwood too from Indy lights. He looks like a great one in the making too.

  • Grosjean to Andretti in the DHL car is now confirmed, he is also bringing over his race engineer from DCR which is huge news because aside from Herta's brilliance the rest of the Andretti cars are slow and look to have engineering issues. Devlin DeFrancesco is tipped to step up from Indy Lights to take Hinchliffe's drive

  • I don't understand how Di Francesco gets a shot ahead of Kirkwood.

  • What time does long beach start at (Irish time)

  • Coverage from 8pm, and I think it's green flag at 8.45pm. But tune in earlier in case I don't have that right.

  • Herta has to be a contender to win next season. He's ridiculously quick.

  • Lads im a casual fan, what is the purpose of O'Ward coming back out?

  • Commentary team said they think it's to cover if Dixon wins the race as that would push down to 4th in championship. If he can some points he could still finish 3rd maybe even second if newgarden runs into an issue.

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  • Sixth youngest champ in history. First champ in the #10 car since Dario Franchitti. First Spaniard to be champ.