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Electric Ireland price increase - is this breaking contract?

  • 15-07-2021 11:20am
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    I'm with Electric Ireland since March '21 and I am a lower consumption than average user.

    EI are raising prices in August - does this mean they are breaking the contract they have with me? Obviously I was wondering about changing suppliers and if I could avoid being penalised.

    I'd feel a bit mean about it, TBH, having taken a cashback deal, but maybe I could use it as leverage to get no increase for the rest of the contract period (12 months)?

    This kind of thing goes on in phone contracts all the time, but I've never heard anything about it for electricity.


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    I don't think it is to be honest, Generally Gas, Electricity price increases are overseen by the regulator. Due to the nature of global energy prices and the way they fluctuate I would think utility companies exempt from energy price increase or indeed decreases fluctuations in terms of it being an enforceable aspect of a consumer contract. The same would not apply to a communications, Entertainment, Internet provider offering a defined service at an agreed monthly cost, Utility companies never, ever offer a gaurenteed or set monthly tariff/cost.

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

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    Assuming You are on a variable rate contract, then no. Prices can move up and down as stated in the contract. If you have a discount, then this discount is off the variable rate.

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    Thank you both for the comments. I'd say you are right. Haven't dug out the contract document (place is up in a heap) but if they have phrased the price as "x% off the standard price" then they are well covered.

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    It's certainly a pain and sadly there's going to be lots of price increases across the boards coming our way, Nearly fell over this morning at the price of diesel

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

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    Oil at multi year highs at the moment.

    But prices should start dropping a little as fracking becomes very profitable at the current price for gas and oil. And that will see supply increasing hugely.

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    I got a massive price increase notification recently so started shopping around. I thought we had 30 days to shop also. But, I read an article on Bonkers saying if your tariff is 'variable' then you do not get that 30 days when prices rise. I can't get my head around that. If this were Mon-Fri I'd call the regulator, CRU , for a clear response but it's Saturday. I've seen a few posts on here saying it's a hidden surprise also. Switched to Bright Energy 2 mins ago, no contract, no exit fees... I think it's going to be a bumpy year with price increases and I don't want to find myself locked in a contract with huge prices increases.

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    If you are in a discounted contract which most likely has a variable price, then you cannot get out of that contract without paying a penalty.

    I suspect that you were no longer in contract - a contract is usually for 12 months, once the 12 months is up you can move at any time.

    The trick is to move every 12 months as the discounts end for month 13 and you automatically see your prices increase substantially.

    Btw, it's not just here, it's all over that prices are increasing and many EU countries have higher prices.