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What is the point of TikTok

  • 03-08-2021 9:29am
    Registered Users Posts: 1,305 ✭✭✭ magic_murph

    To me it just seems like a complete waste of time.

    Middle aged women dancing to stupid songs.

    You wans prancing around in dental floss

    teenagers acting like oversexed gombeens

    influencing teenagers to be slutty

    live steams of teenagers in tears talking about depression and bullying all the while getting negative comments thrown at them.

    The majority of social media has this dark side but tiktok just seems to be the worst. Granted I am not the target demographic but in my limited use it just seems a bad thing.



  • I think it's brilliant. The algorithm that tailors your viewing suggestions is quite good. I spend hours watching short vids on DIY, music, world politics, sports...etc..

    The occasional vid of teenage girls, with swimming attire wedged up their rears, dancing to some inane dance does crop up but they are easily recognisable and swiped through. The more you dismiss these vids, the less likely they are to reappear.

    That said, I don't think it's a suitable app for young children. I cringe when I hear parents joking about how long their pre-teens spend on it..

  • Yep, I watch martial arts and weightlifting stuff on it and there's loads of useful content. The longer you watch a video it scores it higher in your interests

    The fact the the videos are short means people have to get to the point as well

  • Perving on young wans with huge tits or am I doing it wrong?

    First they came for the socialists...

  • Its to embed that extremely irritating song that plays on 90% of the clips into your brain. You know the one "Whatever happened to you..oh no..oh no..oh no". Usually the plays when some cat gets stuck in a tree or some japanese girl gets tapped on the back by a prankster who runs away.

    One of the most annoying tunes ive ever heard in my life!

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  • Well its aimed at people with short attentions spam who want to consumer click bait media.

    But it can be used for other stuff.

    I don't use TikTock but there lots of art (painting drawing), and music (as in playing instruments) on Instagram.

    A lot show what they are working on tradesmen, and craftsman, cars etc.

  • It’s like YouTube just a lot more interactive, user friendly and better to navigate... yes there is weirdness and there are a lot of teens just jumping on the bandwagon and stuff just doing stuff for the sake of it but it’s by and large, ok, humorous, informative and even interesting at times.

  • It's for young girls to shake their tits and arses for attention.

  • Are you seriously posting this on **** and not seeing the intense, intense irony ?

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  • the most popular tik toks are people dancing to hit songs.theres funny tik toks , look on youtube best tik toks.tik tok has millions of users, its the biggest video app after click on what you like, eg gaming, 80s music etc and you,ll get more content like that.

    yes i look on tik tik on my pc i see irish tik toks, most of which or you people doing stupid things alot of which are boring and stupid and pointless,

    some tik tokers are very funny are less they are incredible talented dancers . i have not seen any slightly good irish tik tok. its like youtube, theres billions of videos, ,its up to you to find good content ,when a new song comes out someone spends hours making a new dance which is copied by 1000s of people . probaly 90 per cent of the content is boring or mediocre or of no interest to you, do you really want to see a 18 year old talk about blm or mental health or a random topic. probably not.

    why is it so popular ,? because it has easy to use audio, video editing tools for anyone to make video,s and use any music they want to. amd one good video will inspire others to make similar videos. the next gen of tv video editors, or media producers or comedians are probably on tik tok

    youtube wont allow you to make videos using music owned by sony, big music companys .

    i have not installed the app so if i go to tik i mostly see awful irish tik toks . is there even one talented irish tik tok user ? whats the point of youtube, its clever, eg a video is only a minute, if you dont like it click on something else .

    say you like queen or abba ,theres 1000,s of tik toks featuring songs form any era ,70,s 90,s etc or you might say its an easy way to get famous .if you can dance or make a funny video ,if itgoe,s viral and gets a millions views , you,ll get sponsors offering you ad money.

  • tiktok took over the market once vine was bought out, the robot voice on it is dam annoying

  • Tik Tok is a very well designed app, easy to use, use any music you like, no need to worry about content getting taken down if it has music, people using public domain music from 1800, bach, Handel etc get dmca notices from company's that made records of classical music from 100 years ago. People on YouTube get dmca notices eg your 2 hour video has 3 seconds of music in it, I now get ad revenue on your video. If I go to tik Tok. Com I see Irish videos and they seem stupid, random and boring I see some tik Tok videos on YouTube that are clever funny and entertaining

    Young people use tik Tok to talk about anything they find interesting it may be boring or not relevant if you are over 3o years of age

  • The point of most pop music is to be aimed at the young I don't understand most hop hop slang or what the subject is or how there seems to be a hot new rap star every week

    Maybe tik Tok is like hip hop is not aimed at you I find it funny every song seems to be hip hop rap sung by black people with white girls dancing to it

  • Why do people feel the need to look at some randomer from the other side of the world dancing to sh!tty music?

  • You-Tube us very user friendly anyway and easy to navigate. Tik tok is just a pile of rubbish that I have no interest in. I have enough to watch on You-Tube and the tv without adding a shirty app that has rubbish short videos on it.

    Even the name Tik Tok is just stupid.

  • Tik Tok is just the sound of the clock working as it counts down to the chinese take over of the world.

  • I first got onto TikTok as my son was making a lot of content on it and I wanted to keep an eye on him.

    There's something for everyone on there. Lots of people have used it successfully to help them get over alcohol and drug addiction.

    There's also a lot of very funny Irish content creators (raychill_98) and it's been a great platform for up and coming young musicians (Blu DeTiger especially).

    However, the moderation is uber-sketchy and seems to be AI driven. Plenty of creators have been banned for nothing.

  • I think certain elements of it are educational. Bob flavin (motor expert) gives useful information as does other contributors like askpaul. If people disagree with the info alternative views are given in the comments. Now some of it is teens etc doing videos that they will look back in 10 or 15 years thinking what were they at.

  • In addition to the above it can be a great promotional tool for tourism to showcase areas like Wild Atlantic Way.

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  • raychill_98.... call this funny... you are dead to me.

  • It's a ripoff of vines but with added Chinese spyware.

  • I just go to YouTube and type best tik Toks , theres a tik Tok cover of every song, maybe you don't like the music that's in the charts or don't like hip hop music if a song gets a few million tik Tok views it, ll be a hit

    Tik Tok is gen z, s version of MTV

    I think it's clever cos it's democratic if you are funny or else are a very good dancer you can get millions of views

    You could say most tv is awful how many procedural cop TV shows do we need how many shows about baking tik Tok is not really aimed at anyone over 40 some old songs are popular in tik Tok eg Fleetwood mac dreams I think it's good that YouTube has some competition no other app allows you to use any music song without the risk of dmca takedowns

  • Tik Tok I just don't get it. I installed it but just found it annoying

    Some [email protected] dancing around in front of a tractor to shlt music? WTF?

    Besides it's something I just haven't got time for. Boards, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Sports Apps and News takes up all my Android time

    so Tik Tok uninstalled (rarely used app)

  • If you are over 18, should you even be on Tik Tok?

  • People over 18 on it should be on a watchlist- creepy

  • Attention seeking behaviour is prevalent in our society. Especially amongst younger folks. It's all very pathetic, having an excessive need for attention.

  • 110% with you on that one. Cant see any appeal to adults being on it apart from perving. If they are doing it, they need to have a long good look at themselves.

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  • Exactly, but when did this because a thing, how and why ? It’s weird..