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Understanding SIRO install requirements for an AirTight build.

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    Hi - I ordered SIRO fibre from Vodafone (500 TV and Broadband offer) and for the life of me I cannot get a straight answer from Vodafone on what the Engineers will need to do to install it. Twice Engineers have showed up to the site, took a look and noted that the ESB mains was disconnected and then headed off without a phone call or check-in.

    My electrician is doing a 1st fix and he and builder are asking me for the details on the BB requirements. I've been told that the Fibre runs on the same duct from the ESB pole outside the house to where the meter box is. What I cannot find out from Vodafone is how they propose to get it inside the house. Does the line come into the house at the back end of the external ESB meter box same as the ESB mains? From the front of the house where the meter box is, I need to get it to my utility. Does my electrician need to run the ducting from the meter box (internally) to the utility and then the box will be installed inside from there? Or does the internal box need to be placed close to the internal side of the meter box? If so, do I need sockets there? The other side of the meter box is my kitchen!

    Or do they install a box outside, separate the ESB line and the fibre before entry into the meter box and drill a hole from the outside to inside at that location and then install the box the other side and connect that way? How am I supposed to get it from the front to the back utility, does the router need to be hard-wired to that internal fibre box?

    Shocking that Vodafone can sell me the service without telling me how it comes in and won't let me talk to an Engineer directly. We just got our first air tightness test done and the builder is plugging gaps. I can't have a Vodafone sub contracted engineer coming to my house and drilling holes on the day, through 200mm external insulation on an air tight house... can I?🤯


  • In my case I got to tell them where to bring the fibre into the home. So the first engineers only brought the fibre into the ESB box and left. If I didnt see them coming I'd never have known they were there. I was told they would come but no dates or times etc as they didnt need any access to my home. Then activo came a day or two later to do the internal install. I had them install the ONT under my stairs which was fine. Awkward for them but they did it with no issues what so ever. They ran the fibre down the side of the house.... drilled a hole to run the fibre in. Once installed the hole was filled with silicon (might be something else) and externally where the fibre enters the home there is a small box.

  • Thanks - it's the drilling part that worries me. We're getting 200mm insulation on the outside of the house and we're aiming for an airtightness of ~1. Having some lads coming in drilling holes is the piece that worries me. I would like it done now so it could be managed by my builder but I haven't a clue where it needs to be done. Maybe I am worrying over nothing?

  • Apologies, I can't answer your question but am wondering something similar if I get external insulation added to the house. I've a feeling if I do and SIRO becomes available, I won't be able to get it because the engineers won't touch the insulation.

  • The fibre is coming into the ESB box. Where it goes from there is partly up to you once you dont take the piss and say the complete opposite side.

    So to close this out identify where in relation to the ESB box you want the fibre to come in. If you want to predrill the hole great and you could install an airtight sleeve for cables but you need to know the cable size for the sleeve.