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Best summer in memory



  • 1995 and 2013

    1995 was a coming of age year for me, raves in forest and beachs, spent the whole summer in shorts and barechested

    2013 - first summer with our first child, putting him to bed in his nappy only. Endless days on the beach

    We missed 2018 - went to spain for a month and it was all over when we got back. Reminded me of the Con Holihan quote. 'I missed Italia 90 - I was in Italy at the time'

  • the main thing about the summer of 95 was,,,,Blur or Oasis?

  • I thought 1994 was pretty hot.

    I was in between primary and secondary schools.

    Spent a week on the beach in Dunmore East. Remember people got burnt through their tshirts.

    The wettest summer I remember is 2008. It just rained day after day.

  • Does last year(2020) not count because it started in april and only lasted till June?

  • I spent every single day of 95 on the golf course. It was amazing!

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  • 1995.

    I was 16 and had not a care in the world

    Just got out and enjoyed every minute of it.

  • 1995 is the one summer I remember where we had constant good weather for the full 3 months.

  • 2018 was from around June 20 (I remember being at body and soul that year and while the weather was nice all weekend, Sunday is when it started to get properly warm) to the end of July. I quit my job at the end of June and spent the summer drinking beers on my balcony, those 6ish weeks we had amazing weather. I don't remember August being up to much.

    2006 I was a student in Germany and didn't get home til late July. I don't remember any decent weather here but there was a serious heatwave in Germany, sustained periods of 35+. Fairly uncomfortable.

    1995 I was 10, don't remember anything about that summer but probably wasn't old enough to appreciate that kind of weather wasn't normal in Ireland.

  • 2018 for me, we seemed to get a long run of summer days which was great, it was almost like a summer 😊

  • I was 11 in 1995 and have incredibly vivid memories of that summer. My main friends were 10 that year and also do. We knew it wasn’t normal! Defo not too young to be memorable, at least from my experience.

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  • People are mentioning summer 2020 but I’m struggling to think of anything standout about it. In fact, I remember being annoyed that the one summer we really needed it to be decent weather due to us all being locked down and stuck in Ireland, the weather didn’t deliver. I just recall a bogstandard summer. I’m living in the Dublin area - maybe that makes a difference.

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  • 1995 was an epic summer, there's going to be a slew of us 40 and on folk calling it our very own summer of love!

    A summer of drinking, swimming, riding and debauchery topped off by Feile 95! Which had possibly one of the best festival lineups ever! Getting langers on Bucky and getting my nipple pierced with an earring gun.

    Man what a summer!

  • what are you talking about. it did deliver exactly what we needed.

    it was lovely last year . nice and warm and lovely days where you could actually work and do jobs around the house. perfect diy weather.

    if last year was like last week it would have been a disaster . way to hot , people goin gto the beach . people stuck inside and misserable.

  • 1887 for me, was a really scorcher

  • Not where I was. It was very disappointing. And like I said, I paid extra attention because there was very little else going on. If you had a good summer where you were, good for you. I did not. I recall regretting one Saturday I didn’t go to the sea because it was literally the only day the weather and water would have been warm enough to do so. One day.

    And, ahem, if it was warm enough but not so warm that you could get stuff done around the house, you’ve pretty much admitted right there that it was unexceptional heat-wise. Caught rapid! 😄 DIY weather is not the measure of an exceptional summer to me, especially as I have always preferred doing DIY in cooler or even cold weather. If you’re doing it right, you won’t be cool for long.

  • this thread is called best summer not hottest summer.

    best is a measure of quality . a lot of things make that up. temp is one, as the temp increases up the quality of the summer increases until about 20 degrees, after that it levels off and rapidly drops if it goes about 25.

    same gos for humidity. last week was horrible both in temps and humidity

    what part of the country are you in. here in tipp i spent weeks outside painting and doing jobs. everything you could find was painted from the house, gates, trailers to a shed roof etc. no shortage of good weather

  • The measure of how much DIY I could do in a summer is most assuredly not the mark of a good summer, that much I know, considering the amount I got done in crappy summers because it’s actually easier to get a lot done in a dryish, cool summer.

    This week, I basked in a lake that felt tropical under skies that felt tropical. And there were multiple days I could have chosen to do that. That’s exceptional, not a feckin’ 19°C dry day that lets me paint a wall or whatever. Two years ago, Dublin had severe water shortages - and endless cloud. By your DIY measure, that summer was ideal. But it was actually depressing. Yellowing grass and not even sun to accompany it.

  • 1995 was one of the best for sure but I won a couple of golf competitions that summer mainly because of wet weather conditions which favoured my iron /fairway wood off the tee strategy at the time. Also, at at no time during 1995 was the grass as burnt as it was during the dry weeks in 2018. I'm too young to remember the 1970s. 2003 was another good one but overall I would say 2018.

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  • I was doing my Leaving Cert in 1995.

    The exam hall was stifling every single day.

    If I recall, it didn't rain from the start of June until mid-August

    The reservoirs were dangerously low and there were gorse fires in the mountains.

    I can remember 10 weeks of 25c and higher. Muggy nights and clear blue sky by day

  • maybe to you but it is to a lot of people.

    its not just diy its people jobs , mine included that rely on good weather. good weather is dry warm with a light brease around 15-20 degrees. once it goes above that it starts becoming bad weather.

    its a balancing act. but too hot is way worse that cold .

    as you say we need rain mixed in

  • And to me, a great April and May is not that great. Much shorter days, cooler evenings. It's just not late enough in the year to get too excited about. I was in the Dublin area and there was only one day where I regretted not getting to the sea to get some swimming in. I think it was 24 degrees that day. Inland was better. I do recall being envious of rellies getting better weather than us. But just too early for me to personally get excited about and just not heat that really struck me apart from that one day.

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  • 1995 and 2013.

    95 - me and my mates built a raft and lived on the thing for the summer. Great days. If you look at any clips from the big GAA games that summer it's sweltering in all of them.

  • The summer of '95 was unreal. Late teens. Parties. REM at Slane. Class.

    Gigs '21 - Stendhal Festival (July), Stendhal Festival (August), Liam Gallagher & Idles, King Kong Company, The Undertones

    Gigs '22 - Teenage Fanclub, Clutch

  • 1976 …. Every day on the beach in Kerry. Different beach each day. Grandparents, uncles aunts and cousins all having fun every day for weeks. Parents used to go every morning to butchers and the shop… cooking meals on the beach…if I remember correctly, that summer was the longest and best until I moved abroad.

    here I am 36c today, no beach no swimming pool (alas) just too hot to sunbathe…miles from home and wishing I was back on those Kerry beaches again!

  • Pollock by name, Pollock by article. Horrendous.

  • "The Irish Times noted the changes in people’s habits that began to be noticed throughout June, as people grew more accustomed to the new Mediterranean climate."

    There is no end to the skills of journalists is there? Not only are they experts in all things science, politics and the economy, but now are selling themselves as expert social psychologists as well.

  • Terrible writing indeed. The article could have been interesting, had somebody who can actually write had written it.

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  • Definitely, even though I was a child-I vividly remember the reservoir in Stillorgan being practically dried out