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MSPaint Your House

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    Would anyone like to particiate in another MSPaint game?

    For new players: MSPaint is like the telephone chain game, but with added imagery. Ecto explains the rules well in this thread. Basically, paintings and descriptions are PMed between player and game host. The process repeats itself until the chain is complete. Afterwards, the entire game will unfold in a reveal thread - check out Ari’s hilarious last game reveal here.

    For this game, sign up to PAINT, DESCRIBE, SUB, or OTHER (for those who want to play in other ways), include any time preferences.
    If we get enough participants, we could split into teams.


    "Sign up now. There will be secrets. There will be shenanigans. There will be tears of joy, but most importantly, there will be absolute monstrosities to feast your eyes on!
    There are jobs available for people who don't want to paint. Just let me know on thread and I'll put you in the other pile"
    No artistic or writing skills required, just fun!
    Let’s keep it safe for work
    Please do not use clip art
    and do not reveal any details on thread
    Everyone will have a 24-48 hour window to complete their task

    :) Cheers everybuddy! :)