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A Coastal Dip

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    Hi Folks,

    Last year, myself and a friend set off on a swim from Dublin to Wexford. The idea being we swim form point to point resuming on any day from the exact point of exit on the last day. We got from Blackrock Baths to Cahore by September.

    This year, I hope to continue onwards from Cahore and hopefully get well into Waterford, so I am eagerly awaiting next weeks restrictions announcements.

    We raised money for Temple St and An Taisce Clean Coasts last year and this year I am raising funds for a good friend who is seeking cancer treatment abroad.

    The website where I will be blogging the adventure is at http://www.atswimtwobeaches.com/ and it has last years swims included as a lead up for you to muse over at your leisure.

    I implore you to have a read and enjoy the story.



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