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An 18 Week Sabbatical



  • so to be sure i understand what you are working of

    5 k pace 3.13 to 3.22
    10 k pace 3.21- 3.31
    lt pace 3.23 -3.40
    marathon pace 3.27 and not a second slower, but its totally ok to go slower for 10 k pace and lt pace than marathon pace while aiming for a 10 k pb.
    would that sum up correctly how you think ?
    out of interest what was marathon race day weight compared with now ?

    btw i still think you will get sub 33 if you taper well and havent left your mental energy in all those 5 k "races" that mean very little but you made a moutnain out of them all they really have told you that your are training mentally to much at your limit and then cant hurt when you want to. the typical error rather than admiting you need more rest or go a bit easeier or both , we go harder and dig a deeper hole.

    good luck with the race

  • Monday 14th June
    Distance Run w/ 1mi tempo, 2mi 10k, 1mi tempo, 1mi 10k down to 5k
    18.01km in 1:19:41, 4:25/km

    Warm up; 7.00km in 32:07, 4:35/km
    1.61km in 5:22, 3:20/km
    3 minutes rest
    3.22km in 10:36, 3:18/km
    3 minutes rest
    1.61km in 5:23, 3:21/km
    3 minutes rest
    1.20km in 3:58, 3:18/km
    400m in 1:17, 3:12/km
    3 minutes rest
    Cool down; 1.72km in 8:55, 5:11/km
    I used the Tom Brennan loop in the Phoenix Park for the faster partsof today’s run, so the route was about as flat as I could hope for. But I’d still chalk it down as one of the best runs I’ve done since starting the plan last February. It was hard work, but I successfully hit my target paces. I finished a bit more optimistic about my chances of breaking 33 minutes on July 3rd.
    Totals: 1:20 - 18.01km

    Tuesday 15th June
    Run - 16½km
    16.52km in 1:07:02, 4:03/km, 143bpm

    Warm-up: 1.00km in 4:57
    Run: 14.51km in 57:06, 3:56/km
    Cool down: 1.00km in 4:55
    I happened to be in Lucan this evening, and decided to take advantage of this opportunity, and ran somewhere different. After climbing a cnutish hill to get out of the village and cross the N4, I eventually found the entrance to Griffeen Valley Park. I was hoping for a relaxing evening, but I didn’t find it the easiest place to run.
    Totals: 1:07 - 16.52km

    Wednesday 16th June
    Run 1 - 6½km
    6.66km in 28:29, 4:17/km, 138bpm

    Warm-up: 0.75km in 4:09, 5:33/km
    Run: 5.00km in 19:51, 3:58/km
    Cool down: 0.91km in 4:26, 4:53/km

    Totals: 0:28 - 6.66km

    Run 2 - 6½km Easy
    6.49km in 27:53, 4:17/km, 132bpm

    KM Splits;
    1) 4:40, 2) 4:24, 3) 4:14, 4) 4:12, 5) 4:08, 6) 4:09, 7) 0.49km in 2:02 - 4:05/km
    The easy was my own decision, and the pickup in pace happened naturally.
    Totals: 0:28 - 6.49km

    Thursday 17th June
    14km w/ 5 x 800m @ 5k pace + 5 x 20” hill sprints
    14.01km in 1:11:52, 5:08/km (includes over 22 minutes of walking)

    Warm-up: 0.95km in 5:00 - 5:13/km
    3.36km in 14:54 - 4:26/km
    800m in 2:30 - 3:08/km
    2:30 rest
    800m in 2:32 - 3:09/km
    2:30 rest
    800m in 2:27 - 3:04/km
    2:30 rest
    800m in 2:31 - 3:09/km
    2:30 rest
    800m in 2:28 - 3:05/km
    2:30 rest
    1.52km in 6:35 - 4:20/km
    5 x {20” hill sprints* + circa 2mins recovery}
    Cool down: 1.49km in 7:23 - 4:57/km
    I used a flat stretch of road for the 800m reps, so I’d no excuses to fall back on should I have ended up running them too slowly. They ended up being a bit too fast, but the recoveries were very generous and I felt like I was in control of the pace. For the hill sprints, I used a hill in BIT that I’d never used before, and I feel like I made a good fist of these too.
    Totals: 1:12 - 14.01km

    Friday 18th June
    10.01km in 41:57, 4:11/km, 135bpm

    Warm-up: 1.00km in 5:09
    8.00km in 31:59, 4:00/km
    Cool down: 1.00km in 4:40

    Totals: 0:42 - 10.01km

    Saturday 19th June
    Run 1 - 8km Recovery
    8.05km in 46:07, 5:43/km, 108bpm
    This should have been done yesterday evening, but I’d a busy week, and it was going to be a lot easier get two runs done on a day I didn’t have to go to work.
    Totals: 0:46 - 8.05km

    Run 2 - 18km
    18.00km in 1:13:00, 4:03/km, 140bpm

    Warm-up: 1.00km in 4:46
    16.00km in 1:03:47, 3:58/km
    Cool down: 1.00km in 4:27

    Totals: 1:13 - 18.00km

    Sunday 20th June
    12km Recovery
    12.00km in 1:10:01, 5:50/km, 106bpm

    Totals: 1:10 - 12.00km

    Weekly Totals
    Running - Time: 8:26, Distance: 109.75km
    Cross training - Time: 0:00

    S & C - Time: 0:00

  • Just wondering if the 10k went ahead on the end? Found this a very interesting blog to follow.

  • Well done on the PB and for finishing out such an arduous plan.

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