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Netflix Recommendations Thread 3.0



  • Watched the first episode of Heist last night and really enjoyed it.

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  • Shaun the Sheep Movie

    A classic horror story

    In this gruesome suspense film, strangers traveling in southern Italy become stranded in the woods, where they must fight desperately to get out alive.

    Shaun the Sheep sounds like it's a major change from the tv series. 😮

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  • Looking forward to S2 of Never Have I Ever. S1 was a pleasant surprise.

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  • the edit is all over the shop

    a classic horror story is a title on netflix :)

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  • How good is Series 4 of Atypical? I just want to reach into my telly screen and hug every one of the characters. Only one episode to go with lots to resolve, or make another series......... 😍

  • The Mexican with Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and an excellent James Gandolfini is a good bit of fun.

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  • Black Summer on Netflix is a really really good zombie series, can’t recommend it enough

    just finished Season 2 last night.

    season 1 was grand but season 2 drove it to another level

  • Heist was really good,netflix didn't drag the story out like usual in those documentaries.

  • Yep we watched school of rock recently and thought it was excellent, very surprised as not normally a Jack black fan

  • Might have a look at The Descent to see if it's the proper version or the American edit.

  • Yep I agree completely, watched the full series over the last week or so and thought it was one of the best shows I've watched in Netflix in a while. It's a fascinating story which is largely true, some parts I suspected were too over the top to be accurate but surprisingly most of it is accurate. Couldn't believe I had never heard of this serial killer before.

    Storyline is very interesting but the cast and the setting (mainly Thailand/South East Asia) make it really good too.

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  • Agreed about Tahar Rahim's stellar performance.

    I started it last night with the gf and we were both instantly hooked so we went all the way and finished it today

    superb acting and a thrilling experience throughout

    A definite must watch

  • I'm on Episode 5 of "The Cook of Castemar". 18th century Spanish language historical drama based on the novel of the same name. The Lord Diego of Castemar is a minister in King Philip Vs government. King Philip is going mad, and Lord Diego is asked by him to take on more decision making, which takes a lot of persuasion because he has been mourning his late wife who died in a riding accident.

    There are some LGBT characters, which is interesting in a century when homosexuality was a capital offence. Lord Diego is also under pressure to remarry, in some cases for political reasons by nobles who see him as politically useful to have as an ally. But the cook also has her eye on him. 18th century class politics around marriage between nobles and commoners however may prevent this going anywhere, though it's only Episode 5 but so far she keeps bringing this up.

    The lives of the palace servants are a major theme of the series. Their stories are covered a bit like an early 1700s Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs.

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  • no additions but

    Unforgotten series (ITV) is only available until 08/08/2021

  • Let us know, both decent 1 and 2 were enjoyable. Wish they would put up Severance, another oddball uk horror.

  • The Great Gatsby (2013) :Fascinated by the mysterious and affluent Jay Gatsby, his neighbor Nick Carraway bears witness to the man's obsessive love and spiral into tragedy

    The Accountant (2016) :Not only is this accountant able to dig deeply into a company's books, he's also an expert assassin, and his new client can use both skills.

    Blood Diamond (2006):In war-ravaged Sierra Leone, a diamond smuggler offers to reunite a local fisherman with his family in exchange for a gigantic gem he discovered


  • The Mire:

    "A sex worker and a youth leader are found dead in an early '80s Polish town. The police's management of the case makes two journalist ask questions."

    Slow-burn murder mystery. Very realistic portrayal of the difficulties uncovering truth when pitted against a politically motivated system of corruption. Standard enough plot; maybe too slow for many, but the story and realism made for a pretty decent show.

  • And they only have Season 2 up right now. The rest have disappeared.

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