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May Running Challenge



  • OK, second attempt. For the times that are in it.


    The 'suckers' (spikes) were the trickiest part, being very small oval shapes. Other than that, the route was made for it, given the geometry of the State's first local authority housing project, laid out nearly 100 years ago.

  • Not to discredit shotguns, I don’t know if it’s a peacock minus it’s plumage or a turkey that hadn’t been well but Murph’s is and excellent example of what our lives have been for 18 months or so. Well done D.

  • 554400.jpg

    The Elephant of Clontarf 11.05km 1.06.48.

    That was one of the strangest runs I've done but also very enjoyable. I picked out the "elephant" on Google maps and drew it out on a piece of paper with the street names written down. I felt it would be easier to check than the phone. The paper drawing worked out well - I didn't make any wrong turns. The hardest part was estimating the height of the elephant's front legs ... and my carefully drawn tail is barely visible (I actually researched elephant's tails to check whether I could use Mt Prospect Avenue for the tail).

    It was a perfect morning for a run ... even accidentally switching off my watch after 1km and having to start again didn't take away from it! It was a great idea for a challenge - thanks to whoever thought of it.

    Edit: Strava link:

  • And I managed to squeeze one in, just before the end of the month. I'm keeping with the animal theme.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the Seahorse:


  • Thanks all for taking part again. I'll sort some form of scoring this week.

    As for a June Challenge. Emmm..

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  • My effort:


    So frustrated. :(

    It's supposed to be a 5 pointed star. I sketched it out on a sheet of paper and calculated the angles. I finally got to use the compass I bought years ago. I needed a large, empty and preferably flat space. I recced the Phoenix Park, but the area in front of the cross is covered in tufty long grass, and the other side is too busy, so I hit on the idea of doing it at Sandymount at low tide!

    It was so well planned I turned up the first day in my runners and socks. It was too wet so I took them off. :pac: The hard ridged sand was too painful to walk on so I hobbled back to the car and slunk off home with my tail between my legs.

    Take 2: Sandals! Perfect for walking on the sand. The day I tried it was wild and windy, cold and wet. Off I went into the middle of the sand. I'm wondering what people were thinking? :D "Is he suicidal or what? Is he trying to drown himself at low tide?" :D:D
    Hmm, I quickly realised, thanks to my clever and forward thinking plan, that I grossly underestimated the area I would need. The weather was too foul to restart. I was starting to get quite cold. Blast! Another DNF. :rolleyes::o

    Take 3: Good weather, sandals, plenty of space allowed. My list of compass bearings at the ready. It wasn't quite low tide, but it was low enough. Mostly the water was barely over the sole of my sandal, but I had to wade through knee deep water for part of one leg. And as you can see, when I took my reading from the north-most apex it was off. Also, I had nothing to home in on for the finish. It's so flat and featureless out there.

    Ah well...

    Kudos to the owners of the virus and the ostrich. They worked out extremely well. I know Marino quite well, I used to live on Grace Park Terrace.

  • Couldn't let the month pass so I had a go in a blind panic this evening. Blind being a good word. My piece titled "Paddle your own" was done pretty blindly on the fly. The result ironically is that the canoe appears to have no oarsman at all. So I'm calling it a splash guard. As for the oar... I got a few nettle stings as I attempted to draw that particular part. I don't find nettles sore or even that itchy and certainly not enough that would have had me jump into the Boyne in the name of art. Anyway, I would have been fairly peeved if I decided to feic and done it resulting in a beautiful looking oar on pig of a boat.

    I hope to score some points for what I was aiming at. Namely, it's how I approach my running. The river provided a nice contour there I thought and fitted nicely with the canoe theme.

    Edit: I added the satellite image as the Strava map makes it look like I wasn't at the rivers edge when I attempted to draw my oar.

  • Hi All

    Thank you again for participating. Time for everyone to select their top 3 for the monthly challenge. The poll is multiple choice so please select up to 3 that stood out for you in terms of visual, story, effort etc... :)

    I'll let the poll run for a week or until the votes have dried up, and then update the overall points table. It will be the same as previous months 20, 19, 18 etc.. and because just 15 total participated, everyone will score at least 6 points :D


  • Done - thanks for organising again!

    I must admit to being confused by the "7" reference in my run title though. Maybe it's obvious but... #babybrain

  • crisco10 wrote: »
    Done - thanks for organising again!

    I must admit to being confused by the "7" reference in my run title though. Maybe it's obvious but... #babybrain

    Sorry it was a typo for "&". I lifted my finger off "shift" before I pressed "7" and didn't notice :o

    P.S Any ideas for June Challenge or do we take a break and come back to it in July. I'm a bit squashed for time this month :(

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  • Sorry it was a typo for "&". I lifted my finger off "shift" before I pressed "7" and didn't notice :o

    P.S Any ideas for June Challenge or do we take a break and come back to it in July. I'm a bit squashed for time this month :(

    I'd suggested the 200m previously. But another idea I had was stopwatch bingo?

    Haven't thought of a way to flesh out the details, or how it would work re verification, but the principle is that you try and finish on as many unique seconds times across the month. I need some time or other's inspiration on how to maybe distil the idea down so it transfers well without a world of paperwork.

    e.g. I did a 41:59 today, and a 36:36 yesterday so my score is 2 (59 and 36) so far. It obviously gets incrementally harder!

  • Looks like the Boards revamp has revealed the poll results. Congrats, Hannibal Smith! 😀

  • Something weird about that. There were a lot more votes. That was not the final poll. 😕

    Apologies for not posting results before the update

  • I don't think the 'move' has quite finalised yet. I'd say there'll be a bit of a rejig of things to come and the poll will show the correct result once it's all settled.

  • Yeah, I can't remember who I voted for 100% but I'm fairly sure one of the people I did vote for is still on 0 votes. Oh well, another thing to moan about about the revamp.