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Boardsies Decide - The Greatest Eurovision Song... EVER

  • 20-05-2021 12:23pm
    Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators Posts: 48,112 mod Necro


    In the history of the contest *68 songs written by 124 songwriters have all been crowned as winners since 1956. Saturday's final will mark the 65th Eurovision, and so - in honour of that I've decided to run a tournament to decide the greatest song ever to appear in the Eurovision!

    The format is simple - all 68 winning songs will gain automatic entry into Round 1 - and we could just leave it at that and let them all fight it out for the Ultimate Eurovision winner... but where's the fun in that?

    So to bring about a bit of interest in the contest, I'm going to allow you all to nominate 5 songs each that did not, but maybe should have won the contest the year they appeared.

    We will then jumble them up into one big massive battle royale and the voting will commence as normal!

    Just in case you're wondering about the winners - they will all be included, see the link below. So no point nominating them!

    Depending on the number of nominations there may be a qualifying round for non-winners.

    Gonna leave this open for a week at least so get your selections in and we will run this off early next month.

    Will this see the previously predicted winner walking away with the gold?

    Or perhaps something different??

    *There will be 68 winners after Saturday night (presuming there is no tie again like in 1969 :P )