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Child's electric guitar goes out of tune easily

  • 16-05-2021 11:26am
    Registered Users Posts: 269 ✭✭ Fuzzyduzzy

    Hello, bought my son an electric guitar, half size, keeps going out of tune after 5-10 minutes. He has it since Christmas, plays it often and I've tried stretching the strings.

    I know non-full size steel string acoustic guitars go out of tune easily so it must be the same with electrics.

    Can anyone suggest a child's electric guitar that won't have this issue? Thanks


  • Always tune up to pitch, check if the strings are catching in the nut (you'll hear a click or ping when tuning), try locking the strings onto the tuning peg

  • Had the same problem with a small "Rockwood" Strat electric I had bought for my Daughter when she was young (many years ago!). I changed the tuners for better quality ones and did not have any more tuning problems. may be worth checking, as often (as far as I have heard) the OEM tuners can regularly 'slip'

  • Too often, these are regarded more as toys than instruments by the manufacturers & the hardware suffers accordingly. Could it be that the strings are the problem though? Maybe a lighter gauge won't slip as easily?

    On the bright side, he'll be able to tune it by ear in no time
    : )

  • If the guitar is half decent its probably worthwhile getting a proper setup done by pro to get the frets dressed, nut work, intonation, and probably new tuners. My son also has a Rockwood that had similar issues but now sounds really good.