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Two phones , one sim/ number

  • 02-07-2021 11:05am
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    Is it possible to run two phones using rhe same number? For example, one person is a beautician, wants to talk to customers where possible but obviously often in treatments. Can a 2nd person also have a phone where they can answer calls (yes I know could divert to another number) but really so much done through WhatsApp and text so would need dual access to that too , moreover than phone call access


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    It is called 'Call Hunting' it is not generally available with mobiles.
    No problem with landlines:

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    There's no simple way to do it and get all the options needed....only a duplicate SIM would work and none of the networks offer that facility.

    If both people are in same building then a SIM router (eg Huawei B311) with the phone port connected to a DECT cordless base station would work for calls....don't know about SMS...might need a PC to use the SMS function in the router.

    WhatsApp is due to release multi device option soon but that needs a smartphone in addition to the DECT phone.

    List of devices needed....
    - SIM router
    - DECT base station + handsets
    - smartphones for WhatsApp (whenever multi device is available)

    One of the drawbacks of a SIM router is lack of portability.