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Walter Macken

  • 02-09-2020 8:08am
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    Does anyone read Walter Macken these days? Several of his novels and short story collections have been recently republished. In his heyday Walter Macken was a best seller and widely regarded. Now he's mostly forgotten. Also I heard a story that back in the day the good and the great of Galway were not pleased at how he portrayed the city and county. Perhaps someone can elaborate on this.


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    I'm surprised to hear that Macken was ill-received in Galway.

    I can't exactly remember how well-written the books are, but THE SCORCHING WIND had a big impact on me when I was a teenager. It sparked an enormous interest in Irish independence and the Civil War.

    I believe that book is part of a trilogy, but I was never able to find the other 2 books at the time — this was in the mid-2000s, so he was obviously well out of popularity by then.

    Must try find those books online. I often think about 'The Scorching Wind' and am puzzled that Macken is never cited in literary or social commentary.