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Account Deletion

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    Just want to clarify at the outset that this is not some knee-jerk/ angry response to the current situation. Just curious about the current situation vs the previous situation when it comes to deleting an account.

    Can an account still be deleted? And what is the most information that can be deleted? When will this option become available?


  • Does gdpr give people the right to have all their data erased?

  • Curious, any update on the OP?

  • at a guess all you can do is close your account

    your posts will remain on boards and boards most likely keep a copy of all your registration details and ip address(es)

    no surprise therefore that nobody has bothered to reply

  • I'm sure that Niamh can provide more accurate information, but as far as I am aware, the procedure will be the same as in the past iteration of Boards - that you can request an account deletion, and the username attached to your post history will be anonymized for each post (previously it was assigned a random three word username) and all identifying data is scrambled. Posts themselves aren't deleted, save those that are personally identifiable.

    To the best of my knowledge I believe the anonymisation process is high up on the list of functionality to be restored ASAP, but if it's a route you wish to follow, your best bet is to drop Niamh a message, until the procedure is formailsed.

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  • I want to deactivate my account and have my email taken from your data. How do I do this?

    I would request/engineer a permaban but don't trust them to wipe my personal data.

  • Per Niamh, e-mail your request to [email protected]

  • Why should I? This is good enough. I'm not running around after anybody.

    The next email I send is to the Data Protection Officer.

  • Community Manager

    Morning all. The procedure for account closure at the moment is to email [email protected] or [email protected] Please specify if you are requesting your account be closed and anonymised as per our GDPR policy or simply closed.

    @Edz87 we have a procedure in place, if you cannot email either of the above email addresses please send a PM to myself or to GDPR with your request. Thanks.

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  • Just delete my account and data. Thanks

  • Where is your published GDPR compliance page, with your statutory requirements fulfilled? I can't identify it. Your Privacy Notice is also 404'ing

  • Apparently, they have 30 days before they might close an account.

    Boards, if you're gonna make it this hard to close an account, you should just be upfront with people at the outset.

    Waiting for ages to close my account. Not sure why you need to complicate this.

    I know the staff are very busy; nobody is blaming the staff. The organisation is a bit of a shítshow.

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    Guys re the 30 days to close an account, it normally is done within a couple of days of receiving a request however with everything else going on it will take longer at the moment. We are legally obliged to get it done within 30 days from receiving a request but are making every effort to get to them sooner than that if we can.

  • Please close my account and make sure all my profile information is wiped from the database (including contact details) - don't care about posts. The privacy balls-up from the migration, leaves me with zero faith in what remains of the site.

  • The huge benefit of the new style is the angry fucwits all want to close their accounts, and that will make it a better forum.

    So just like you can delete a Facebook post and ban the poster from your page instantly, boards should give similar power to Niamh.

    Once someone says they want to close the account, delete and close immediately with no further communication. - It will feel empowering. 😃😃

  • Darc19 "...So just like you can delete a Facebook post and ban the poster from your page instantly, boards should give similar power to Niamh."

    ...emm, you may be getting closing accounts confused with bans. Even closing accounts on facebook takes atleast 15 days (if I am not mistaken), and even then it's only a "soft" close, not a hard delete as you can come back under your old profile.

    I do believe Niamh has that precise ban ^ power, but thankfully she (unlike myself) exercises a great deal of tact, tolerance, restraint and prudence - if she didn't, we all (angry fucwits or no) would have been outright banned long before now. (pac)

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  • It's ironical - *like the wild west this place is now - as to whom or what has access/control of our personal data is anyone's guess, and what they're allowed to do with it; well, the 'Mortal Man' (likes of me 😴 is clueless) ... even those who know a thing or two about privacy laws (posters on this site), well, even they don't seem to know.. But one would expect to know this, yet they pretty much claim they're clueless about the privacy/data/GDPR connotations 😏

    *The more bureaucracy/laws/uncertainty - and there's plenty of laws, legalities, and loopholes that can hardly be understood (but certainly be expoited 😒) - that there are in place; and the various jurisdictions of the Actors (Boards, Vanilla and fq knows who else) lends itself being exactly wild west-like..

