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Which country has the best cuisine, in your opinion?

  • 23-07-2021 4:02pm
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    With the Olympics upon us, it might be fun to get a thread going on which country has the best cuisine, in your opinion?

    Also: feel free to include your favorite dish from said country


  • Thai is my fav I think - but I really love food like seafood/Chicken, with lemon, garlic, parsley, etc - dunno what you could class that as origin wise? French, Irish, Italian? Also lovvveeee Greek/Middle Eastern food - hummus, flatbread, sumac, chargrilled meats, koftas etc..

  • Any but Ireland. Irelands cuisine is shayte. Not its ingredients, mind you, which are good. The beef and lamb and dairy are good. But what they do with it is pretty shayte.

    Portugal has good cuisine. North of Brazil (Para state) has good cuisine. Indonesia also has great cuisine. And in general I like anything from the middle east in terms of cuisine.

  • i love polish food (ok i grew up eating it) but pierogi, kopytki, stuffed cabbage leaves, rye bread.

    also malaysia with a mix of chinese indian and malay is just fantastic

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  • I'm going to be controversial and say Britain.

    Roast beef carvery dinner in a pub on a Sunday.

    Cream tea after an autumn ramble in the countryside (Fresh scones, clotted cream, home or farm-made jam, pot of tea--beat that!)

    Sticky toffee puddings and spotted dick are among the finest desserts you can get anywhere

    And of course there is the marvelous mashup of cuisines that is Indian-British cuisine. It's not traditionally British, but it's not authentically Indian as well. But it's MAGNIFICENT!!!!

    Of course at the fag-end of the English culinary spectrum there is the truly hideous "greasy spoon" culture of cheap sausages, battery-hen fried eggs, eel pie, cheap tinned beans and chips that have been fried multiple times to keep them warm, which is largely what has contributed to England's traditional reputation as the worst place on earth to go out to eat.

    But at its best, it's terrific!

  • Thailand and imo its not even close

  • Vietnam. The variety and flavours are amazing. Favourite dish is Bun rieu cua.

  • French overall from provincial peasant dishes to high-end restaurant fare and variety from starters to desserts

    And as said excellent wine and cheese also.

    I'd pick as a sample menu

    soupe a l'oignon (properly done)

    pan-seared fois gras

    steak au poivre

    creme brulee (properly done)

    all washed down with a nice Gigondas

  • pad kra pao or khao man gai, sticky rice and mango dessert, quality

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  • It would have to be India for me.

    The variety of food is unmatched by any other cuisine I've come across, the ingredients and spices are amazing, incredibly varied and so versatile. Fresh or dried staples, I'll never stop being amazed at what an Indian chef can do with just the humblest of items.

    Unfortunately, this has been limited down to maybe 10 default dishes served in every Indian restaurant over here. It's a very poor reflection even of simple, home-cooked Indian food, never mind restaurant-style.

  • I've been thinking about this question since it was posted and I still can't decide!

    I love the spicy flavours of far eastern cuisine, the simplicity of Mediterranean food, the comfort of Irish/British food and the indulgence of American food - bbq and breakfast.

    Then again, I'm also a huge fan of olde world food, made before refrigeration - sourdough, kimchi and home-cured meat.

    I just love good food! 🤤

  • Thailand! Pad thai is the world's greatest invention

  • I'm a fan of Eastern Med and Middle Eastern food, at least my understanding of it. Particularly flatbreads, grilled meat/kebab/pulses/vegetables, lots of fresh salads, herbs, etc. It's what I tend to make quickly for myself, especially during the summer. Except for the flatbreads, which I just cannot master, so I buy them. Meat kebabs are usually bought too, but I must try making my own.

    I love East/Southeast Asian food too, but some of it does seem quite alien to me.

  • As a vegetarian it has to be India..I couldnt stop eating, the dhosa's were unreal.

  • I'm a sucker for Mexican food

    Tacos de lengua covered in hot sauce, cilantro, radish, and lime juice in my kryptonite.

  • Great thread. Hard to actually say what countries food is the best as usually good and travel go together.

    • everything I ate in Hoi An was delicious.
    • grilled prawns from the Sydney fish market.
    • fresh grilled fish on a beach in Greece with feet in the sand.
    • that first pizza I ever had in Naples with tables on the road and ladies or the night opposite. Dodgy as hell but delicious.
    • Fried calamari in a nice tavern in Rhodes.
    • the best amatriciana in a small restaurant in Osaka on a wet night in April.
    • tapas in Donostia - favourite was a small piece of steak topped with fresh foie gras. Close second is a plate of bellota ham and fried Padron peppers.
    • oysters in a Lyon market with wine.
    • the tastiest mussels in the Bordeaux indoor market. Seriously good value for money.
    • Fantastic Indian food in a small place on the outskirts of Johannesburg.
    • celebrating an anniversary in Chapter One and deciding to say feck it on cost knowing sacrifices will need to be made.