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Recommendation for a Internet radio with CD playerI

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    Registered Users Posts: 26 BishopBrennen

    It seems very hard to find an Internet radio with a CD player, also seems very hard to find an Internet radio in any of the big brand names like Panasonic, Sony, etc... Is there a reason the big main brands don't make them?

    They all seem to be werid makes like "Majority", Denon, etc,,,
    I think the "Roberts" brand is decent and seems to be one of the best brands for internet radios but I can't find one with a cd player.

    I'd appreciate some recommendations based on actual experience from an owner, etc,,, budget around €150 ish.


  • CD players and also DVD/Blu ray/ players are dying out.
    Most of the big name brands have announced they wont be making any more.

    As far as I know there are only two major manufacturers still making them , panasonic and sony , and there are no new models from these manufacturers , just existing ones which are now a few years old and those models are high end separates.

    Streaming has taken over , and internet radio is just one of the features included in a music streamer.

    So really , you are looking for a CD player / streamer , and there are only dodgy trash brands left still trying to shift these.

    Kids these days want tiny things ( phones or PAPs ) that fit in your pocket and connect to tidal/ deezer / qobuz / spotify / amazon / apple / youtube etc. ... i.e. music streaming services.

    The shiny silver discs days are numbered , and when they are gone , they wont be back.

  • They all seem to be werid makes like "Majority", Denon, etc,,,

    Denon is definitely not a 'weird make'!! It's a big-name brand in the HiFi space, and has been making components for decades. They are fairly specialist, in that they don't make much else outside of the audio realm, so that's maybe why you haven't heard of them.

    I'm not sure you'll be able to find an internet radio with a CD player, certainly not from a mainstream brand. If I were you, I'd look to get each bit separately. If you can find an internet radio with an Aux in, then you'll be able to run any old CD player through it.

  • I have a Technics SC-70. Not cheap but it has cd player + streaming spotify etc + internet radio + USB playing FLAC files etc. Soundwise while just short of Naim Mu-so is still grand for say a bedside system.

  • I was given a Pure Internet radio by a friend who gave up trying to use it He's a broadcast engineer..After very patient trying to get my head,and fingers around it over many months,I gave up ,it's in the roofspace.The Internet wasn't the problem,I've 50 my fibre to the premises,it was just a bother to use. So maybe have a try,before you buy.Good luck,maybe it was just a one off.?