    Some clarification please... We're (or were) happy to have the service of this discussion forum, and just because it's by and large free (in the monetary sense) , it doesn't mean that that should diminish our "right to complain" (despite what some posters maintain)... The data and analytics used in assessing our info via cookies etc is of benefit to someone regards marketing/ads targeting, so even if we aren't/weren't paying for it, there's definitely a quid pro quo going on...

    Just at least tell us how to delete our accounts (instead of that link on how to merely 'close account' ffs ) , and have our posts "anonymized" (at the very least), as was the case just over a month ago... That still leaves our Personal profile info, which most likely wasn't much of a concern/issue for posters when previously closing their accounts, as there was no 'Foreign Parties' involved in the mix then.. Not many posters are going to close their accounts now though, owing to common sense, as we know right well that our private information will pretty much be out in the ether. Seems that some who want to close their account will be reluctantly content to do so, if the post anonymization thingy is utilised, but most feel compelled to keep their account open 'under duress', so we're waiting until we hear more (drip drip - will take several more months would be my guess, before we even get close to an acceptable amount of illumination on these worrying issues)

    They effectively have us 'over a barrel' while they're 'sorting stuff out' (yeah right, they be trying to exploit any and all avenues so as to be able to hold onto as much of our info as possible - cos that's no doubt high up on Vanilla's priorities leastways, imho).

    Lucky for me I never sent/received many PMs, or posted much sensitive info ie in PI, but there's major concern for many who would have, and then there's the concern over what can be accessed from the 'Talk To' forums on top of all that 😲 (and fuq knows what else, that most of us haven't even considered)..

    I hate posting long posts, as it takes so bloody long, and me post is most likely incomprehensible, as I aint as succinct as I like to be.... I just wanted to vent, but in the time it took to write this the automatic 'Save Draft' function kicked in (more than once)..... this was supposed to be a good thing, and it was believed until this clusterfuk kicked in... 'Save Draft' = more info in the ether smh

    And I aint buying this 'babe in the woods' routine neither, ie Vanilla are/were inept/not up to the 'massive undertaking' and/or that they took Boards for mugs... As the saying goes - "there's two of them in it"....

  • Anyone any idea how long this account deletion and data wiped is supposed to take? I have requested it over 30 days ago now and thought that was over the " prescribed statutory period".

  • Did you email [email protected] or [email protected]?

    Putting requests like this in the middle a thread on a busy forum is less likely to get a response than emailing directly. At least if you email one of the addresses above you know your request is delivered to the correct place/person.

    If you have emailed them, and your account has not yet been actioned then emailing again is your best option. Keeping everything streamlined and in the one direct thread is, easier for everyone to manage rather than requests coming through many indirect channels.

  • I have indeed emailed those addresses, and got a reply saying it would be actioned in the prescribed statutory period.

    Boards are legally obligated to have it done within 30 days, of which this request is now over.

    I guess I'll need to get my solicitor involved today then. Unfortunate but not surprising.

    I thought putting a question here in this recent thread which is discussing that exact thing and has recent and relevant input from the Niamh would maybe get an answer, silly me I guess.

  • Please come back when you are finished and let us know how you got on. It might take a bit longer since you have so many posts to delete.

  • Not necessarily, Niamh is active on a number of threads across a number of boards. Including dealing with site issues, bug fixes, upgrades, requests, etc.

    She's not just following these threads for requests regarding accounts. All requests or queries involving same should be directed to the email addresses above.

    If you can post a message in this thread you can send, reply to, or forward an email to the relevant department.

  • I already have sent 3 emails so far, and none have been replied to, hence me asking here.

  • 17 years worth, probably over a 1000, so a decent amount alright. ;)

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